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Having A Bad Day – Writer’s Worst Nightmares

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Today is not a good day for me… it’s currently been raining for what seems like a month straight, flooding up and down the Florida coast, and I hate getting wet. The rain is cold. 

Jeff Hanneman of SLAYER is dead… at 49, from liver failure. I was out to dinner with Shelly last night when my 17-year old texted me the news. Surreal. It was a blow, even though I’d only met him briefly once in the mid-1990’s backstage at a show in New York, and he was a friendly guy. He was the true backbone of SLAYER, writing some of my all-time favorite songs. He was only 6 years older than me, and it was depressing to hear an idol was dead. 

Did I mention it was still raining outside?

Some of you might know I helped a fellow author friend (who I’ve never met in person but hope to someday) to extract his daughter from an abusive boyfriend a few weeks ago. All looked good, she was as far away from him as she could be… but now, it seems, she is going back to him. Another crushing blow. In the short (4-5 hours?) I knew her, I really liked her and saw her bright future ahead. Now, I only see another potential statistic. She thinks she’ll be the exception and he’ll never hit her again… I’m really sad for her. 

Yep, still raining outside…

I do copywriting jobs on the side, little 200-300 word blurbs about a concert coming to someplace in Texas or the reasons you need to select a certain apartment complex in Ohio, stuff like that… only, today, I had a bunch of Adult ones given to me. Really Adult. Stuff about swinger cruises, vibrators, squirting… crazy stuff, and it pays very well. I’m no prude, but this stuff is intense. I need a mental bleach after this… 

When it rains it pours…

I’ve gotten nothing done today writing-wise. Just this blog, which I don’t count as actually getting nearer my 2,000 word daily goal. I’ll be home tonight, listening to the rain, and being grumpy I didn’t reach my goal. 

…and because of the rain, First Friday’s book signing in Flagler Beach has been cancelled for tonight. I guess the fact the park looks like a lake had something to do with it. 



Trapped in purgatory 
A lifeless object, alive 
Awaiting reprisal 
Death will be their acquisition 

The sky is turning red 
Return to power draws near 
Fall into me, the skys crimson tears 
Abolish the rules made of stone 

Pierced from below, souls of my treacherous past 
Betrayed by many, now ornaments dripping above 

Awaiting the hour of reprisal 
Your time slips away 

Raining blood 
From a lacerated sky 
Bleeding it’s horror 
Creating my structure 
Now I shall reign in blood!

This Internet Stuff Is Forever… Usually

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This weekend, besides getting into the homestretch of the Dying Days 3 zombie novel, I’be been culling some of my favorite blog posts and interviews from this website and they will eventually all be bundled together, along with many new ones you’ve never seen, into an eBook titled Shut Up, Old Man! Random Thoughts, Posts, Interviews, Lies and Help from Armand Rosamilia

I’m not going to pretend to know anything, but after the last 18 months I’ve learned a few things, and I wanted to put my journey into perspective and see (for myself) how far I’ve come or haven’t come. It’s fun going back and reading posts I did a year ago, and remembering where my mindset was at that moment. And seeing how it’s changed. 

I also began pulling every interview I’ve done and putting together a sort of ‘Best Of’ interview, with every question I’ve been asked and the multiple answers I’ve given for each… so far, I talk a lot of crap. 

One thing that alarmed me, however, was the many dead links I am seeing. I have done a ton of guest blogs and interviews, and linked them to my website. However, when I click on them to find them, they are gone. Erased. Deleted. And these are websites that still exist. 

I contacted two bloggers this morning to see if maybe they changed the names or archived them, only to be told by one ‘Nah, that interview was old (it was 9 months ag0)’, and the other said ‘I only want current stuff on my blog’… 


The greatest part of the internet is the perpetual flow of it, and the fact I’ve had new readers who found me based not on my latest Twitter post, but because they read an interview when I was first promoting Dying Days or Death Metal, and they looked me up and started reading my stuff. You never know where a reader is going to jump into your career, so you hedge the bets the more chances for them to see you the better. 

Thank about any author you’ve read. Did you see them as an up and coming writer with their first book, or maybe jumped in when they got a buzz from people you trusted on the third book? I’ve stumbled across great interviews with authors and wanted to dive in and see if they were any good. 

Keeping an interview or guest post on your website doesn’t hurt anyone, especially you. I have hundreds of posts and things on my site, and I’m using about 3% of what they gave me. For free. Unless you are running crazy apps or tons of video, that isn’t a valid excuse for deleting stuff. There’s a blogger I really like on a personal level, but won’t send him my guest blogs anymore, because he takes posts down after two months. I have yet to see what the point is. I wrote a tongue-in-cheek post titled “JA Konrath Is The Devil”, and it still finds its way into my top five posts each week, no matter what. It’s been out for months, but people still find it and follow my blog and keep coming back to read more and more. 

