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Steven Brack Interview Part Two

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Steven Brack Interview Part Two


You can read Part One of the Steven Brack Interview from yesterday first, if you’d like… I’ll go get another cup of coffee and wait for ya… OK, finished?


Is he an actor? Race car driver? A character in a zombie book?

Yes. Yes he is.

I had a chance to ask Steven Brack a few questions, and that only led to more questions. What started as a simple Q&A about his small role in my Dying Days 2 zombie novella exploded into an interview about so many parts of his interesting life I decided to keep it all and have to make this a two-parter.

You might not know who Steven Brack is right now, but you will by the time you finish reading this. Trust me, he’s worth it.


Yesterday we discussed your part in Dying Days 2, the inspiration for Steve ‘The Breeze’ Brack, arrogant driver of the number 75 car. Tell me about your actual background.

“Ok I’m thinking… I’m thinking. Let’s start with the racing. I grew up around racing from the time I was born. My dad is Bobby Brack, Florida’s winningest stock car driver. So it just kind of came natural. I was always around it and I watched and learned constantly. All-consuming. I lived for it and it’s all I thought about. Me, I won the first race I ever drove. I went on to conquer the most feature wins and the Championship title in the Street Stock division that year at Hialeah Speedway. That was 1981. A lot of Steve ‘The Breeze’ Brack’s (his namesake character in Dying Days 2) arrogance reminds me of myself back then. I had just turned 18 and I was in the local and national newspapers as this new super-star driver. I did think I was on top of the world back then. Too young to handle all of that shit most definitely, but I remember the feeling being euphoric.”


How did you transition from racing to acting?

“Acting – That’s a different story entirely. I never in a million years intended to be an actor. I’ll give you the back story… I had done some modeling and print work stuff in my early 20’s. After all, I was the golden-god at the speedway and very comfortable in front of the camera’s eye… so, long story short, I met a woman at a party who worked as a scout for Michelle Pommier. She asked me to come in to the office. They did test shots and signed me to a one year contract. I did some catalog print work and a brochure for Holiday Inn hotels. Truth be told, I hated it. Dropped it like a hot potato and walked away from it.

“Now… let’s fast forward to 2006. I was having dinner with a couple of friends on Lincoln Roadin SouthBeach. At the next table was an old guy dressed all in black. Black leather jacket, too… which I found to be odd since it was like 90 degrees out. All through dinner he kept watching me. Not really paying attention to the people he was with… just watching me. It was uncomfortable. When they were leaving, he walked over to me and asked… and I quote, ‘Are you in pictures?’ I kind of laughed and said no. He says, ‘Well, you should be.’ He hands me his card and says, ‘I’m Jay W. Jensen, give me a call’. I put the card in my pocket and just laughed it off. I assumed it was some pick-up line or something. A couple of weeks passed and his card sat on my desk with a wad of receipts and crap. I looked at the card and thought, ‘I should look this guy up on the internet’. Holy shit! I found him instantly. He was legit. I called the next day and it was like a whirlwind. By the end of the week I was in his office reading for the lead in a film called The Palooka that was backed by the Tennessee Williams estate… Williams was one of Jay’s best buddies back in the day. So, I landed the role and was thrown into a month and a half of character development training and rehearsal after rehearsal. Hell, they even made me go and train with Jorge Ortiz of the UFC in a gym out in Kendall once a week. Fucked up! They made me into the character, Miami Joe, for this movie. I even gained 18 pounds for the role. My overall mental outlook and approach to the character came from Mickey Rourke. He gave me some of the most valuable pointers in regard to acting that I’ve ever heard. I can’t share what he told me or I would have to kill you! LOL. Anyway… I’ve done over 20 movies in the last six years. Four indie feature films with starring roles in three of them… The first one I did was a small supporting role in Fandango Pictures film, Phoenix Falling. One that I won’t talk about because it’s such a piece of shit. One called The Urban Horror Trilogy (You’ll never find it because it’s sitting on a shelf due to a litigation case between producers and director), and one called Island Of The Cannibal Death Gods for Reality’s Edge Films and director Jeff Freeman. This one was the toughest and yet the most fun to make. Jeff and I became friends after meeting and working on this picture. We’ve even collaborated on a couple of other projects since Island was completed.”


