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Don’t Believe Your Own Hype

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the thought process

Open letter (OK, blog post, get off my case) to Myself today from Me three years ago… 

I’m damn proud of you. It is unreal how much you’ve accomplished and how many goals you set before you and have surpassed. If you’d said three years ago you’d have over 100 releases on Amazon, worked with some great small press companies, attended World Horror and other conventions not just in Florida but in many other places, had stories published in some great anthologies with other great authors, had a couple of your story ideas turned into upcoming movies, signed a thirteen book deal with a Hollywood production company, got on the actual radio to talk and play the songs you grew up with, met the woman of your dreams and STILL own the beat-up Kia AND it still started, I’d have laughed. 

All amazing things, and a ton more you’ve accomplished in the last 36 months or so. You got away from a horrible, mind-numbing relationship filled with daily fighting, jealousy over a potential writing career and following dreams you’ve had since you were twelve years old. You set many goals and keep setting goals, and you are easily in the best place you’ve ever been in your life. 

Pat yourself on the back, smile as you sip $20 a pound Death Wish Coffee and eat expensive meals in fancy restaurants and live comfortably in a big new house watching the 55 inch TV you bought with some of your earnings over the 36 months. Pat that growing belly, filled with that expensive food and coffee, and keep smiling. 

And then…

Stop acting like a Big Shot, because you haven’t written a damn word in the last three days and your daily writing goal of 2,000 words a day is kicking your ass. When is the last time you actually hit the goal, or hit it feeling good and not just relieved you actually made it but dreading what tomorrow was going to bring?

When was the last time you actually shut Facebook off or didn’t answer an e-mail immediately? How many Pinterest and New MySpace followers do you actually need? Is breaking 70,000 Twitter followers really more important than writing today? Right now?

Remember Joe McKinney at World Horror Convention? While you drank and laughed with a bar filled with other authors, Joe was upstairs in his hotel room writing. Yep, working. Why? Because he gets it. You have a deadline, remember? Which is now getting closer and closer. 

Sure, you finished Dying Days 4. It only took you about 14 months since Dying Days 3 was released, which you swore wasn’t going to happen. God forbid you start on Dying Days 5, right? By the time that comes out Mark Tufo will be on Zombie Fallout 19

So… sit back and Google your name again and read another wonderful review about a release you wrote two years ago. Enjoy the praise from your many, many followers and your peers in the writing world. 

Who, if they are better than you, got that way because they don’t stop writing and doing the important things, the top three…

1. write

2. write

3. write

Now, shut up and turn off the damn internet and get in your work before you check your Amazon sales for the fifth time today. 

Armand Rosamilia


Pinterest: What Am I Supposed To Do Again?

Posted in Facebook, personal, Pinterest, Twitter, wordpress on August 2, 2012 by Armand Rosamilia

I joined Pinterest a few months ago, since I felt obligated… I join every social media outlet in the fear that if I don’t I will miss something truly important or they’ll suddenly close the gates to the site and only the cool kids will be allowed on that side of the fence.

When MySpace (I’ll explain what that was in another blog post) was all the rage, I had 184,000+ friends on my Carnifex Metal account. I had four accounts on there, and probably had over a quarter of a million close, personal friends. It helped me sell a ton of Metal Queens books but then simply died away.

I’m iffy when it comes to Facebook. As an author, I want (and need) to use social media to help me sell books. Facebook doesn’t do that. Ever. I don’t know anyone who says ‘I need a new read, let me go and surf through an endless stream of people posting links to their new book’. No, you go to Amazon or Barnes & Noble for that. Unfortunately, most people go to Facebook to see funny cat pictures. Won’t you join me? Armand on Facebook

Twitter is my current addiction. It’s really bad right now. I have index cards filled out, charting how many followers I get each day and how many overnight add me… it’s getting ridiculous. I’m averaging 188 new followers per day this week, and will break 15,000 followers by the end of the weekend. Sad. Watch as my followers grow on Twitter

Now, onto Pinterest.

I’ve been dutifully and obsessively adding random people, which seem to be mostly women. I have 729 followers and I’m following 2,779 myself. No idea if that is good, bad, or what it even means.

I added boards with my books on it, and then a few with my own personality: the Red Sox, comic books, Heavy Metal, New Jersey, steampunk, shapes of women I like… now what?

So, here’s the big question… do I keep on this path of adding more and more people and boards and hope I figure it out, or give up on it, or do something different with it? Does anyone know what any of it even means? Oh, and here’s my Pinterest

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