By some folk’s reckoning, I should have deleted it months ago and only posted ‘relevant’ things… well, guess what? If an interview or guest post talking about an old book still in print  helps me find even one more reader and gives them another reason to read your blog and maybe like your own work, I say it is more than relevant. 


Blog Hop With Armand Rosamilia

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Brent Abell ( was kind enough to pass me these questions along, and I am honored to answer them. Then I will choose three authors at the end to keep it going, and answer the questions themselves…

Questions for Armand Rosamilia


What are you working on right now?


Besides keeping my weight over 300 lbs.? I am in the midst of Dying Days 3, my continuing zombie story. I should have the first draft done by May 1st and then it goes to the editor, with a late June release planned. I’m also working on 16 other stories at once, too…


dying days2

How does it differ from other works in its genre?


It is just better. OK, maybe it isn’t… but I like writing it, and other people like reading it so far. And it has zombies in it. But it’s more about the people. But it also has zombies in it.


What experiences have influenced you?


I think you need every experience to influence you, either good or bad. As a writer I’m constantly people watching and committing conversations or ideas to memory. Monday, for instance, I witnessed a sixty year old woman breaking up with her fifty year old boyfriend because his kids are ‘animals’, as she put it. I eavesdropped on the entire conversation, and added a character or two to a future story.


Still Dying

Why do you write what you do?


I can’t help it. I have always read horror and been fascinated by apocalyptic ideas and stories, so zombies are just another means to an end (pun intended). The old adage ‘write what you know’ applies to what you read a lot of as well. I’ve read a ton of horror books in my life so far.



How does your writing process work?


Better some days than others. I set a daily goal of 2,000 words and then attempt to get there between 8 am and noon Monday through Friday, and get up early on the weekends and hit my goals before the kids are fully awake and bothering me to eat.


Miami Spy Games Epi 1 Cover 253x391

What is the hardest part about writing?


The daily discipline. Some days I just want to play on Facebook and push it off until tomorrow. But then I know my goal for tomorrow will be 4,000 words and I’d be rushing. So I bust my butt to get it done. Or else.



What would you like to try as a writer that you haven’t yet?


Getting out of my comfort zone completely. I’d love to write a romantic comedy or a straight action thriller, or maybe even a historical dramatic piece. I’ve dabbled in erotica and enjoyed it, and I know straying too far away from horror might piss off my fan base, but I will eventually expand my range.

MQM2 Cover1 

Who are the authors you most admire?


Anyone who braves the rejection and fear and just writes and completes a story. I run into so many people who swear they are going to write, and so many more who have something incomplete. Rare do you find someone who finished a story and submitted it or published it themselves, and then kept writing. I have over seventy stories/novellas/etc. on sale right now, and my goal is fifty times that… and that would be a lot of stories! (I can’t figure out the math on that)



Who are new authors to watch out for?


I was recently in the Fifty Shades of Decay anthology, and I found some amazing authors in there I will be reading more of. Some might not be new to you, but to me they are. I love when I read someone’s work and it blows me away and I have to pile on their back-list and catch up.



What scares you?


Fear of losing you… and dogs. Maybe dogs more.



Thanks for taking the time to read this senseless crap. If you want to read even more senseless crap, next Wednesday go over to see authors Tim Baker (, Tonia Brown ( and Lisa Woods ( as they answer these fascinating questions and try to outdo me with my subversively interesting answers.

“Metal Queens: Models 2” Coming Soon! \m/

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I’ve decided, after a nearly two year hiatus, to release a second Metal Queens: Models book via Carnifex Metal Books. I haven’t put anything out by the imprint in way too long, and the Metal Queens Monthly series got lost in the shuffle.

With my horror writing career takng off in the last 18 months or so, quite a few projects I loved but didn’t make enough money to sustain fell to the wayside, including this series, which captures not only interviews but some amazing photography with Females into Heavy Metal music, whether they are professional alternative models, amateurs trying to turn pro, or women who do it for the sheer fun of it.

This was always a fun project, not to make a ton of money, but more to promote the models and photographers who share a love of Heavy Metal. I’m happy to finally be able to get back to it, even if it might end up being another one-shot for the next year.

So, if you know any females that fit into what I’m searching for, feel free to contact them and pass along the word for me… I hope to once again have a great selection of Metal Queens for you to read about and see!


