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Armand Rosamilia on Patreon – Updated!


I’m on Patreon. I started it not to become rich (but I won’t complain if I do) but to find another outlet for my writing and creativity. To that end I post a continuing Dying Days YA novella with a new chapter the beginning of each month. I have no idea when it will end. The fun is just writing another chapter and seeing where it goes. Hell, it might end up becoming a Dying Days YA epic novel before I’m done. That’s the fun of Patreon for me.

The other thing I like to do is post short stories many readers have not seen. Stuff sitting around collecting dust I find. And after writing for most of my life, I have quite a few. I’d have more if I hadn’t lost them on floppy disks and inside a word processor and all the other antiquated technology over the years. It allows me to share a few things with the readers who are definitely interested in what I’ve written or will be writing.

Yes, I get money for it. Mostly you donate $1 and you get to read anything I post. Simple as that. I do a weekly update with all of my writing and you get to see what I’m currently working on. You also get some cool stuff if you pledge more, too:

Pledge $1 per month

You get exclusive content like my weekly update for what I am writing as well as a new first draft chapter for my Dying Days YA novella before anyone else reads them as well as either an out of print or new short story each month or a new novel I’m working on chapter by chapter. As well I’ll be posting videos of random things I shoot like story readings, answering questions or general nonsense.

Pledge $5 per month

Besides all of the above you get a shout-out on my Arm Cast: Dead Sexy Horror Podcast during the month as a very cool person!

Pledge $10 per month

 Besides all of the other rewards you’ll receive a FREE audiobook from me of your choice! Listen to other people read the words I wrote!
Thanks in advance for all of the support!
Armand on Patreon

#WinterofZombie This November



Another November and another Winter of Zombie event.

This year will be even bigger, with over 40 zombie authors!

Get ready for interviews, guest posts, teasers from their zombie books, giveaways, contests and so much more

In October we’ll begin slowly rolling out the authors involved and come November 1st it will begin!

Make sure you follow Dying Days Zombie blog so you don’t miss any of the posts

Join the Winter of Zombie FB Event so you don’t miss the contests and giveaways


Guest Post: February 2015 Freebies



Grab all 36 FREEBIES from these Red Coat PR authors!


Michele G. Miller

1.From the Wreckage-



Kristina Circelli

2.Beyond the Western Sun


Lila Felix

3.Forced Autonomy


4.Skate and Love


Elizabeth Isaacs

5.The Light of Asteria



Rebecca Ethington

6.Kiss of Fire



Kristie Cook




8.The Space Between



M Clarke

9.Something Great


Mary Ting




Sarah J Pepper





Ginger Voight







14.Southern Rocker Boy







A.M. Hargrove





17.Edge of Disaster




  1. Dark Waltz




Amy Miles




20.Defiance Rising



Denise Grover Swank

  1. Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes








  1. After Math




Shelly Crane












AnnaLisa Grant

  1. The Lake




Raine Thomas

  1. The Prophecy




Lindsay Paige

  1. Sweetness




  1. Breakaway




Stephanie Summers

  1. Craving



Eva Pohler

  1. The Gatekeeper’s Sons




  1. The Purgatorium



Julieanne Lynch

  1. Within the Shadows




Eric R. Asher

  1. Days Gone Bad




Jocelyn Stover

  1. Out of Reach




Authors Supporting Our Troops – January 2015 Totals #ASOT2015


Bumper Stickers

Alrighty then… the first month of the 2015 version of the event is over, and I gotta tell ya… it went way smoother than last year for me!

There were no more giant piles of books I then had to wade through and box up for the soldiers. After I opened and logged each shipment in, I was able to take a picture of the books, post them on Facebook and then they went right into boxes ready to ship to the soldiers. I made sure each box had a wide assortment of books from all genres. But I can’t take any of the credit because Special Gal told me the right way to do this… 

So… how did we do so far?

We had 117 authors/shipments arrive in the month

947 author-signed books

That’s an average of 8 books per author signed and donated… amazing!

At this rate we’ll beat our goal of 3,500 author-signed books for this year’s event, not including any books coming after the ‘official’ close date of May 1st (although I will be collecting books all year, so don’t worry)

Now, which States had the coolest authors sending us books?

This is not really all that scientific and I simply made note of who the author was and what State the package was shipped from when I recorded all of this along with how many books were involved. This is by author and not by how many books because that would be too much work and this is for fun. I don’t really need more work piled on for the event, either… 

1. California – 15 authors!

2. Florida – 10 authors!

3. Texas – 7 authors!

4. North Carolina – 6 authors!

5. Wisconsin – 5 authors!

I’m not going to point out the 16 of 50 States that didn’t have an author representing it so far, because that wouldn’t be fair… but I hope in the coming weeks a few more are checked off the list! 

I will be getting in touch via Facebook to several of the authors from Cali to get their addresses and send them an #ASOT2015 bumper sticker if they’d like them. 

I also want to thank everyone for the donations towards the huge shipping bill… we are well ahead of where we need to be for it. I would suggest everyone interested in donating please buy a shirt, so you have something cool to wear around and help spread the word! A couple of bucks from each sale goes to the shipping but, again, you get something you can be proud of and it helps spread the word when you post a picture of yourself in it!




