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Kokomo’s Cafe and Golden Lion Cafe by Armand Rosamilia on Sale!

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February 22nd thru 26th 2021 Kokomo’s Café Complete (Flagler Beach Fiction Series Book 1) will be FREE

Flagler Beach Florida is quite the small town, eclectic and quirky… and filled with many unique characters.

Kokomo’s Café owners Mac and Ginny see their fair share day in and day out. Come meet the locals and the tourists!

Contemporary Fiction and a fun beach read! Includes Ten Short Stories set in Kokomo’s Cafe!


But Wait… There’s More!


February 22nd thru 27th 2021 Golden Lion Café Complete (Flagler Beach Fiction Series Book 2) will be 99 cents

Flagler Beach Florida is quite the small town, eclectic and quirky… and filled with many unique characters.

The Golden Lion Café has been a landmark for twenty years, with so many characters as both customers and workers!

The second book in the Flagler Beach Fiction series. Contemporary Fiction and a fun beach read!

Includes 10 short stories set in Golden Lion Café!

Shocker by Armand Rosamilia and Frank Edler FREE through January 1st

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Shocker, the first book in the twisted trilogy from Armand Rosamilia and Frank Edler, is FREE for a limited time!

SHOCKER is the horror humor story of a prisoner, a religious idol, monsters and mayhem.

Vito “The Shocker” Shocketti has been locked away in Rahway State Penitentiary for twenty years of his life sentence. In that time not one cellmate has endured being quartered with him for very long. That all changes when a young kid, Manny “Dirty” Sanchez, gets put with The Shocker.

A star struck Manny begs “The Shocker” to tell him his legendary story of crime and murder. Vito decides to unload on the kid, who becomes more and more engrossed in The Shocker’s tales of living life on the edge in the seedy heavy metal club scene in 1980’s New Jersey.

The Shocker, impressed that Dirty has not begged the guards to move him from the cell, drops a bombshell. All the murders The Shocker committed were directed at the behest of Baby Jesus. The Shockers tales devolve into the weird and insane.

Could The Shocker be making it all up to make Manny think he is criminally insane or is the Baby Jesus real and has a higher plan for the both of them?

Seasoned writing veteran Armand Rosamillia teams up with hungry newcomer, Frank J Edler to tell this darkly funny story of reckless behavior, oddball monsters and the cherubic Baby Jesus. The two Jersey boys spin a thick flavor of heavy metal life in New Jersey that will make the most bad-ass of metalheads cringe with delight. This story should come with a pair of tight black leather pants and a can of Aqua Net.

Also features an interview with both authors by fellow deranged author Christian Jensen

Grab Shocker, and if you’re not either dumbfounded or feel like you’ve lost brain cells after reading it… maybe get the other two? Just sayin’

Keyport Cthulhu

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Keyport Cthulhu

It’s here! Stop the presses! Or… start the presses? That saying always confused me… anyway…

Authored by Armand Rosamilia, Katelynn Rosamilia
Cover design or artwork by Jeffrey Kosh
Edited by Jenny Adams
“The painting forced him to move back with such suddenness, he nearly fell over the side of the old wooden railing. It depicted a grizzly scene, as if your worst nightmare had been splattered on canvas. Despite his mind screaming to look away, he could not avert his eyes” – Ancient

Keyport Cthulhu

Five stories with a Lovecraftian feel to them… set in the New Jersey fishing village of Keyport, where the Esoteric Order of Dagon has been planning for the awakening of the Deep One all these years… 


Includes two bonus stories, the steampunk tale “Rats In The Cellars” and “Cthulhunicorn” co-written with Katelynn Rosamilia

Publication Date:
Nov 06 2013
1493665375 / 9781493665372
Page Count:
Binding Type:
US Trade Paper
Trim Size:
6″ x 9″
Black and White
Related Categories:
Fiction / Horror

Keyport Cthulhu in Print only $9.99

Keyport Cthulhu on Amazon Kindle only $3.99

Keyport Print


Friday November 8th and Saturday November 9th you can get the first story, “Ancient,” for FREE! Try it out, read it and see if it strikes your fancy! Two days only and FREE shipping on your Kindle! Hurry before this offer ends or sells out! it’s even written in English for easy reading! And comes in  a handy reading case (reading case sold separately)



Summer of Zombie 2013 FREE eBook – Nine Authors!