Fashion & portrait

Interview With Armand Rosamilia

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There is a great interview with me (and not only because it’s with me!) on Castles In The Air: Author Quinn Cullen’s Scribbles: 

Armand’s 2012 Year In Review

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Another year gone by, and my first full year as a full-time writer. Has it been fun? Definitely. Has it been chalenging? Far more than I thought it would, especially in the last few months as Amazon and the eBook world made some big changes that affected me and every other indie author out there. Would I change anything? Not on your life.

Here is my recap of everything I published in 2012 and my honest opinions now that some of it has some distance. In 2011 I released 25 things, and in 2012 it was 23.

January 2012

On the 3rd the anthology Skeletal Remains came out, a project Keith Gouveia offered to me once the original publisher had some problems. I accepted, since I had a story in it, and I loved the idea and the other stories. I think it’s a strong anthology that got little fanfare, which is a shame. The 16th saw the release of the non-fiction Zombie Writing! book, where I put together 44 great authors with their own ideas and thoughts about writing zombie stories. I love this book, and I’m amazed at some of the great authors who agreed to help me with this. Finally, on the 23rd I released Darlene Bobich: Zombie Killer, which was the prequel to Dying Days. It amassed some of the short stories about Darlene I’d written, and I added new ones to fill in some of the time.

February 2012

Nothing released for me. Not by me, anyway. It was a month of stupidly counting all the money flowing in from Amazon, seeing my sales hit a couple thousand, and being an arroogant prick. I know it, you know it. I got full of myself, but luckily I also kept writing and kept promoting.

March 2012

The 12th saw the release of Dying Days 2, a book I am quite proud of. It kept the Darlene story going, added some twists, and introduced a slew of new characters I could write for years to come, if I wanted to.

April 2012

On April Fool’s I released Bones. Death. Cenote, a three-story eBook release. It features the unnamed reporter from my Skeletal Remains release and two new stories. I hope to someday go back to this character, because it was interesting to write about South America. On the 11th I put together a huge release called Metal Queens Complete, with all eight issues of the original non-fiction series. Sadly, I doubt I’ll have time to ever dive back into this series like I want to. On the 12th of April Undead Tales 2 was released, the followup to the successful Undead Tales anthology. While it had some phenomenal stories, it lacked the immediate star power of the first book, and sales have been sluggish, to be honest. It has long legs, however, and I hope it sees some steady sales in 2013.

May 2012

Another month of no new releases, but much writing done. Sales were starting to slide a bit but there was no need to panic. I was still doing well, and so was my indie brethren.

June 2012

 The only release was a cool one, when the Dying Days audiobook came out on the 4th, read by the wonderful Amanda Lehman. It was very cool to hear my words being read aloud.

July 2012

The month was geared toward my Keyport Cthulhu series, with the first two parts coming out: Ancient on the 4th and Barren on the 26th. The five-part series is a nice departure from my zombie stuff, and the real-life and creepy town of Keyport New Jersey makes for a nice moody setting. The cover art for all five by Jeffrey Kosh is also amazing.

August 2012

On the 25th, Still Dying: Select Scenes From Dying Days was released, with 13 short stories set in the Dying Days world and introducing both new and old characters. On the 29th the first Miami Spy Games ‘episode’ was released by Hobbes End Publishing, the start of 12 short stories I wrote in 2012 for them. It is one of my favorite things to write, and I hope to have a longer blog post about it in the days ahead.

September 2012

Another wash of a month, but I had some personal things to deal with and came out the other end of them relatively unscathed. I did get out my second audiobook and one of my favorite stories I’ve ever written, when Kevin Giffin narrated Death Metal.

October 2012

The 23rd saw the second Miami Spy Games out, with the third on the 25th, the fourth on the 27th and the fifth on the 30th. Productive week, eh?

November 2012

On the 20th my Tool Shed horror novella came out via Angelic Knight Press, and it is one of my favorite traditional horror stories I’ve ever written. I hope more people take a chance on it, because it was a fun story to write and I hope a good one to read.

December 2012

December 5th saw the release of my first collaboration, when author Tim Baker and I wrote a wonderful tale, combining my Dying Days zombie world and some of my main characters, with characters from his own thrillers set in the area. The result, Dying Days: The Siege of European Village, has so far been a big hit in the Flagler/palm Coast Florida area where it is set, and from fans of both of us. The 7th saw my Skulls And Bones collection in print, with a combination of my Skulls and Bones. Death. Cenote collections in one spot. The third Keyport Cthulhu short story, Cabal, was finally released on the 16th. I also combined four Dying Days novellas into one big release with the Dying Days Collection, out on the 16th as well. The print version clocks in at nearly 400 pages. Finally, I ended 2012 with the complete run of Miami Spy Games: Russian Zombie Gun, with all 12 episodes in one big release. I’m quite proud of this one and crossing my fingers Hobbes End Publishing let’s me keep writing the ACES team in 2013 and beyond.

