Kindle Unlimited Math with KENPC

Armand Rosamilia:

Kindle Unlimited Change That Makes Sense

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I will address a variety of Kindle Unlimited math in this article:

  • Just how does $0.0058 per page compare with the old system?
  • Interpreting the value of pages read.
  • How to figure out what your royalty is from your KENPC.
  • Understanding the KENP read in your reports.
  • Projecting what you will earn in July.
  • How to make a spreadsheet to do the math for your KDP Select books.

If you haven’t read Hugh Howey’s take on the new Kindle Unlimited policy, you should. The analysis is amazing, includes several excellent points that I haven’t read elsewhere, and even has proactive suggestions for illustrated children’s authors. Hugh Howey’s article (featuring math by author Susan Kaye Quinn), makes similar comparisons between the new and old Kindle Unlimited royalties and interpretation of the value of the projected $0.0058 per page.


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Scares That Care 2 Is Coming!

Armand Rosamilia:

Scares That Care Weekend and I will be there, too!

Originally posted on Jonathan Janz:

Friends, you have about two-and-a-half weeks to make plans for an amazing event. In addition to tons of incredible movie stars and personalities, you’ll have a whale of a horror fiction element headlined by writers like Brian Keene, F. Paul Wilson, Edward Lee, and many, many more.


I’ll be there too. I’m looking forward to meeting you, hanging out, signing books, doing a reading (Friday night with my good friend Kristopher Rufty), and moderating a panel on horror books being adapted into films that includes (*gulp*) Brian Keene, Edward Lee, F. Paul Wilson, Thomas Monteleone, Jeff Strand, Lynne Hansen, and Robert Ford. My goal, incidentally, is to survive. And learn.

F. Paul Wilson F. Paul Wilson

The rest of the author programming schedule can be found here.

Yet another reason to attend is “An Evening with Brian Keene,” at which you can share a night with one of my favorite…

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Authors Supporting Our Troops Update July #ASOT2015

Bumper Stickers

We’re not done yet!

While the main part of the event is over, I’m not done collecting author-signed books for the troops. I will continue to collect all year, with the following goals:

1. Beating 2014’s collection of 3,000 author-signed books

2. Getting as close to the 3,500 goal we set in the beginning of the year. As of July 1st, we have 2,667 author-signed books collected. Both goals are realistic and within reach, but I need some help…

OK, so once again let me tell you what we’re looking for…


Author-signed books.

YOUR books. If you’re in an anthology and want to sign your story, we’ll take it. If you put out a release, sign it and we’ll take it. We don’t want you sending us your dog-eared copies of Stephen King. We don’t want books you weren’t involved in unless you’re the publisher or collecting other author’s books to ship to us at once.

A fraction of this year's book donations.


Books only. 

While we know troops overseas could use new toothbrushes and soap and Dorito’s, we aren’t collecting them. Neither are we collecting eBooks and e-readers. Print books only. There are many other organizations who collect necessities for the troops, but we aren’t one of them. Our modest goal is to put 3,500+ print books into the hands of soldiers in remote areas of the world like Kuwait and Afghanistan. If a soldier is stationed in Germany or San Diego, they can easily buy a book or have access to TV, games, e-readers, etc. This event is for the men and women of the military who don’t have easy access to read. It’s something for their downtime between hostile situations.



What genre(s) do you accept?

Everything but blatant porn. Nothing taboo or racist, nothing pushing the envelope. Anti-military books might not be so popular. Last year many authors didn’t think their romance books would fit, but they did. Soldiers will read anything if its the only book around. There are also many women in the military. They like to read a good paranormal romance, you know.



We ship through USPS.

We have a nice and easy system setup for us through Craig and Suzanne at Change Jar Books in Flagler Beach Florida. It gives them some business and they do all of the hard work by setting the boxes with tags and mailing stickers, etc. Last year so many people tried to be helpful and let us know about alternate ways to send books. None of them were as cheap or easy as the USPS. No carrier ships boxes for free. No carrier can get close to the cost we send them through the mail for and the ease we can ship them.  For a box of books (about 50 books per box) it costs us about $25.00 to ship. Add in the ease to ship for me and there is no alternative that makes sense.


James graduation from boot camp

Donations are accepted and welcome.

I am not a non-profit and we are not a business. We are a couple of people who want to help soldiers. We don’t go through the USO or have contact with military groups. I’ve never served in the military but my wife Shelly (the other half of the team) has a Godson, James, who is serving. It started because she wanted to send him books. This all comes out of our pocket less donations and sales of t-shirts (which will be available again in January 2016). As an example: 3,000 books shipped means about 60 boxes. At $25.00 each to ship. So about $1,500.00 is needed. That doesn’t include buying the shipping boxes and the stickers to place on the boxes. Any monetary donation is accepted and welcomed. We really do appreciate it. That being said… with all of the generous donations we received, I humbly ask any authors to purchase more copies of their books, sign and ship them to me. I could really use the books for the troops.



So… you never actually stopped collecting and sending?

Of course not. I like doing a major push come January 1st but I won’t stop until every soldier in a remote area has a signed book in their hands or they all come home.

Feel free to ask me any question.  I will not be putting my home address on this post or on Facebook. But I will respond as quickly as I can to any queries. if you have questions, contact me at



How else can you help?

By helping spread the word about the event. Even though we hit so many authors the last time around (about 325 or so) that is such a small blip of the writers and publishers out there. If you belong to an organization, let them know about it. Ask your publisher to get in touch. Many of them sent us boxes of books, which was great.



What branch of the military do you send to?