7 Mail Days Into #ASOT2015



This is going to be a short but fun post from me. After the first 7 official mailing days of Authors Supporting Our Troops 2015 I can relate the following:

1. The incoming and outgoing boxes are heavy and I’m out of shape

2. We’ve received 286 books from 35 boxes mailed from authors, making it an average of 8.2 books per box

3. So far, Texas leads the way with 5 authors sending books, with Florida and Kentucky tied for second place with 3 each. Five different States are tied for third with 2 each. (I’m not going to kill myself with these numbers or worry about different authors in each box or anything else that makes this complicated… this is for fun to let everyone know who is helping out)

4. At the end of the month I’ll tally up which State had the most authors sending in boxes (multiple shipments from the same author won’t count) and I’ll send everyone from that State a free #ASOT2015 bumper sticker. How’s that sound? We’ll do it every month until May, so there will be four chances to win and I’ll reset it each month and then maybe do a bigger last win at the end for a grand total… I’m just tossing ideas out right now, so don’t mind me.

5. I am amazed and humbled by all the support so far for the event. We’ll have a ton of books to send to soldiers, but it means we’ll also need help with the shipping costs via donations and buying t-shirts this year again. And, we’ll need quite a few soldiers in remote areas of the world to send the books to, as well… 

Questions/comments? E-mail me at 


Authors Supporting Our Troops – Soldiers Needed



I am amazed at all of the authors asking the information about donating signed books to the Authors Supporting Our Troops event, as well as non-authors wanting to donate money to help with the massive shipping costs. You can find out everything you need to know Here.

With the goal of 3,000 author-signed books shipped in 2015, the only part of the equation I’m a little worried about is actual soldiers to send books to. 

This is where you hopefully come in and help…

Are you a family member of someone in the military (any branch) or friends with someone who is currently overseas in a remote area? We’d love to make contact with you and send over a couple of boxes of books so they can share them with their unit. I’m not interested in a company that does this or a random person, i want to actually touch people you know… 

The greatest thing for me is seeing the pictures of the soldiers opening the boxes and taking out the books. It makes all the hours spent receiving, opening, taking pictures of, sorting and packaging the thousands of books worth it for us. 

All I need is the soldier’s name and address and the basic dates of when they’ll be stationed overseas and where. That’s it. Contact me at and we can talk. 

*   *   *   *   *

For the rest of today I’m going to run a mini-contest… I want to build up the followers on the Authors Supporting Our Troops Facebook page, so I’d love some help…

Anyone sharing the group on your Facebook page and letting people know what we’re trying to accomplish will get a free ‪#‎ASOT2014‬ sticker (shown) mailed to them. Also, random envelopes will contain other cool stuff (maybe bookmarks, coupon codes for free audiobooks and/or eBooks,etc.) and a lucky random winner will also get signed print books from me as well… how does that sound?

If you share the link to the group and say something about it, all you have to do is then PM me your physical address and I’ll begin sending out the thank-you envelopes until I run out of stickers (I think we have about 50 left, so hurry up!)

As always, thank you for the support! And we’re always looking for more soldiers in remote areas to send boxes of books to as well!

Winter of Zombie Blog Tour 2014 #WinterZombie2014



Another November means another zombie blog tour!


The stench of frozen rotted meat is in the air! Welcome to the Winter of Zombie Blog Tour 2014, with 10 of the best zombie authors spreading the disease in the month of November.

 Armand Rosamilia

Mark Tufo

Joe McKinney

Bobby Adair

Eric A. Shelman

Jay Wilburn

John O’Brien

Jaime Johnesee

Jack Wallen

Shawn Chesser

Stop by the event page on Facebook so you don’t miss an interview, guest post or teaser… and pick up some great swag as well! Giveaways galore from most of the authors as well as interaction with them! #WinterZombie2014


AND so you don’t miss any of the posts in November, here’s the complete list, updated daily:



Guest Post: John F.D. Taff


New Head #4

First off, thanks to Armand for offering to let me do this guest blog.  I’m a big fan, so this is a spectacular opportunity.Second, my latest book, a five-novella collection entitled The End in All Beginnings, is out now from Grey Matter Press.  It’s at Amazon and all the usual places, in all the usual formats.

The End in All Beginnings is a disturbing trip through the ages in five novellas exploring the painful horrors of life, love and loss. Unlimited by the boundaries of time or space, Death will always be with you. Stealing all your hold dear, breaking the heart in your chest, leaving you with the only thing left–your memories.

Here’s what people are saying about The End in All Beginnings:

“Taff brings the pain in five damaged and disturbing tales of love gone horribly wrong. This collection is like a knife in the heart. Highly recommended!” – Jonathan Maberry, New York Times bestselling author of CODE ZERO and FALL OF NIGHT

“Of the current breed of authors riding the wave of digital liberation, John Taff is a standout talent. Literary, affecting, chilling, and indicative of that old-school mentality meets new-school daring, you need look no further than this collection for evidence that not only is horror not dead, there are new proponents of the craft among us more than capable of giving it the jolt it needs to carry it into the future.” — Kealan Patrick Burke, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of The Turtle Boy, Kin, and Jack & Jill.

The End in All Beginnings is accomplished stuff, complex and heartfelt. There’s an attention to character and an access to feeling that’s very refreshing indeed. The best novella collection I’ve read in years.”–Bram Stoker-Award Winning Author Jack Ketchum.


So I’ve got a contest going right now.  Interested?  Sure you are!  Would you like to be featured as a character in a horror story?  Sure you do!  Of course you’d like to be featured as a character in my upcoming epic horror novel (that’s not tongue in cheek, there folks!) The book is titled The Fearing and I’m working on it now, with an eye toward publication next year around this time.