Armand Rosamilia

“Skulls And Bones” Is Now In Print!

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It’s here! The Skulls And Bones horror short story collection, and it’s only $6.99

Nine tales of Horror from author Armand Rosamilia, including “Memorial Site”, “Vacation’s End”, “1920 Gallery Card #4”, “Stairs To The Ocean”, “Beastie”, “Crow Mill Bridge”, “Rainforest of Bones”, “South American Death Cap”, and “The Devil and The Cenote” plus a preview of the urban horror novella “Death Metal”

“Bones And Skulls” Print Release Coming Soon!

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With the holidays quickly approaching, I’m trying to get as many new releases out for the shopping deluge… I’ve been asked a couple of times about some of my eBook-only releases and when they will be available in print, if ever.

With that in mind, I decided to take two of my (formerly) eBook-only releases, the Skulls short story collection (6 tales) as well as Bones. Death. Cenote (3 tales) and combine them into one Print release. I call it (amazingly) Bones And Skulls. I also include a preview of my thriller novella Death Metal as well as some notes on the individual short stories included. And it is priced at only $6.99. Great stocking stuffer if you want to freak someone out. 

Below is the cover for the eBook version of Bones And Skulls. It contains the horror stories “Memorial Site”, “Vacation’s End”, “1920 Gallery Card #4”, “Stairs To The Ocean”, “Beastie”, “Crow Mill Bridge”, “Rainforest of Bones”, “South American Death Cap” and “The Devil and The Cenote”, plus a preview of the thriller horror novella “Death Metal.” The Print cover and ordering information will be coming soon.

Tagged By Allison M. Dickson – Q&A Excuse

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I got tagged by the wonderfully talented and beautiful Allison M. Dickson and decided to follow along and answer the interview questions… how can I resist her smile?

The Rules:

Answer these ten questions about your current WIP (Work In Progress) on your blog

Tag five other writers/bloggers and add their links so we can hop over and meet them.
Five might be a stretch, but here goes: Tim Baker, Mark Tufo, Todd Brown,  Tonia Brown, and Jeffrey Kosh 

Ten Interview Questions for The Next Big Thing:

What is the working title of your book?
Death Cult: Death Metal 2


Where did the idea come from for the book?
It is the followup to the 2009 release, Death Metal, building on an idea I had well after the book was already released. I never really intended their to be a sequel, but the world I’d created would never fully let me go.

What genre does your book fall under?
Definitely a thriller. With some horror/paranormal-ish leanings. When Death Metal came out, it was marketed by the publisher as an urban horror novella. I never quite got that, but it is definitely a thriller.

Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?
For Wayne Tursha it would have to be a large actor with plenty of character, but the best ones (Chris Farley, John Candy) are gone. An unknown who can pull off crazy dyed hair would work.

For Melissa Cahill, Miley Cyrus would be perfect. OK, maybe not Hannah Montana, but someone ‘hip’ and ‘happening’…

I would also have Allyssa Milano playing Karen, her mom. She doesn’t look like her at all, but it would be an excuse to meet Allyssa and win her heart.
What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book?
The music of D.T.C. has far-reaching and evil consequences, even years later…

Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency?
I’ll be putting this one out myself, like I did when Death Metal‘s rights reverted back to me.

How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?
I’m still writing the first draft. I’m 18k into it, but right now the main priority will be to finish the thirteen stories/episodes of Miami Spy Games I am contracted for for Hobbes End Publishing. I hope to be done with the first draft (looking at around 50k) before the end of 2012.

What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?
That’s tough. I’m not sure the storyline really compares to another off the top of my head. Not being an egotistical jerk (I don’t think), but I haven’t read this story setup the way I have. I just hope readers of my other work will love it as well as new readers. But, thinking about it, the books by Phil Rickman I read in my late teens defintely inspired me with the combination of horror/thriller and heavy metal music.

Who or What inspired you to write this book?
My love of the first story and how I could never shake the nagging feeling there was more to be written at the end. Plus, I love the characters and I am a huge Heavy Metal fan and have a working knowledge of how the business end of it works from having managed death metal bands in the mid-1990’s.

What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest?
If you loved Death Metal, you’ll love this book, which picks up years later. If you find this one first, you can still follow along and meet these old friends and new characters. I am enjoying writing it and hope you’ll love reading it.

