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Pinterest: What Am I Supposed To Do Again?

Posted in Facebook, personal, Pinterest, Twitter, wordpress on August 2, 2012 by Armand Rosamilia

I joined Pinterest a few months ago, since I felt obligated… I join every social media outlet in the fear that if I don’t I will miss something truly important or they’ll suddenly close the gates to the site and only the cool kids will be allowed on that side of the fence.

When MySpace (I’ll explain what that was in another blog post) was all the rage, I had 184,000+ friends on my Carnifex Metal account. I had four accounts on there, and probably had over a quarter of a million close, personal friends. It helped me sell a ton of Metal Queens books but then simply died away.

I’m iffy when it comes to Facebook. As an author, I want (and need) to use social media to help me sell books. Facebook doesn’t do that. Ever. I don’t know anyone who says ‘I need a new read, let me go and surf through an endless stream of people posting links to their new book’. No, you go to Amazon or Barnes & Noble for that. Unfortunately, most people go to Facebook to see funny cat pictures. Won’t you join me? Armand on Facebook

Twitter is my current addiction. It’s really bad right now. I have index cards filled out, charting how many followers I get each day and how many overnight add me… it’s getting ridiculous. I’m averaging 188 new followers per day this week, and will break 15,000 followers by the end of the weekend. Sad. Watch as my followers grow on Twitter

Now, onto Pinterest.

I’ve been dutifully and obsessively adding random people, which seem to be mostly women. I have 729 followers and I’m following 2,779 myself. No idea if that is good, bad, or what it even means.

I added boards with my books on it, and then a few with my own personality: the Red Sox, comic books, Heavy Metal, New Jersey, steampunk, shapes of women I like… now what?

So, here’s the big question… do I keep on this path of adding more and more people and boards and hope I figure it out, or give up on it, or do something different with it? Does anyone know what any of it even means? Oh, and here’s my Pinterest

What About the Readers?

Posted in 99 cent eBook, Kindle, personal, wordpress, writing on July 27, 2012 by Armand Rosamilia

What About the Readers?.

Great post about Readers in this eBook revolution… by Alex Laybourne

The Five Mistakes Killing Self-Published Authors

Posted in Blogging, personal, Twitter, Uncategorized, wordpress, writing on July 23, 2012 by Armand Rosamilia

The Five Mistakes Killing Self-Published Authors.

Yet another great blog post from Kristen Lamb!

Twitter Respect

Posted in Blogging, FREE eBook, Giveaways, guest blog, horror, interview, personal, Twitter, wordpress, writing on July 20, 2012 by Armand Rosamilia

I’m here today to share a point or six (maybe more, who knows) about Twitter Respect. Simply put, things I find socially unacceptable when being my friend on Twitter. Your ideas might be different, and you might disagree with me. But right now, in the immortal words of Robbie from The Wedding Singer… Well, I have a microphone, and you don’t, SO YOU WILL LISTEN TO EVERY DAMN WORD I HAVE TO SAY!

Incidentally, in a post a couple of days ago I freely quoted (without proper credit) The Blues Brothers, but no one seemed to comment on it. For shame. All of you. Now, back to my Twitter Respect Ranting…

1. What is the damn point of following a million people that don’t care about you at all? The ‘follow me and I’ll follow you for an hour before I delete you and then try to get all your friends to follow me’ thing is stupid. I don’t see the point.

2. If you don’t follow me back within a reasonable amount of time (usually four weeks) I unfollow you, unless you are Neil Gaiman or JA Konrath or someone really cool that I read their tweets all the time. But, the real problem I have is that then you post that I unfollowed you… not sure why you do this. Hey, here’s a fun thing: follow me back to begin with, and I won’t have to delete you. And you won’t have to point out that you only bothered with me once I cut you off.

3. Not sure why, but DMs from people I don’t know are annoying. Oh, wait, I remember now: It’s because I try to be nice when you say ‘Thanks for the follow! Nice to meet you’ and I reply in kind, only to be told by Twitter than you don’t follow me so I can’t send it and I wasted my time! Guess what? You get unfollowed quicker than 30 days. Just sayin’.