I was thinking…  “Gee, John, what could we (the royal ‘we,’ of course. I am the King of Pain, for goshsakes), offer to loyal readers?”  “Well,” the opposite side of my brain answered, “How about the opportunity to be featured in an actual horror novel by an actual horror writer? You know, appear in a published novel with your own actual name, in a plot that certainly wouldn’t really actually ever happen to you. And then read about yourself (or at least a character liberally based on yourself) doing various plot-necessitated things, but managing to look cool and heroic and stuff while doing it.  Maybe you can die.  Maybe we’ll keep you alive.  Who knows?”

What a frakkin’ awesome idea, both sides of my brain said.

So, we’re gonna do it.  And what better way to decide who gets to be a character in this opus than by having a contest!  A contest to make you,  the reader, a ‘HORROR STAR!’

How do you enter this contest, you may be wondering?  Simple.

1). Buy my current release, The End in All Beginnings.

2). Read The End in All Beginnings, and hopefully enjoy it!

3). Review  the collection, and post your review on Amazon before Oct. 31st, 2014.  (I’m not trolling for a 5-star review here.  Be honest.  But, sheesh, five stars sure are nice.  😉  )

4). Post a link to your review in the comments section here on this post at my blog, or on the Grey Matter Press Facebook Page, and you will automatically be entered to win.

5.) Share your review on Twitter using #HORRORSTAR for even more chances to win.


Winners will be chosen by a Random Drawing held at the end of October. Once we receive at least 50 entries, we’ll do a straight-up random drawing for some spectacular prizes, the chief of which will be…


1). Grand Prize. I will use your name as a character in my upcoming horror novel, The Fearing.  It won’t be a major character, but it won’t be a throwaway, one-line character, either.  Prior to creating the fictional you, I might ask a few questions to make sure to get some of the REAL you into the character.  I promise that I will not use the character in a particularly horrid, demeaning or embarrassing way, but one in which I think you’d be thrilled to have featured in a novel. What’s The Fearing  about?  Well, it’s kind of an epic, apocalyptic horror novel, but with my own patented King of Pain twists.  When will it be out?  Well, probably sometime next year, around this time.

2). Runners-Up.  Oh, and for some lucky runners up, I might also give away some signed things, too. And Grey Matter Press is pitching in with some of their own goodies as well.  So, loot for all!  Well, all winners at least.


So what are you waiting for?  How many authors offer you the chance to be directly involved in their novel by creating a character based solely on you?

Enter the ‘Horror Star’ Contest.  Buy The End in All Beginnings today. Read the collection.  Review it on Amazon. Post your review here or on theGrey Matter Press Facebook Page.  Share your review on Twitter using #HORRORSTAR.

And who knows, I might even sweeten the pot if we get more than 50 entries.  75?  100?  The sky’s the limit!*

*This isn’t entirely true. There is, in fact, a limit to my largesse, and it’s definitely before we reach the sky.  But I promise it’ll be amazeballs!


Author Bio

John. F.D. Taff has been writing dark speculative fiction for 25 years. He has more than 75 stories in publications that include Cemetery Dance, Deathrealm, Big Pulp, One Buck Horror, Horror Library V, Horror for Good, The Hot Blood Series, Shock Rock II, and two Grey Matter Press anthologies—the Bram Stoker Award-nominated Dark Visions: A Collection of Modern Horror – Volume One and Ominous Realities: The Anthology of Dark Speculative Horrors. Six of his short stories have been selected as honorable mentions in the Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror volumes in the past. His collection of short stories, Little Deaths, has been well reviewed and named the “No. 1 Horror Collection of 2012” by HorrorTalk. His historical ghost novel, The Bell Witch, was released in April 2013, and the thriller novel Kill/Off was released in December 2013. You can learn more about John from his blog at or follow him on Twitter @johnfdtaff.

“Dying Days 4” Contest – Be In The Book!



Dying Days 4 Cover

I talked about doing a contest for readers to be a part of Dying Days 4 and become a character in the book itself Here. The poll is now closed and we have a winning idea, but it wasn’t a landslide. In fact, all 3 ideas on the poll were pretty close… 

So there will be TWO different ways for you to be picked to star in Dying Days 4…

1. Send me a cool pic of you holding any (or all) of the Dying Days books. It could be either Dying Days, Dying Days 2, Dying Days 3, Highway To Hell, Darlene Bobich: Zombie Killer, Still Dying, Still Dying 2, Dying Days: Origins, Dying Days: The Siege of European Village, Dying Days: Siege 2… You’ll automatically be entered in for a chance to star in it. AND… for every book in the picture I’ll give you another chance, as well as bonus entries for originality! Note: I will use the pictures as promotional items on my blog, Facebook page, etc. 

2. Reviewing any of the above-mentioned Dying Days books will also get you a shot at being in the book. It doesn’t matter what your rating is, as long as it is on Amazon (and bonus chances for every other place like B&N and Goodreads you post it as well), and you’ll also get your name added for each and every review, so if you review all 10 books listed above and post them to Amazon, B&N and Goodreads, it gives you 30 chances to win! And I’ll be really happy, too…

Any questions? Too bad. it’s simple enough! Send pictures to me at and I’ll be collecting them until April 1st, when I’ll make a decision or two… 



Free Audiobook Contest


That’s right, that’s right… I’m giving away 15 audiobooks to anyone interested!