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Bryan Smith. Joe McKinney. Armand Rosamilia. James N. Cook. John O’Brien. Julianne Snow. Mark Tufo. TW Brown. Kirk Allmond.

What do these nine authors have in common?

First off, they’re all dead sexy! And they all appear in Summer of Zombie 2013!

Summer of Zombie 2013 is jam packed with Zombie goodness! You’ll find excerpts from all of the authors along with a few exclusive shorts for your enjoyment. It’s a great way to test drive some zombie fiction before you buy it.


Excerpts from DeathBringer and The Late Night Horror Show by Bryan Smith

Kherfin by TW Brown

An excerpt from The Savage Dead by Joe McKinney

Michael Talbot by Mark Tufo

An excerpt from What Zombies Fear: Legion by Kirk Allmond

An excerpt from Warrior Within by James N. Cook

An excerpt from Dying Days 2 by Armand Rosamilia

The Treehouse and an excerpt from Days with the Undead: Book One by Julianne Snow

Excerpts from each of the books in John O’Brien’s A New World series


So what’s this fantastic little collection of gems going to cost you? That’s the best part!

It’s FREE!!! You can find it on Smashwords which gives you a few options for the best download to your device! Heck, it will even let you download a PDF if you don’t have an eReader.

Smashwords Link:

“Kokomo’s Café” Huge Giveaway!!

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It’s so exciting I added two ! to the title!!

I’m going to be doing a huge giveaway once the print version of the ten story Kokomo’s Café in the Flagler Beach Fiction Series is officially released (June 28th). I’ll be giving away not only a signed copy of the Kokomo’s Café print book, but quite a few more goodies, such as:

1. A signed copy of Kokomo’s Café print book (I already said that!!)

2. an eBook version of Tool Shed by Armand Rosamilia (Angelic Knight Press)

3. A signed copy of Pump It Up by Tim Baker print book

4. A signed copy of Dying Days by Armand Rosamilia print book

5. an eBook copy of “Ancient” from the Keyport Cthulhu series by Armand Rosamilia

6. Misc. things I find around the house to give away (old books, bellybutton lint, stale cookies, etc.)

Kokomos 1 Cover

You may now ask ‘what do I have to do in order to get this fabulous loot?!!’ (notice another two !! for excitement building)…

You need to post a review of one of the Kokomo’s Café stories… simple as that. Here’s the first one, and more will be added as they are released each week!!

Each Friday, another of the 2-story releases will be out, and you can review any of the five (and all of the five, obviously) … for every review posted by you on Amazon, Goodreads, your own blog, etc. etc. I will add you to the Giveaway list. On Friday June 28th I will announce the Winner. 

Every review post gets you another chance to win, AND if you review all five eBook releases I will DOUBLE your chances when i pick a winner. I don’t care if you give them 1-star reviews, you’re still eligible (but I hope you don’t, obviously). 

Just send me an e-mail or find me on our Flagler Beach Fiction Series Facebook group and let everyone know the review has been posted! And good luck!

Armand Rosamilia

“Miami Spy Games” FREE Today #spy #thriller

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My latest release is the 8,000 word short story “Russian Zombie Gun – Part 1” in the Miami Spy Games series… it’s the introduction to what I hope is a long-term series… and today (Sunday September 2nd 2012) it is FREE to read! Miami Spy Games

Here is the description:

Miami, 2012. A new gun has made its way from a Russian science lab to the streets of Miami—a gun that destroys the executive functioning power of the brain, turning people into zombie-like beings.

The Miami Asymmetrical Clandestine Elite Service (ACES) team must intercept these weapons before they arrive at their intended destination.

Follow the Miami ACES team in their thrilling adventures in this new series.

Written by: Armand Rosamilia

Created by: AK Waters

*   *   *   *   *

People are asking me who AK Waters is. I haven’t met him. He’s a man of mystery. He created the Spy Games saga. Working with Hobbes End Publishing, they asked me to be a key writer on the series. AK is trained in anti-terrorism and asymetrical warfare. He’s been all over the world, S. America (Colombia, Panama mostly) as well as Iraq and Afghanistan. He was trained by the best in the world. He speaks Spanish, Russian and English. His mother was a KGB spy, his father a US Sub Captain. He’s grown up in the world of spies and espionage and has some stories to tell. Rumor has it Bruce Willis played the role of AK Waters in a true story in the movie Tears of The Sun.