4. I also hate initial DMs that give me a link to your website/Amazon page/free eBook giveaway… I can’t imagine this works for anyone trying to promote themselves and gets someone excited enough to say ‘Wow, thanks for the private spam! I am going to buy your book right now!’. How about saying hello, and then we can be nice first before you shove your work down my throat… and I can actually say nice things back since you also follow me. I promote my own work every day, but it’s drowned in with reblogs of cool posts I read, RT’s of other cool books I like and tweets to people that I converse with like a normal human being.

5. Posting your link for your book/band/website/crap using my twitter handle as a way to get people to notice you, since you have 147 followers and I (currently at 12:13 am when I’m writing this) have 12,867, all (OK, most) of which I earned by being nice and not beating them over the head with promotions for my work. I keep getting the ‘@ArmandAuthor: My character in my new book is a bad man. Here’s the link to the book on Amazon’, even though I never said a word to you before this, and when I check your Twitter page I see you sent the same message to 56 other people in the last 34 minutes. ‘Hope you buy my book!’. Not gonna happen. Unfollow.

6. I love when people RT my posts and my blog posts, and ask questions, comment, act silly, and just friendly. There is nothing cooler than people responding, playing along or just being normal. Yet, I’ve actually had people upset because I reblogged their stuff and it went out to 12,000+ Twitter followers but I didn’t say it was from them… uh, they clicked on your website, I liked your post enough to share it with 100 times the amount of people it would have normally gotten eyes on… keep complaining, sorry. I’m wrong. It won’t happen again. To your posts, trust me. For the people who reblog my stuff and love when I reblog their stuff… thank you. I like you. You get the implications of social media and the fact that I liked your post enough to want to share it with my friends. Keep writing cool posts about your writing, cool interviews, cool Metal bands, zombies, steampunk and horror stuff and I will keep promoting you, because I like it and want to spread the word about the cool kids.

7. And seven, seven for no tomorrow

8. And eight, eight, I forget what eight was for

9. But nine, nine, nine for the lost gods

10. ten, ten, ten, ten for everything, everything, everything…

Please let someone know what that last part is from… I’m begging you..

This is my tongue firmly planted in cheek (but mostly true) rant against no Twitter Respect. I’m sure I missed a few things and I hope to meet you along the journey and actually get a chance to chat with you. In 140 characters or less.

Now buy my book(s).

Best Time To Blog?

Posted in horror, personal, wordpress, writing on July 10, 2012 by Armand Rosamilia

I’m not talking about how often you need to post something up on your blog, I’m talking about the actual time of day when it goes live. I will often get some epiphany or idea at random times of day and then write a blog post but save it and schedule it to go live the next morning at about 7:00 am EST.

This weekend I published the two-part Steven Brack interview at noon EST and got some big hits on both days, although it might be because the interview was pretty cool (if I do say so myself)…

But I usually crawl out of bed at around 9:00 am and while the first pot of coffee is brewing I check my e-mails. And see dozens (sometimes upwards of a hundred) blog posts that happened between midnight and the time I get up. And I usually start deleting unless the title catches my eye… and, of course, any blog post that is titled 147 or 284 or any other number is simply deleted. There are enough posts with titles to sort. And I know I’m missing out on some great reads but I don’t have the time to get to all of them. I subscribe to hundreds of blogs, especially wordpress ones.

During the day when I’m not writing I will check my e-mail and sort through them, but I tend to open and start reading more of the blog posts. If I read anything interesting I usually post it to my Twitter account (@ArmandAuthor for those keeping track) for others to see.

But I wonder where the ‘sweet spot’ is time-wise for blogs. What time of day can I post to get the most looks on my words and the most traffic, and the better chance of new readers finding me?

I welcome everyone’s thoughts… I’m posting this at around 9:30 am EST… maybe this will be the magic time, who knows…

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