Oh, there is a catch… (isn’t that always the way?)

I am in need (like every other author on the planet) of Reviews for ANY of my books. So… if you review a book I’ve put out on Amazon and it gets added to the reviews section on the eBook or print version, I will gladly give you a copy of one of three audiobooks:


dying days





Easy enough, right? Between today – Thursday December 26th 2013 – and whenever I get 15 reviews on ANYTHING I released (good review, bad review, it doesn’t matter – just as long as it is live on Amazon) and you let me know, I will gladly give you a code for a free copy. 

But wait, there’s more!

If you are so inclined to review THREE different releases I will gladly give you THREE free coupons so you can have all THREE audiobooks… how does that sound?

Remember, Authors live and die on these reviews, so please give the gift of a review to your favorite author (or me) to end 2013 with a positive note!


“Still Dying” Review And Giveaway



GIVEAWAY for the event…

I will give away 1 Print version of the first Still Dying zombie collection (signed) to an Amazon reviewer (good or bad review, it doesn’t matter) for every 10 reviews we get for Still Dying 2!

And if we hit 50 reviews for the book someone will win the Dying Days Collection 4-in-1 novella print set as well!

Reviews really, really help authors, so I wanted to give everyone some incentive to not only read the books but to take a moment to review it on Amazon, as well… 

Still Dying

Keyport Cthulhu


Keyport Cthulhu

It’s here! Stop the presses! Or… start the presses? That saying always confused me… anyway…

Authored by Armand Rosamilia, Katelynn Rosamilia
Cover design or artwork by Jeffrey Kosh
Edited by Jenny Adams
“The painting forced him to move back with such suddenness, he nearly fell over the side of the old wooden railing. It depicted a grizzly scene, as if your worst nightmare had been splattered on canvas. Despite his mind screaming to look away, he could not avert his eyes” – Ancient

Keyport Cthulhu

Five stories with a Lovecraftian feel to them… set in the New Jersey fishing village of Keyport, where the Esoteric Order of Dagon has been planning for the awakening of the Deep One all these years… 


Includes two bonus stories, the steampunk tale “Rats In The Cellars” and “Cthulhunicorn” co-written with Katelynn Rosamilia

Publication Date:
Nov 06 2013
1493665375 / 9781493665372
Page Count:
Binding Type:
US Trade Paper
Trim Size:
6″ x 9″
Black and White
Related Categories:
Fiction / Horror

Keyport Cthulhu in Print only $9.99

Keyport Cthulhu on Amazon Kindle only $3.99

Keyport Print


Friday November 8th and Saturday November 9th you can get the first story, “Ancient,” for FREE! Try it out, read it and see if it strikes your fancy! Two days only and FREE shipping on your Kindle! Hurry before this offer ends or sells out! it’s even written in English for easy reading! And comes in  a handy reading case (reading case sold separately)



Coffin Hop 2013


Coffin Hop 2013 is HERE!


It happens once a year: dozens of horror authors team up to do a blog hop complete with awesome prizes, scares, interviews, excerpts, and more!

When? October 24th! And it lasts through Halloween. Click THIS LINK to check out all the participating authors. You never know what you’ll win. It’s the biggest virtual Halloween trick or treat for fans or horror novels and short stories! Find out more on the blog hop by visiting the site that’s up and running all year Coffin Hop.

What am I giving away? 

FREE copies of 

Still Dying: Select Scenes From Dying Days

Still Dying

Thirteen zombie tales set in the world of the “Dying Days” series… stories about old friends and new, including Tosha Shorb, David Monsour, Steve ‘The Breeze’ Brack, Russ ‘Madman’ Meyer, Jeff Beesler, Morris Chambers, Michael Ross, and many more!

Plus, includes an unedited preview of the forthcoming “Dying Days: Origins” novella featuring Tosha Shorb. 

40,000 words of zombie intensity… welcome once again to “Dying Days”… 

Just use the FREE COUPON CODE at the link!

Promotional price: $0.00
Coupon Code: ZZ58X
Expires: November 26, 2013

Authors and Bookmarks


Back in the early days of publishing (for me… we’re talking 2005) I always had a huge stack of bookmarks at my disposal. I did a new bookmark for every release I put out with Carnifex Press and every one of my own releases got the bookmark treatment with the website on one side and the book cover and ordering info on the other. Of course, when Carnifex Press went the way of the dodo I was stuck with about five thousand useless bookmarks. I guarantee there is a heavy box filled with them somewhere in my garage. It was also the last time I used anything other than a business card to promote my work. 

Author Tim Baker swears by bookmarks, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen him without a handful of them in his pocket and within easy reach. Hell, if you even glance at him he’ll do this ninja move and put one in your hands. At some point I’m sure he’ll be so proficient in it he’ll be able to sever someone’s neck or slice through an Achilles heel. 

I’ll be the first to admit I’m firmly in the creative end of my writing career and ignore the business end to a fault. I’m sure it’s one of the many reasons I don’t have a new car, a real place to always live, and money in my pocket. I do earn a living doing this writing thing but sometimes it’s a stretch when you are borrowing a few bucks for gas or living off the generosity of others. 

Tim has been arguing with me for months about proper promotion. I’m arrogant when it comes to this as a career, but I also listen every now and then. Apparently my Special Gal was listening as well, because when I casually brought up the idea of doing bookmarks for my Fourth of July book signing at Kokomo’s Cafe in Flagler Beach Florida in the event I sold out of the handful of print books I had on hand, she immediately went into action. 

