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Reblog: The Perfect Writing Spot

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Sb Knight was nice enough to let me guest blog on his site this week, and I want to thank him… and apologize for all the things I’ve been saying about him… oh, and the billboards in his hometown… my bad.

Guest Blog: Armand Rosamilia

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The River

Fine, I know you can’t guest blog on your own damn blog, but I’m writing a post about my story in the For The Night Is Dark anthology, and since I’m posting everyone else’s personal stories about their tale, I decided to keep it to the same format. Hence… guest blog. Besides, I have the microphone…

The idea for “The River,” like most stories, came from a mash-up of ideas over time. It’s no secret I’m a Jersey boy, and with that means I’m a Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen fan. The Bruce song “The River” was always a tale of caution, especially when I was in high school, since it spoke about going from a shitty life to a shittier life, and how you just go through the motions and deal with it. Luckily, I never knocked anyone up and had to get married and get a dead end job. Oh, wait… the dead end jobs did happen.

As a horror author I am never happy, even when I’m in a gorgeous place. I remember hanging out with a good friend at this beautiful park, overlooking a river. While she talked about how gorgeous a day it was, I stared out to the middle and wondered what evil lurked just under the surface, watching us. 

I hate going in the ocean. Ever since seeing Jaws as a kid, I won’t go in past my knees. I will never go into a river or lake. I’ve seen Lake Placid. The water freaks me out. It’s not a phobia, it’s just uneasiness about what lies under the surface and what you can’t see. 

“The River” has that eerie feeling (I hope). I tried to get the hopeless Bruce feel to it as well as the horror of the unknown. Add in darkness, a child who might or might not know how completely shitty his life is and will be, and there you have it.


Armand Rosamilia is a New Jersey currently living in sunny Florida, where he hacks up the bodies of his victims and boils them in a nice wine sauce, adding just a touch of oregano and salt. Never use too much salt. 

Find him at his blog… which you are already on, so I won’t give you the link again. 

Buy all his books on Amazon NOW:

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For The Night Is Dark

for the night is dark final cover

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Reblog: “For The Night Is Dark” anthology is out and I’m in it!

Exquisite Corpse

It’s been a good week for me in terms of anthology releases (and chocolate consumption). April 1 saw the launch of For the Night is Dark, a horror anthology from new South Africa-based small press Crystal Lake Publishing, owned and operated by Joe Mynhardt. There are four authors who appear in both For the Night is Dark and The Demonologia Biblica: Willie Meikle, Daniel I. Russell, Mark West and myself. This is despite the only other connection between the two anthologies being that of genre.

I know Daniel is having a good time of it career-wise in general, with his novella Critique being shortlisted for the Australian Shadows Award for Best Long Fiction. Perhaps Willie and Mark could stop by the blog and let us know if they have any supplementary good news.

But enough about us. How about this shiny new anthology, eh?

Purchase links:


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Alex Laybourne Interviews Armand Rosamilia, his Boyhood Crush! #horror #zombies #pudding

Official Site of Alex Laybourne - Author

My guest today is another talented author, and a man I am lucky enough to call a friend. He is a fan of the darker side of fiction and is living the life many of us can only ever dream of. In a return visit to my humble little blog, ladies and gentlemen is if my pleasure to share with you the words of Mr. Armand Rosamilia


You and I chat quite a lot online, but for those people not cool enough to hang with us, can you tell us a little about yourself?

I’d rather not…


I am a very serious horror author who has no real time for humor. I live only to write about my ex-wives and all those who’ve wronged me in my past (and present and future) by making fun of my mullet as a teen, and playing Dungeons & Dragons (I was a…

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Excellent blog by Alex Laybourne about what I’m talking about this week, too

Official Site of Alex Laybourne - Author

I have seen a number of posts this past week about publishing and the world of professional writing, and a number of them raised the same question that I have been pondering; a theory that I am currently testing.

As the industry has changed, so changed the mindset of the read. The instant access offered to us all by e-readers led to a shift in reading choices, with more interest being expressed in short stories and anthologies than longer novels. I am not saying they overtook the popularity of novels, but the interest and demand for novellas and short work increased at a rapid rate.

What happened as a result… writers started putting short fiction out into the market. It made sense. However, it would appear that in an instant world, were we want everything to come in manageable chunks, we are seeing another shift in the demands of readers…

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Reblog: Alex Laybourne Writing About Zombies and his Man-Crush on Me and Todd Brown…

Official Site of Alex Laybourne - Author

As I am sure many people will know, I am currently writing a good old-fashioned serial. One release every two weeks. The topic of this series… Zombies.

But why?

I admit that writing zombie fiction is a different direction to my normal writing, but at the end of the day, I flipped the question around on myself, and asked… Why Not.

As a horror writer, there is a very wide range of topics I can write about, but at the same time, I think at least, that all horror writers should write something along the main ‘classic’ themes

  • Frankenstein and his Monster,
  • Werewolves,
  • Vampires,

and now, that list includes Zombies.

I am not saying that this will be my only foray into the genre, but I am certainly planning on writing about as many different horror themes as I can.

Besides, after the Highway to Hell novels, the first two…

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Reblog: Amazon and Free eBooks – The New Rules Part 1 (Robert Chazz Chute)

C h a z z W r i t e s . c o m

In today’s mega post, Part 1 of 3, I explore Amazon’s change of Terms of Service that throttles free ebook promotion and what it might mean to you.