We’ve shipped to all of them. If a soldier is in a remote area, we want to reach out and hand him/her a book. We find one contact soldier in the unit and ask them to hand out the books when two boxes arrive. We also hope they can take time to send us pictures of the troops holding some books. That is one of the best parts to me. The smiles on their faces holding an author-signed book.


How do you get the soldier’s addresses?

From you. Like we said, we don’t work with a company or the military. We rely on family and friends of soldiers overseas to get in touch with them to make sure they’re interested in handing out the books. Then we need their COMPLETE address (including their name and APO/FPO) to ship to them. That’s it. The goal is 35 soldiers in 2015 or more. So far we’ve shipped to about 25 soldiers.



What’s the Facebook address to stay in touch and see all the pictures? and also friend me on Facebook so I can tag you in any pictures we post anywhere on Facebook, too!

Here’s hoping 3,500 books gets passed by thanks to the generosity of authors.

Armand Rosamilia

Summer of Zombie Box Set Ebook – $1.99

Originally posted on Author Rebecca Besser's Blog:

13 of the authors from the Summer of Zombie event

join forces to bring you one, massive, zombie book box set!

Summer of Zombie Box Set ^^ Look at me! Aren’t I sexy?! You KNOW you want me. ^^

This amazingly affordable book contains:

A Shrouded World Whistlers by Mark Tufo & John O’Brien

Bob the Spy by Jaime Johnesee

Loose Ends by Jay Wilburn

Undead Drive-Thru by Rebecca Besser

Trudge: Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse by Shawn Chesser

T-Minus Zero by Jack Wallen

Humanity’s Hope: Camp H by Greg P. Ferrell

Benton: A Zombie Novel by Jolie du Pre’

The Orphans: Origins by Mike Evans

Dead Hunger II by Eric A. Shelman

Dying Days: Origins by Armand Rosamilia

Odium: The Dead Saga by Claire C. Riley


Now you’re probably wondering how much you’ll have to part with

to make this limited time, awesome zombie ebook yours.


Wait for it…



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My 2 cents on the Kindle Edition Normalized Page Count blah blah

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First off we can choose not to sell on Amazon.

We can sell on Amazon and choose not to participate in their programs.

And I feel that getting paid per page is fair because I work hard to write full length novels and invest money in beta readers, artists, and editors–in addition to working hard to be a better writer. I work hard to craft a story that will make a reader want to keep reading and then beg for more–it’s our job as writers to do so!

Even if they still paid us per book it would still work out that the writers who can create books that people want to read will make more money. If the reader stops reading at page ten then you failed as a writer and/or it’s not their cup of tea. If they love what they are reading they will read the entire book…

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My, us authors are an impatient lot. Over and over.

With the new change in Kindle Unlimited, I’ve seen some horrific comments on Facebook about how Amazon is going to kill their sales, and they aren’t author-friendly, and blah blah blah…

Amazon is a business. They are in the business of making money, not pandering to an indie author making them $50 in sales a month. Get real. If you want to jump ship and never use Amazon again, so be it… but there isn’t a viable alternative. I’m sure someone will jump up and ‘brag’ they sell more on SmashWords or Kobo or some other portal, but you’re a rare author indeed. The last time someone shouted about it I found out they sold about $100 a month on Kobo and $75 on Amazon. Under $200 in sales a month is not a career to me. It’s a fun hobby and it gets you beer money. Or coffee.

Everyone calm the f**k down and let’s see how this plays out. We’re 15 hours into it and already authors are bitching. I saw a guy complain he lost $2.10 in sales from last night because it reset. Seriously? Somebody buy him a cup of coffee he lost. I really hope you don’t miss a million dollars in sales this month by those two bucks… 


I’m in. I’m (mostly) all in. You know why? Because if it doesn’t work Amazon will tweak and change it again. And again. Until they make money, and we make a few bucks as well. Never as much as they do. What company in their right mind would? Stop being delusional and thinking Amazon is the Evil Empire and is out to crush you. Maybe Mr. Robot will end this season by trying to destroy Amazon, and then we’ll all be safe. 

And broke. 


I don’t want to go back to a ‘real’ job. I like writing in sweatpants all day and making shit up. Amazon lets me do this, and until a competitor steps up and bumps them from the top post, you do what you have to do. I do it with a smile end of the month when Amazon dumps a chunk of money into my bank account, unlike the rest. THAT money is my coffee money, unfortunately. 

I wish all the whiners would take all of their books out of Kindle Unlimited. Please, please and thank you, go ahead. Stop complaining and just do it already. 

The split of the $11 million pot for me just went up. It might only be pennies, but there’s more for me to buy a cup of coffee. And I drink a lot of coffee every month. 

End rant. 


Kindle Edition Normalized Page Count (KENPC): The new KDP Select & Kindle Unlimited

Armand Rosamilia:

Kindle Unlimited Page Count

Originally posted on chrismcmullen:

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As of July 1, KDP Select books will be paid for the number of pages read—rather than by the borrow—for Kindle Unlimited and Amazon Prime borrows.

Authors can now visit KDP to learn what the Kindle Edition Normalized Page Count (KENPC) is for each of their KDP Select books.

  • Visit your KDP Bookshelf.
  • Click the Promote and Advertise button.
  • There you will find the KENPC for your book.

The KENPC tells you how much you will earn if a customer reads 100% of your book.

My ‘Detailed Guide’ self-publishing books weigh in at over 600 pages each with KENPC, which is quite amazing considering they have a little over 200 pages in print at 8″ x 10″.

My 4-book self-publishing boxed set has 2039 pages according to KENPC, while it has 628 printed 8.5″ x 11″ pages.

Fixed layout books, such as…

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