She might not be a creative type when it comes to writing, but she has a killer business sense and enjoys being creative when it comes to promotion and such. As a commercial property manager, she has to deal with signs, flyers, contracts, promotional items and so much more… and she took over for me when the bookmarks were mentioned. 

I love them. I don’t currently have a scanner or I’d add one into this post, but suffice it to say I am quite happy with what she did: she made me a Flagler Beach Fiction Series bookmark, with beach backgrounds, the first two print book covers and my contact information. And she designed it, got in touch with a local Jacksonville printer who did them within a few days, and I had them for my signing, where I handed out quite a few. 

AMENDED: Thanks to David Royall for scanning and sending me the bookmarks, which are now attached at the end of the post! 

But did it help? And will they help sell books? I’m still not sure. I know JA Konrath talks about any promotional items like bookmarks, pens and postcards as being nothing more than a waste of your money, but with the rules changing all the time and independent authors challenging what came before, I’m curious if this will be a great thing, or did I waste my money?

What do you think about authors using bookmarks and other promotional items to call attention to themselves, and does it sell your work? Really sell you as an author and put money right back in your pocket?

photo 2

photo 1

Summer of Zombie 2013 FREE eBook – Nine Authors!



Bryan Smith. Joe McKinney. Armand Rosamilia. James N. Cook. John O’Brien. Julianne Snow. Mark Tufo. TW Brown. Kirk Allmond.

What do these nine authors have in common?

First off, they’re all dead sexy! And they all appear in Summer of Zombie 2013!

Summer of Zombie 2013 is jam packed with Zombie goodness! You’ll find excerpts from all of the authors along with a few exclusive shorts for your enjoyment. It’s a great way to test drive some zombie fiction before you buy it.


Excerpts from DeathBringer and The Late Night Horror Show by Bryan Smith

Kherfin by TW Brown

An excerpt from The Savage Dead by Joe McKinney

Michael Talbot by Mark Tufo

An excerpt from What Zombies Fear: Legion by Kirk Allmond

An excerpt from Warrior Within by James N. Cook

An excerpt from Dying Days 2 by Armand Rosamilia

The Treehouse and an excerpt from Days with the Undead: Book One by Julianne Snow

Excerpts from each of the books in John O’Brien’s A New World series


So what’s this fantastic little collection of gems going to cost you? That’s the best part!

It’s FREE!!! You can find it on Smashwords which gives you a few options for the best download to your device! Heck, it will even let you download a PDF if you don’t have an eReader.

Smashwords Link:

“Kokomo’s Café” Huge Giveaway!!


It’s so exciting I added two ! to the title!!

I’m going to be doing a huge giveaway once the print version of the ten story Kokomo’s Café in the Flagler Beach Fiction Series is officially released (June 28th). I’ll be giving away not only a signed copy of the Kokomo’s Café print book, but quite a few more goodies, such as:

1. A signed copy of Kokomo’s Café print book (I already said that!!)

2. an eBook version of Tool Shed by Armand Rosamilia (Angelic Knight Press)

3. A signed copy of Pump It Up by Tim Baker print book

4. A signed copy of Dying Days by Armand Rosamilia print book

5. an eBook copy of “Ancient” from the Keyport Cthulhu series by Armand Rosamilia

6. Misc. things I find around the house to give away (old books, bellybutton lint, stale cookies, etc.)

Kokomos 1 Cover

You may now ask ‘what do I have to do in order to get this fabulous loot?!!’ (notice another two !! for excitement building)…

You need to post a review of one of the Kokomo’s Café stories… simple as that. Here’s the first one, and more will be added as they are released each week!!

Each Friday, another of the 2-story releases will be out, and you can review any of the five (and all of the five, obviously) … for every review posted by you on Amazon, Goodreads, your own blog, etc. etc. I will add you to the Giveaway list. On Friday June 28th I will announce the Winner. 

Every review post gets you another chance to win, AND if you review all five eBook releases I will DOUBLE your chances when i pick a winner. I don’t care if you give them 1-star reviews, you’re still eligible (but I hope you don’t, obviously). 

Just send me an e-mail or find me on our Flagler Beach Fiction Series Facebook group and let everyone know the review has been posted! And good luck!

Armand Rosamilia

Guest Post – S.B. Knight


The Undead Connection

A vampire and a zombie walk into a bar…. Okay so that’s the makings for a bad joke but it does combine two interesting creatures. Vampires and Zombies, the undead creatures, are similar in many aspects. Some would stand up and walk out right about now as many think zombies are merely reanimated flesh but I would argue that the flesh would need to be dead first in order to be reanimated. That, of course, is another post altogether. I do find it interesting that we don’t see a large number of novels with both creatures stalking their prey. Oh, there are some novels recently released that crosses this line in a grand way but I have heard little about them. Is it possible that their similarities are the main reason why they are kept apart?

You think I’m crazy don’t you? Well, that is debatable as well. No, I don’t think I am. Zombies and Vampires, they both died as some point in time and were revived. They both prey on humans. They both prefer the darkness of night or, now-a-days, the low sunlight. They can be killed in similar ways, for example, if you remove the head the fight is usually over.

What is the major difference? You would think the physical appearance right? I’m not so sure. I’ve seen vampires that were more monster than anything else. No, I believe it is the intellect. You see the biggest difference between vampires and zombies is intelligence. Real vampires, not the moody ones, are both cunning and intelligent. Zombies are primal creatures that think very little. They react and move on the need to feed their hunger for flesh. Here is a question for you – if a zombie was given or gained intelligence what would it be? That’s something to think about.

