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Tracking The Next Year of Writing

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When people ask me how much I write, I tell them I hit my daily 2,000 word goal most of the time. I’ve had days and maybe even weeks where I’ve been on vacation or sick or I’ve been really busy, so I might guesstimate 10,000 words a week. Which means (for all you math wizards) in a given year I can pump out about 520,000 words. 

I figured out, from about this time last year to now, I’ve successful sold and/or published everything I’ve completed except for one flash fiction piece. 500 words out of 520k has been sold. A decent chunk (about 180k) of that was for a Hollywood company, and some of those releases are still sitting somewhere, but I got paid upfront and paid well for them. Everything else has seen the light of day. 

But I never really kept track.  

(Dramatic Pause)

Until Now. 

Starting today (October 1st 2013 so you don’t have to find your calendar) I will be tracking every word I write. Well, not every word. Not Facebook posts, blog posts, letters to the editor, grocery lists or updating my dead pool picks. But everything else will be tracked… every flash piece, short story, novella, novel… all of it. I won’t bore you with daily details but I will give some weekly or monthly updates to it. 

My Special Gal has created an Excel spreadsheet so I can drop in my numbers at the end of the day and let the magic begin. Obviously, my goal is to not only break 520k for the 12-month period, but to keep on getting things published and sold. At the end of the year I’ll talk about my 2014 goals like I do every year, and hoping to step up to another level with my career. 

If you’re interested in seeing more about this in coming weeks, let me know… if you think it’s stupid and you could care less, let me know… posts like this will motivate me to keep it going , because if I get behind I will look like an idiot and you can call me out on it.

When I did my 18k run a couple of weeks ago, many people sent me messages about it. I’d like to think I motivated a couple of fellow writers to buckle down and get writing. That is another part of the goal. Well, let’s see what the next 12 months of writing can bring me!

Armand Rosamilia


Guest Blog: Guy Anthony De Marco

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Rabid Rabbits

It took me about 75 minutes to write a short story for Fifty Shades of Decay. It’s not because I’m a mutant whose superpower is wordsmithing huge volumes of work in nanoseconds. It’s because I was already thinking about how sexual relations would change during a zombie apocalypse.

Yeah, I’m weird that way.

If a survivor had a relatively secure location, would they abandon it for something that was vague, such as a large group of folks who had been through hell and picked up lots of firearms on the way back? Toss in the fast type of zombies instead of shamblers, and you’d have a lot to consider.

Sex is a powerful motivator, and I was weighing the battle between a sexual drive versus hiding out just trying not to get eaten by the old nosy lady who lived down the hall. Eventually it would come to a head (sorry), and someone would have to make a decision on the spot. If the zombie apocalypse happened today, I’d be glad I’m a grey-haired old coot instead of an attractive woman. With the breakdown of civilization, women would have a doubly-tough time fighting off both living and undead predators. As we’ve seen in the Walking Dead, men sure can be dumb-asses, and we will become one at the most inopportune time. Good thing women are smart enough to realize the dangers and make sure they aim carefully for a headshot from their AK-47.

My protagonist is a flawed person holed up in a Brooklyn brownstone. He’s reflecting on what he’s going to do. He has enough water and food to last a good while, but is it worth the effort? I wanted him to recall how he acted like a jerk to his old girlfriend and to come to terms with what he did before the world fell apart.

I also wanted his girlfriend to come back and give him a bit of his own medicine.

I’m a fan of strong women in fiction who are not dudes with boobs. Strong women are sexy as hell, and capable of handling almost any situation coming along without getting caught up in muscle-flexing, testosterone-spewing drivel. I find that the tough women are the ones who look beyond saving their own asses at the expense of others.

Thankfully, I was able to make my “zombie” more like an alpha female, and through her actions remind the protagonist that there’s a bit more to a relationship besides getting notches on bedposts.

I was surprised and humbled when the editors chose my story to open the anthology to set the tone. Not bad for 75 minutes of writing time and many hours of unplanned planning.


Guy Anthony De Marco is a nocturnal Bram Stoker Award® nominated speculative fiction author living in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains. Guy is a member of SFWA, IAMTW, SFPA, HWA, ASCAP, RMFW, NCW, and hopes to collect the rest of the alphabet one day.

Additional information can be found at and, or at numerous conventions throughout the year, where he appears on dozens of panels.

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Fifty Shades of Decay


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