Reblog: Moving Your Book From Createspace to KDP Print

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Moving Your Book From Createspace to KDP Print



Yard Full of Bones Release Date And More!

Coming From Unnerving

May 22: Yard Full of Bones (a novel) by Armand Rosamilia and Jay Wilburn $4.99

PLUS several other great releases!

2018 J.F. Gonzalez Lifetime Achievement Award Winner Announced

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DAVID J. SCHOW will be the recipient of  the inaugural J.F. Gonzalez Lifetime Achievement Award, which will be presented during the first annual Splatterpunk Awards ceremony later this year. Schow is the person who first coined the term “splatterpunk,” which has been in the Oxford English Dictionary since 2002.  His seminal body of work includes such novels as The Kill RiffThe Shaft, and Upgunned; his nine short story collections include Seeing Red, Black Leather Required, Havoc Swims Jaded, Eye, and the 40-year anniversary volume DJStories: The Best of David J. Schow. As editor he brought us the classic Silver Scream anthology and the three-volume Lost Blochseries (celebrating Robert Bloch rarities). As scenarist he has written prodigiously for film (The Crow [with John Shirley], Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III, The Hills Run Red) and television (Masters of Horror, Mob City). His non-fiction includes two books exploring The Outer Limits TV series, The Art of Drew Struzan, and Wild Hairs, a compendium of his popular “Raving and Drooling” columns for Fangoria Magazine. He can be seen on various DVDs as expert witness or documentarian on everything from Creature from the Black Lagoon and Psycho to I, Robot and King Cohen: The Wild World of Filmmaker Larry Cohen, and was lead researcher and commentator on the recent Outer Limits Blu-Ray set. His previous honors include the World Fantasy Award (Best Short Fiction), the Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Award (Book of the Year), the International Horror Guild Award (Best Non-Fiction Book), and the ultra-rare Dimension Award from Twilight Zone Magazine. Despite what the internet says, he has never won a Bram Stoker Award, and he’s okay with that.


Chelsea Avenue 2 Release

Chelsea Avenue 2

Armand Rosamilia

Evil Never Dies.

The vacant lot on Chelsea Avenue, site of so much death and horror in Long Branch New Jersey, has been purchased by a mysterious developer.

No one knows what plans are in store for the dark corner of the city.

Can Tammy, Stephanie and Mark fight off another July 8th against the monstrous entity lying in wait on Chelsea Avenue?

Get your copy of the sequel today!