Why did I bring this up? What does this have to do with my upcoming novel, Drago’s Revenge? Drago is a vampire. A wicked, cunning, intelligent, and brutal vampire set on one thing….to attain permanent immortality. What about the zombie? I have wrestled with this one. You see there is a character in my first novel, Born of Blood, that plays a part in Drago’s Revenge by the name of Charles. He is very intelligent, can eat food, drink blood and is extremely powerful but he is not a vampire. He doesn’t fit the mold of a zombie either…he is somewhere in between.

Drago’s Revenge Excerpt – Reba threw her arms around his neck and kissed him, the taste of their tears bold between their lips. Sam helped Reba to her feet, and with bags in hand, they walked down the hall toward the elevator. Sam pushed the button and turned to Reba.

“I’m going to the nursery to get Christian and make sure he is all right. I need you to go to the front desk and finish the paperwork.”

Reba chewed her lip. “Okay, but don’t take too long…and be careful.”

“I will. You be careful, and stay around people until I get there.”

The elevator doors opened, and Reba stepped in. Sam made his way to the nursery. He approached the doors and slowed as the babies inside cried in unison.

The double doors swung shut behind him, and he looked around. The lights were dim except for the lone desk lamp that rested on its side. Sam stepped over to the desk and found the first nurse on the floor. A pool of blood expanded from the gash ripped in her throat.

Damn it. We got to go now.


About the author – Drago’s Revenge is the next step as SB Knight continues to pursue his passion for writing novels that deliver both thrills and chills. His desire is to improve the craft he loves with each novel he writes. He strives to deliver fresh, new ideas and stories in the Dark Fantasy genre. Currently he is writing the third novel of The Blood Chronicles.

When not writing, SB Knight enjoys spending time with his family and being outdoors. During a normal week he can be found on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and his blog The New Author. Easily approached, SB Knight enjoys chatting with readers and fans alike. Information about SB Knight, his books, and upcoming projects can be found at

Born of Blood, released in March of 2012
Drago’s Revenge, releases in October 2012
Demathia Rising, releases in March 2013

“Writing novels that inject new blood into the world of Dark Fantasy is my true passion. Vampires, werewolves, and zombies…you only know what you’ve read.”

Special – From now until October 30 you can PRE-ORDER Drago’s Revenge for $4.76 (that’s 20% off retail price). PLUS, when you pre-order you get Born of Blood for free! That’s right, save 20% AND get a free ebook! Pre-order Drago’s Revenge today!

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“Miami Spy Games” FREE Today #spy #thriller


My latest release is the 8,000 word short story “Russian Zombie Gun – Part 1” in the Miami Spy Games series… it’s the introduction to what I hope is a long-term series… and today (Sunday September 2nd 2012) it is FREE to read! Miami Spy Games

Here is the description:

Miami, 2012. A new gun has made its way from a Russian science lab to the streets of Miami—a gun that destroys the executive functioning power of the brain, turning people into zombie-like beings.

The Miami Asymmetrical Clandestine Elite Service (ACES) team must intercept these weapons before they arrive at their intended destination.

Follow the Miami ACES team in their thrilling adventures in this new series.

Written by: Armand Rosamilia

Created by: AK Waters

*   *   *   *   *

People are asking me who AK Waters is. I haven’t met him. He’s a man of mystery. He created the Spy Games saga. Working with Hobbes End Publishing, they asked me to be a key writer on the series. AK is trained in anti-terrorism and asymetrical warfare. He’s been all over the world, S. America (Colombia, Panama mostly) as well as Iraq and Afghanistan. He was trained by the best in the world. He speaks Spanish, Russian and English. His mother was a KGB spy, his father a US Sub Captain. He’s grown up in the world of spies and espionage and has some stories to tell. Rumor has it Bruce Willis played the role of AK Waters in a true story in the movie Tears of The Sun.

Another question I am getting is about the supposed Russian Zombie Gun. We always consider zombies to have to do with viruses, but what if it’s something else? Is the zombie gun real? Do you believe what the government and news agencies are telling you about the actual Miami zombie attack? Do you think AK Waters knows the truth?

Read for yourself! Miami Spy Games

Twitter Respect


I’m here today to share a point or six (maybe more, who knows) about Twitter Respect. Simply put, things I find socially unacceptable when being my friend on Twitter. Your ideas might be different, and you might disagree with me. But right now, in the immortal words of Robbie from The Wedding Singer… Well, I have a microphone, and you don’t, SO YOU WILL LISTEN TO EVERY DAMN WORD I HAVE TO SAY!

Incidentally, in a post a couple of days ago I freely quoted (without proper credit) The Blues Brothers, but no one seemed to comment on it. For shame. All of you. Now, back to my Twitter Respect Ranting…

1. What is the damn point of following a million people that don’t care about you at all? The ‘follow me and I’ll follow you for an hour before I delete you and then try to get all your friends to follow me’ thing is stupid. I don’t see the point.

2. If you don’t follow me back within a reasonable amount of time (usually four weeks) I unfollow you, unless you are Neil Gaiman or JA Konrath or someone really cool that I read their tweets all the time. But, the real problem I have is that then you post that I unfollowed you… not sure why you do this. Hey, here’s a fun thing: follow me back to begin with, and I won’t have to delete you. And you won’t have to point out that you only bothered with me once I cut you off.