Or, skip to Part 2, where I give new, pointed advice about book promotion dos and don’ts (and some of it is not very nice )

Or skip to Part 3, where I invite you to join me in a new way to reach readers who would otherwise never know you or your work.


Amazon’s Terms of Service have changed.

Amazon sent out this decree recently:

“In addition, notwithstanding the advertising fee rates described on this page or anything to the contrary contained in this Operating Agreement, if we determine you are primarily promoting free Kindle eBooks (i.e., eBooks for which the customer purchase price is $0.00), YOU WILL NOT BE ELIGIBLE TO EARN ANY ADVERTISING FEES DURING ANY…

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Reblog: An Interview with Armand Rosamilia by Quinn Cullen

Castles In The Air: Quinn Cullen's Scribbles

I am very excited about this interview with Armand Rosamilia. The incredibly talented horror author welcomed this intrusion, allowing me to probe into his personal and professional life. So it is with much delight that I share with you the interrogation I put Armand through.


Ladies andGentleman – meet Armand Rosamilia!

Quinn – Could I ask you tell me a little about yourself? Are you married? Do you have any children?

Armand – I am happily divorced, twice. But I have three great kids from the second marriage, so there is that.

Quinn – I like that-happily divorced. I would imagine that’s the best kind of divorce. I have four kids and I think that kids are one of the best byproducts of a marriage/relationship. It’s our ‘spin off’, if you will. Not that being a parent gives you much time to unwind but what do you do for relaxation…

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Reblog: Interview with Brent Abell

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Reblog: Ren Black and her Greatest Fear as a Writer

The New Authors Fellowship

revising HallAt least as far as my books are concerned, I think the biggest fear that drives me is actually throwing in the towel too early.

Potential is great except when you short sell it. The feeling of promise is one thing, the potential of it going somewhere. But when it doesn’t deliver on that promise, it’s just disappointing because “it could have been great.”

It’s probably the biggest issue with the contemplation of self-publishing. I’ve seen too many books where it seemed the author got impatient. Or, I watched the author rush for the finish line of publication.

I’ve read books that had great ideas, and intriguing, but in the end they let up the pressure and left me with coal instead of the chance of a diamond.

That desire to be true to the potential has kept me at it for years, enabled me to toss the entire draft…

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Guilty: I write about Zombies but no longer watch The Walking Dead

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I got into a little argument the other day with someone while I was writing at the Java Joint… I go there every morning, Monday through Friday, grab my reserved seat and plug in the laptop, and write. I love the coffee and the food, and the waitresses and waiter are awesome to chat with, and they love talking me up to customers.

But when I mention I write about zombies, most people immediately ask what my thoughts on this season of The Walking Dead are. I usually put it off and say something dodgy like I haven’t caught up this season yet I’ve been so busy, or I’ll watch the rest in one shot this weekend.

But I probably won’t.

It isn’t like I’m not a fan of the show, because I watched from the first episode of season one and was hooked. I loved it. I considered myself a big fan, and even sat through the (mostly) pointless fanfest that followed, Talking Dead. But since I moved last September I have rarely watched television. My 52 inch TV isn’t even plugged in in my bedroom right now. I could care less, to be honest, about anything having to do with television.

But I always feel like I need to lie about it and say I watch. I have no idea why. So, the other day, when asked, I politely said I hadn’t watched this season at all. Not even seen a preview of it, a commercial… nothing. I had no immediate plans to rent it, youtube it, watch it, etc.

And the guy (in his late twenties, I’m guessing) asked how I could be a good writer of zombie fiction if I didn’t know what was out there…


I pointed out I was currently reading Mutated by Joe McKinney and Skin Trade by Tonia Brown. Had he read them? Nope. He had no clue what I was talking about. I said I was well-versed in The Walking Dead up until this season, and I was more interested in reading about zombies than seeing them on the small screen. He said I was out of touch with zombie fans.

Really? Out of touch? I smiled (I really wished I was twenty years younger, so I could drag his skinny ass outside and beat him and dunk him in the ocean with glee) and told him to give one of my stories a try and see what he thought once he’d read it. His answer? He could see The Walking Dead for free on TV. Why should he buy my book? I asked him how he’d made such a score by getting his cable for free and he looked confused and left. I wasn’t trying to be an ass to him (OK, maybe a little) but I wonder how many people think this way when it comes to books and movies about zombies?

Will the average The Walking Dead fan read a zombie book now they’ve been immersed in the series so many seasons if they’d never read a zombie book before, or was it a different customer entirely? I wonder how many zombie readers came into it because of the series? I wonder…



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Carl R. Moore and Poets

Deep Dark Night

Been working hard on the rewrite. My head has been spinning from echoes of advice from admired writers, things I’ve read and heard uttered. I’ve taken it all into consideration during this time I’ve been hunting down the true focus and theme for this first installment of the series for which Slash of Crimson was but the prelude.

And so, while the final details of this climax jackrabbit around and tease the hunter’s aim, I’d like to share a few things about this process and some thoughts about a poet whose work has always inspired useful thoughts about the writing process.

I’ve often heard enthusiasts for literary realism decry William Butler Yeats as a bit of an ideological William Blake spin-off. Granted a more musical, more rhythmic and concise spin-off, but many still consider him an impractical dreamer. Oft quoted poem “The Second Coming” describes the doom of a century as a…

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