Another question I am getting is about the supposed Russian Zombie Gun. We always consider zombies to have to do with viruses, but what if it’s something else? Is the zombie gun real? Do you believe what the government and news agencies are telling you about the actual Miami zombie attack? Do you think AK Waters knows the truth?

Read for yourself! Miami Spy Games

Weekly Writing Goals, Midgets and Eggnog

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OK, for the millions (and millions) that religiously follow every post from me, I thank you. Entire nations have been known to structure their day around my omnipotent blog. I get it. I’m cool.

Anyway… if you remember (and who can forget?), last week I tossed all basic structure out the window and decided to write whatever the Hell I wanted to write… and I did. And I wrote quite a bit, hitting just about 15,000 words in 7 days. That’s a bit over 2,000 a day and well over the 1,500 a day goal I’ve been striving for.

I am flying with Death Cult: Death Metal 2, topping 20,000 words and realizing the followup that was supposed to also be a 25,000 word novella is looking more like a 60,000 word novel. I’m only done with part one of three, and ideas are flowing.

And since I’m having so much fun, a quick reminder that Death Metal is free today and tomorrow, so grab a copy, read it, love it, Amazon review it, and let it become part of your life. Name your future children after characters in the book… and wouldn’t Death Metal be a pretty name for a litle girl? Just sayin’

I also wrote 3,000 more words on Dying Days: Origins, and this one is going to be a fun read if I do say so myself. I also added 1,500 words to an untitled zombie novella not in the Dying Days world I hope to finish soon and get edited properly.

Plus, I began the third Keyport Cthulhu short story, “Cabal”, and so far it might be the best of the bunch.

So, my goal for this week is to once again do whatever the Hell I want. Wish me luck.

Oh, and the midgets and eggnog in the title? Just slipped in two keywords for the search engines, because studies show people who like midgets and eggnog love reading horror books. It’s a fact.

Twitter Respect

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I’m here today to share a point or six (maybe more, who knows) about Twitter Respect. Simply put, things I find socially unacceptable when being my friend on Twitter. Your ideas might be different, and you might disagree with me. But right now, in the immortal words of Robbie from The Wedding Singer… Well, I have a microphone, and you don’t, SO YOU WILL LISTEN TO EVERY DAMN WORD I HAVE TO SAY!

Incidentally, in a post a couple of days ago I freely quoted (without proper credit) The Blues Brothers, but no one seemed to comment on it. For shame. All of you. Now, back to my Twitter Respect Ranting…

1. What is the damn point of following a million people that don’t care about you at all? The ‘follow me and I’ll follow you for an hour before I delete you and then try to get all your friends to follow me’ thing is stupid. I don’t see the point.

2. If you don’t follow me back within a reasonable amount of time (usually four weeks) I unfollow you, unless you are Neil Gaiman or JA Konrath or someone really cool that I read their tweets all the time. But, the real problem I have is that then you post that I unfollowed you… not sure why you do this. Hey, here’s a fun thing: follow me back to begin with, and I won’t have to delete you. And you won’t have to point out that you only bothered with me once I cut you off.

3. Not sure why, but DMs from people I don’t know are annoying. Oh, wait, I remember now: It’s because I try to be nice when you say ‘Thanks for the follow! Nice to meet you’ and I reply in kind, only to be told by Twitter than you don’t follow me so I can’t send it and I wasted my time! Guess what? You get unfollowed quicker than 30 days. Just sayin’.

4. I also hate initial DMs that give me a link to your website/Amazon page/free eBook giveaway… I can’t imagine this works for anyone trying to promote themselves and gets someone excited enough to say ‘Wow, thanks for the private spam! I am going to buy your book right now!’. How about saying hello, and then we can be nice first before you shove your work down my throat… and I can actually say nice things back since you also follow me. I promote my own work every day, but it’s drowned in with reblogs of cool posts I read, RT’s of other cool books I like and tweets to people that I converse with like a normal human being.

5. Posting your link for your book/band/website/crap using my twitter handle as a way to get people to notice you, since you have 147 followers and I (currently at 12:13 am when I’m writing this) have 12,867, all (OK, most) of which I earned by being nice and not beating them over the head with promotions for my work. I keep getting the ‘@ArmandAuthor: My character in my new book is a bad man. Here’s the link to the book on Amazon’, even though I never said a word to you before this, and when I check your Twitter page I see you sent the same message to 56 other people in the last 34 minutes. ‘Hope you buy my book!’. Not gonna happen. Unfollow.