3. Not sure why, but DMs from people I don’t know are annoying. Oh, wait, I remember now: It’s because I try to be nice when you say ‘Thanks for the follow! Nice to meet you’ and I reply in kind, only to be told by Twitter than you don’t follow me so I can’t send it and I wasted my time! Guess what? You get unfollowed quicker than 30 days. Just sayin’.

4. I also hate initial DMs that give me a link to your website/Amazon page/free eBook giveaway… I can’t imagine this works for anyone trying to promote themselves and gets someone excited enough to say ‘Wow, thanks for the private spam! I am going to buy your book right now!’. How about saying hello, and then we can be nice first before you shove your work down my throat… and I can actually say nice things back since you also follow me. I promote my own work every day, but it’s drowned in with reblogs of cool posts I read, RT’s of other cool books I like and tweets to people that I converse with like a normal human being.

5. Posting your link for your book/band/website/crap using my twitter handle as a way to get people to notice you, since you have 147 followers and I (currently at 12:13 am when I’m writing this) have 12,867, all (OK, most) of which I earned by being nice and not beating them over the head with promotions for my work. I keep getting the ‘@ArmandAuthor: My character in my new book is a bad man. Here’s the link to the book on Amazon’, even though I never said a word to you before this, and when I check your Twitter page I see you sent the same message to 56 other people in the last 34 minutes. ‘Hope you buy my book!’. Not gonna happen. Unfollow.

6. I love when people RT my posts and my blog posts, and ask questions, comment, act silly, and just friendly. There is nothing cooler than people responding, playing along or just being normal. Yet, I’ve actually had people upset because I reblogged their stuff and it went out to 12,000+ Twitter followers but I didn’t say it was from them… uh, they clicked on your website, I liked your post enough to share it with 100 times the amount of people it would have normally gotten eyes on… keep complaining, sorry. I’m wrong. It won’t happen again. To your posts, trust me. For the people who reblog my stuff and love when I reblog their stuff… thank you. I like you. You get the implications of social media and the fact that I liked your post enough to want to share it with my friends. Keep writing cool posts about your writing, cool interviews, cool Metal bands, zombies, steampunk and horror stuff and I will keep promoting you, because I like it and want to spread the word about the cool kids.

7. And seven, seven for no tomorrow

8. And eight, eight, I forget what eight was for

9. But nine, nine, nine for the lost gods

10. ten, ten, ten, ten for everything, everything, everything…

Please let someone know what that last part is from… I’m begging you..

This is my tongue firmly planted in cheek (but mostly true) rant against no Twitter Respect. I’m sure I missed a few things and I hope to meet you along the journey and actually get a chance to chat with you. In 140 characters or less.

Now buy my book(s).

Summer of Zombie FREE eBook


The Summer of Zombie Blog Tour has begun – We now bring you 6 fantastic zombie novelists to entertain you. Mark Tufo, Ian Woodhead, Armand Rosamilia, TW Brown, John O’Brien and Dave Jeffery. I hope you enjoy their work and will check out more of their offerings.

Sample a healthy (undead) chunk from each author’s work, whether it’s samples from their books or short stories or both!

And it’s FREE on SmashWords, so grab a copy!

Summer of Zombie

Summer of Zombie Blog Tour Kickoff Party


Summer of Zombie Blog Tour Kickoff Party

Two months with five other dudes who write about zombies… I’m shuddering as I look around the room at these freaks of writing, men who scribble about zombies ripping people apart, the end of the world, death and mayhem and destruction.

And then, I realize with a grin… my kinda people.

No blog tour of this magnitude would be complete without first introducing you to the people involved. I hope you’ll begin your journey this summer right here and take it all the way to the end, and get to know six very special authors along the way.

TW Brown is the author of the Zomblog series and the Dead series.   He is deeply immersed in pursuing his dream of being a “full-time” writer while trying to balance the duties of husband, father, friend, and Border Collie owner. He keeps busy reading and editing the numerous submissions for a variety of upcoming anthologies and full-length titles for May December Publications.  He has had short stories published by Pill Hill Press, Living Dead Press, and others. You can contact him at: or visit his website at  You can follow him on twitter @maydecpub and on Facebook under Todd Brown, Author TW Brown, and also under May December Publications.

*   *   *   *   *

Dave Jeffery is perhaps best known for his zombie novel Necropolis Rising which has gone on to be a UK #1 Bestseller. His Young Adult work includes the critically acclaimed Beatrice Beecham Series, BBC: Headroom endorsed Finding Jericho and the 2012 Edge Hill Prize Long-listed Campfire Chillers short story collection.

Dave has contributed to several anthologies from a variety of publishers including Dark Continents Publishing, Inc., Wild Wolf Publishing, Imprint Phoenix, Hersham Horror Books, Wicked East Press and Hidden Thoughts Press. His work has featured alongside many zombie impresarios including John Russo (Night of the Living Dead), Tony Burgess (Pontypool) and Joe McKinney (Flesh Eaters). His short story Daddy Dearest features in the award-winning Holiday of the Dead anthology (This is Horror Awards, Best Anthology, 2012).

He is currently writing the sequel to Necropolis Rising and co-writing Crabs: Apocalypse! the official seventh book in the pulp franchise “Night of the Crabs” created by horror icon Guy N Smith.