You mention your role in The Palooka and Miami Joe…

“As for me and MiamiJoe… I had a really tough time expelling him after the film wrapped. I’d wake up in the morning and look in the mirror and it was him. My hair was shaved off and I was fat. I talked like him and moved like him and thought like him. I became depressed for three or four weeks after the film completed production. It was fucked up because people spent time making me into Joe, but nobody ever told me about the after-shock of mental and physical conditioning… or re-conditioning like that. Since that experience, I’ve figured out how to release a character after I’m done portraying him. The film itself will probably never be seen again. I saw it once on the big screen here in Miamiduring a sneak peek. I believe it did play at the Palm Beachfilm festival before it was shelved. Shortly before Jensen’s death in 2007, there was an injunction filed between the Jensen estate and the producers of the film. What I got from Jay was that they were using or exploiting his name for other ventures which he had no involvement in. That’s life and welcome to show business! Enough power players saw the film when it was finished… Or they may or may not have been given a DVDcopy of the film. Anyway… the last thing I’m going to say about The Palooka is this. If you want to know the gist of the story and the character… check out the 2008 film, The Wrestler… Teeeheehee!”


What is your latest project?

“I just finished a PBS documentary entitled Hialeah Speedway – No Guts, No Glory. I am the on-camera host and narrator of the show and I am thrilled about this project. When the project was in its initial stages of production, I was an on-camera interview as a driver. That was going to be my extent of involvement in the project. When the producers got my background information, they decided to explore the actor / race car driver angle and decided to screen test me with some mocked up dialogue. Man… It was like three weeks before I got the call telling me they wanted me to come on-board. Wow! This is a game-changer right here. Being asked to be ‘the face’ to represent Hialeah Speedway is an honor of immeasurable proportions for me. That was my home track and I truly loved the place. I’m honored to be able to give back to the track that gave me so many great memories and experiences. We’re having a big public premier event inMiami on August 21. Then we air to the southeast FL market (Palm Beach toKey West). Three first-run featured slots in prime time. Wow, unreal! Here are the dates and times: Friday, August 24 @8:30pm / Sunday, August 26 @9pm / Monday, August 27 @7:30pm. There’s a 1 million viewing audience in that market alone. Mid &North Florida is the next market and then the NASCAR hub in theCharlotte,NC area is third. Hopefully it goes fully national. These PBS people are pretty slick.”

Here’s the link for the teaser on the PBS documentary 

What’s next?

“In this business you never know. I’ve been out on loads of calls with casting directors in the past few weeks. Big national TV shows. Hey at least they’re looking at me and my agent has been keeping me pretty busy. Knock on wood! I’ve got one I will share with you that I thought was totally cool. Last week I got to screen test for one of my all-time favorite directors, William Grefe. He’s a legend in the cult film genre and I’ve been a fan since I was a little kid and I went to the movies to see his film, Wild Rebels. I love that movie. My dad was the driver in the racing scenes in the film. I remember being so excited, sitting in the theater and seeing my dad race on that big screen. Too cool for a kid, I’m telling you. Another little tidbit on Wild Rebels… the film found a whole new audience a few years back when it was featured on Mystery Science Theater. Love it, love it, love it. I’d quote the film, but I might bore you, haha.”


OK, I have to ask… the Playmate Question…

“My favorite Playmate is Miss January 1976 – Daina House. Whenever I’m asked that question, it’s a no-brainer for me and I’ve never flip-flopped on my response. I remember I was like 12 years old and a friend of mine had smuggled a Playboy magazine into school. It was the January 1976 issue. I was like… ‘That is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.’ That’s saying a lot because Farrah Fawcett’s red swimsuit poster was just beginning to explode everywhere at the time. From Playboy, Daina House went on to act in a hand-full of B-Movies in the late ’70s before calling it quits on the acting thing to follow her instincts. I really admire that. Today, she’s an ordained minister and the head of Daina House Ministries out inVerdugo City,CA. And still gorgeous later in life I might add. I told her I would love for her to come out of retirement and do a film with me. Nope. She’s done with the entertainment biz. Dang!”

For more about Steven Brack, visit his IMDB page and follow him on Facebook

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