Reblog: Moving Your Book From Createspace to KDP Print

As always, some great information from Nicholas Rossis

Moving Your Book From Createspace to KDP Print



Reblog: KDP Print Just Got A Whole Lot More Attractive

Bye-bye Createspace?

KDP Print Just Got A Whole Lot More Attractive

Authors Helping Authors

I am a big believer in us authors banding together, helping one another out, and working to get readers to buy our books…

That’s why I propose a simple thing to do to help each other out… go to my Amazon page (or anyone’s Amazon page) and simply hit the ‘Like’ button and then go down and like all the ‘Tags’… this really helps authors in the search engine (as well as sales, obviously)… Do it for me and I will do it for you, just let me know you’ve done it and I will get right on it… I usually do 3-5 of your releases if you have as many… anything to help…

Here is my page for “Zombie Tea Party”

I’m also interested in hosting guest blogs, especially if you are a fellow horror writer and especially a zombie writer…

Finally, I want to thank everyone taking the time to read and/or subscribe to my blog here and my facebook pages and buying my eBooks and print books…

Armand Rosamilia