Now Hop away to some really great writers


Check out all of the authors I have linked above. They’re as varied as snowflakes, but all very talented. As for the one who inspired Allison originally to write this, you really should check out Gae Polisner’s amazing book,The Pull of Gravity and keep watching out for her new work…

Thanks, Allison! That was fun!!

The Coming Week of Writing for Mando

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This coming week should be an interesting one, with one of those make or break views for my current writing… allow me to explain.

Last week, as you know, I finished the second installment of Miami Spy Games, and sent it off to the publisher, Hobbes End Publishing. I then took the weekend off and relaxed. No writing, barely any reading, just a man and his thoughts. Oh, and a bunch of alcohol.

But starting right now… today… I will begin a new week and new, more intense goals for my writing.

My goal, first and foremost, is simple: finish the third Miami Spy Games installment by hitting 2,000 words per day, today through Thursday… 8,000 words. On Friday I will then write the first 2,000 words of the fourth Miami Spy Games story.

But, wait… there’s more!

I’ve been seriously neglecting my other stories, so I have a simple goal of writing 500 words on one of the following stories each day: “Cabal”, the third Keyport Cthulhu story (currently at 2,800 of the 5,500 words finished), Dying Days: Origins (8,000 of the 25,000 finished), and Death Cult: Death Metal 2 (18,000 of 50,000 words)… my ultimate goal would be hitting 500 words on each of the three stories per day, obviously.

This week I think I will do a daily recap to see where I am… so you can see and especially so I can see if I get behind, and motivate myself with embarrassment to keep on pace.

As always, wish me luck!

The Writing Week That Was(n’t)

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Bad week last week as far as writing, I completely dropped the ball. I don’t think I hit 3,000 words of anything important, and it sucked.

My personal life (which I won’t get into) is in the process of a huge upheaval, with me having to suddenly move at some point later in this week, many problems where I live and who I have been with for five years, and all that mess.

I’m also waiting patiently (but growing impatient, if I’m being honest) with a publisher about a certain series I’m supposed to be working on for them. Instead, I rushed to get the first one done and now I’ve been on hold for over two weeks. I need to write, and it is such a big project mentally I don’t want to dive back into another one. Endless phone calls is all we’re doing, but it isn’t the publisher’s fault, it’s the higher ups… this will make much more sense once I can finally let the cat out of the bag and tell you what I’m working on, and it is a pretty huge move for me and my writing career…

I did manage to release Still Dying: Select Scenes From Dying Days, and I am quite proud of this zombie book with thirteen short stories set in the Dying Days world. It came out this weekend and already sold a few copies, which I am quite happy about.

Still Dying on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and SmashWords (Kobo coming soon), as well as in Print.

I’m hoping I can get the green light to write the second part of the thing I’m working on now asap. If not I might try to ignore it and jump back into my other work like the third Keyport Cthulhu story, “Cabal” or Death Cult: Death Metal 2. We’ll see. Dealing with an actual publisher instead of making your own schedule is so different, but the rewards for this one make it worth it… but let’s get a move-on already…

Hope you all have a great week of writing and reading ahead of you.

Weekly Writing Goals, Midgets and Eggnog

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OK, for the millions (and millions) that religiously follow every post from me, I thank you. Entire nations have been known to structure their day around my omnipotent blog. I get it. I’m cool.

Anyway… if you remember (and who can forget?), last week I tossed all basic structure out the window and decided to write whatever the Hell I wanted to write… and I did. And I wrote quite a bit, hitting just about 15,000 words in 7 days. That’s a bit over 2,000 a day and well over the 1,500 a day goal I’ve been striving for.

I am flying with Death Cult: Death Metal 2, topping 20,000 words and realizing the followup that was supposed to also be a 25,000 word novella is looking more like a 60,000 word novel. I’m only done with part one of three, and ideas are flowing.

And since I’m having so much fun, a quick reminder that Death Metal is free today and tomorrow, so grab a copy, read it, love it, Amazon review it, and let it become part of your life. Name your future children after characters in the book… and wouldn’t Death Metal be a pretty name for a litle girl? Just sayin’

I also wrote 3,000 more words on Dying Days: Origins, and this one is going to be a fun read if I do say so myself. I also added 1,500 words to an untitled zombie novella not in the Dying Days world I hope to finish soon and get edited properly.

Plus, I began the third Keyport Cthulhu short story, “Cabal”, and so far it might be the best of the bunch.

So, my goal for this week is to once again do whatever the Hell I want. Wish me luck.

Oh, and the midgets and eggnog in the title? Just slipped in two keywords for the search engines, because studies show people who like midgets and eggnog love reading horror books. It’s a fact.

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