Dave is a member of the British Fantasy Society. His website can be found at:  

*   *   *   *   *

John O’Brien is a former Air Force fighter instructor pilot who transitioned to Special Operations for the latter part of his career gathering his campaign ribbon for Desert Storm. Immediately following his military service, John became a firefighter/EMT with a local department. Along with becoming a firefighter, he fell into the Information Technology industry starting two large casinos inWashington as the Information Technology Manager and becoming the Network Manager for the Washington State Legislature, the Northwest Information Technology Manager for the Federal Aviation Administration, and the Network Systems Manager for Hollywood Video. Currently, John is self employed with his own Information Technology consulting company consulting and managing various businesses with their information technology needs. He also volunteers for a local youth center managing their computer lab.

As a former marathon runner, John lives in the beautifulPacific Northwestand can now be found kayaking out in the waters ofPuget Sound, mountain biking in theCapitalForest, hiking in the Olympic Peninsula, or pedaling his road bike along the many scenic roads.

Author of A New World: Chaos, An New World: Return, A New World: Sanctuary and

A New World: Taken

Web site:



*   *   *   *   *

Armand Rosamilia is a New Jersey boy currently living in sunny Florida, where he is completely unprepared for the coming zombie apocalypse. And it is coming. He hopes to be one of the first killed during it so he doesn’t have to worry. His fiction is mostly zombie, including the Stellar Ultima Outstanding Zombie Award (he just made that up on the spot) for his Dying Days series. He will keep writing zombie stories as long as people keep buying them. He is in love with Twitter at the moment, so find him at @ArmandAuthor before he grows bored with it.

*   *   *   *   *

Mark Tufo was born inBostonMassachusetts. He attended UMASS Amherst where he obtained a BA and later joined the US Marine Corps. He was stationed inParris IslandSC, Twenty Nine Palms CA andKaneohe BayHawaii. After his tour he went into the Human Resources field with a worldwide financial institution, he had gone back to school to obtain his masters but when he found himself unemployed due to a company wide layoff he decided to write a book.

He had written the first installment of the Indian Hill trilogy in college, it sat in his garage until July 2009 when he published it on Kindle. He has since written the Zombie Fallout series and is working on a new zombie book.

He lives inMainewith his wife, three kids and two English bulldogs.

*   *   *   *   *

Ian Woodhead is just past the age of forty and lives in the north of England. He’s married to a wonderful woman and has forgotten how many children he has. He had been writing for nearly twenty years but only just gained the confidence to start showing his work for the past few months. To press, he’s written numerous short stories and seven novels. Four of the novels are about zombies. Ian likes to write about zombies. He is currently deep inside another zombie story (Big shock) and three more novels, all in various stages of completion.
Ian finds it a little creepy writing about himself in the third person. Zombies DO NOT run.

*   *   *   *   *

All six of us – Todd Brown, Mark Tufo, Ian Woodhead, Armand Rosamilia, John O’Brien and Dave Jeffery – hope you’ll keep following us on the Summer of Zombie blog tour, and comment as we go along.

And… one lucky commenter for each blog will receive a Free eBook or Print book from one of the authors! Simply leave a comment with your e-mail address and we’ll pick a random winner each day! Simple as that!

FREE eBook! Um, Who Cares Anymore?


This will begin as a mini – rant and end up… heck, probably just a longer rant.

I keep getting e-mails, each and every day, with some other author announcing they are doing a giveaway, a freebie, or a contest to get their latest and greatest eBook for FREE. I’ve done it, we’ve all done, back in ancient times (you know, January and February 2012) when giving away your eBooks for FREE was something special, and when it led directly to new readers and more sales for your backlist, as well as nice bumps up the Amazon charts. Hurrah! I’ll give away 1,567 of this title, which will lead to 47 sales of this title. It was a no-brainer.

Then the bottom fell out. Hard and fast.

Amazon decided, quite simply, it was time for a change so they could make more money, and they were smart enough to see the writing on the wall. Hell, I grabbed over 100 free horror eBooks, spending my time going through e-mails begging me to take them, and free sites that put them all together for you nicely, wrapped them in a bow, and let you click click click until you downloaded so many free eBooks your Kindle almost froze and/or exploded.

I’ll never read most of them, and neither will you. Quite frankly, I’ve read a chapter or two of some and had no idea why it was even on my Kindle. There are too many other great eBooks I actually purchased or were given to me from someone I wanted to read in the first place.

I ranted to some friends the other day when I started getting e-mails with the subject ‘FREE Kindle’ and thinking I’d won or could conveivably win a new Kindle, like one of those fancy Fire things or maybe some KindleEchoDeluxe prototype, but it was actually just some jackass swindling me into reading his e-mail about his FREE Kindle eBook, because Lord knows I don’t have enough of them.

People are pulling their books out of the Amazon KDP Select program like their hair is on fire, which is fine. I won’t begin to tell you what to do for your career, and everyone is different. People do the same things at the same time and get different results, so your mileage may vary, as they say.

I say, quite simply… stop sending me e-mails about a FREE Kindle, and I have no more room to add yet another eBook to the TBR pile that I will never read. But I will keep buying eBooks I’m interested in (and $2.99 and under, let’s be reasonable) and reading and reviewing them when I like them enough.

And I can’t promise I’ll never spam you for some silly contest, giveaway or freebie thing when I feel like it… with the publishing climate changing almost daily, tomorrow’s big thing might be giving away new Kindle Fires for free as a promotion… then, please, send me that e-mail.

What’s your opinion on FREE eBooks right now, and how has it changed?