6. I love when people RT my posts and my blog posts, and ask questions, comment, act silly, and just friendly. There is nothing cooler than people responding, playing along or just being normal. Yet, I’ve actually had people upset because I reblogged their stuff and it went out to 12,000+ Twitter followers but I didn’t say it was from them… uh, they clicked on your website, I liked your post enough to share it with 100 times the amount of people it would have normally gotten eyes on… keep complaining, sorry. I’m wrong. It won’t happen again. To your posts, trust me. For the people who reblog my stuff and love when I reblog their stuff… thank you. I like you. You get the implications of social media and the fact that I liked your post enough to want to share it with my friends. Keep writing cool posts about your writing, cool interviews, cool Metal bands, zombies, steampunk and horror stuff and I will keep promoting you, because I like it and want to spread the word about the cool kids.

7. And seven, seven for no tomorrow

8. And eight, eight, I forget what eight was for

9. But nine, nine, nine for the lost gods

10. ten, ten, ten, ten for everything, everything, everything…

Please let someone know what that last part is from… I’m begging you..

This is my tongue firmly planted in cheek (but mostly true) rant against no Twitter Respect. I’m sure I missed a few things and I hope to meet you along the journey and actually get a chance to chat with you. In 140 characters or less.

Now buy my book(s).

Summer of Zombie FREE eBook

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The Summer of Zombie Blog Tour has begun – We now bring you 6 fantastic zombie novelists to entertain you. Mark Tufo, Ian Woodhead, Armand Rosamilia, TW Brown, John O’Brien and Dave Jeffery. I hope you enjoy their work and will check out more of their offerings.

Sample a healthy (undead) chunk from each author’s work, whether it’s samples from their books or short stories or both!

And it’s FREE on SmashWords, so grab a copy!

Summer of Zombie

FREE eBook! Um, Who Cares Anymore?

Posted in FREE eBook, Giveaways, Kindle, Kindle Fire, personal on May 25, 2012 by Armand Rosamilia

This will begin as a mini – rant and end up… heck, probably just a longer rant.

I keep getting e-mails, each and every day, with some other author announcing they are doing a giveaway, a freebie, or a contest to get their latest and greatest eBook for FREE. I’ve done it, we’ve all done, back in ancient times (you know, January and February 2012) when giving away your eBooks for FREE was something special, and when it led directly to new readers and more sales for your backlist, as well as nice bumps up the Amazon charts. Hurrah! I’ll give away 1,567 of this title, which will lead to 47 sales of this title. It was a no-brainer.

Then the bottom fell out. Hard and fast.

Amazon decided, quite simply, it was time for a change so they could make more money, and they were smart enough to see the writing on the wall. Hell, I grabbed over 100 free horror eBooks, spending my time going through e-mails begging me to take them, and free sites that put them all together for you nicely, wrapped them in a bow, and let you click click click until you downloaded so many free eBooks your Kindle almost froze and/or exploded.

I’ll never read most of them, and neither will you. Quite frankly, I’ve read a chapter or two of some and had no idea why it was even on my Kindle. There are too many other great eBooks I actually purchased or were given to me from someone I wanted to read in the first place.

I ranted to some friends the other day when I started getting e-mails with the subject ‘FREE Kindle’ and thinking I’d won or could conveivably win a new Kindle, like one of those fancy Fire things or maybe some KindleEchoDeluxe prototype, but it was actually just some jackass swindling me into reading his e-mail about his FREE Kindle eBook, because Lord knows I don’t have enough of them.

People are pulling their books out of the Amazon KDP Select program like their hair is on fire, which is fine. I won’t begin to tell you what to do for your career, and everyone is different. People do the same things at the same time and get different results, so your mileage may vary, as they say.

I say, quite simply… stop sending me e-mails about a FREE Kindle, and I have no more room to add yet another eBook to the TBR pile that I will never read. But I will keep buying eBooks I’m interested in (and $2.99 and under, let’s be reasonable) and reading and reviewing them when I like them enough.

And I can’t promise I’ll never spam you for some silly contest, giveaway or freebie thing when I feel like it… with the publishing climate changing almost daily, tomorrow’s big thing might be giving away new Kindle Fires for free as a promotion… then, please, send me that e-mail.

What’s your opinion on FREE eBooks right now, and how has it changed?

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