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Are We Still Using Blogs in 2016?

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I used to post a lot. All the damn time, in fact. I’d average 2-3 posts and 2-3 guest posts a week. Tons of information I thought would be helpful, amusing or just something for me. I could also rely on the posts getting shared and commented on and people wanting to join in on the fun. When I started this blog way back in 2009 or thereabout, it was as a struggling part-time author trying to make the leap to full-time author who is so wealthy I never wear the same pair of socks twice. 

I’m a full-time writer but the pair of socks I have on has way too much wear for my liking. 

I podcast. Two podcasts, in fact… (shameless plug time in 3…2…1…)

Arm Cast Podcast – new episode every Friday

Arm N Toof’s Dead Time Podcast – new episode every Wednesday

Both on Project iRadio 

I get a ton of interaction when a new episode goes live. I used to post about a new episode on this very blog but no one really seemed to care enough to read it, yet I have a very strong listening base. I guess they listen but don’t read about podcasts. 

Is blogging and having a website no longer viable to reach the masses? Do we simply worry about Facebook and Twitter and the next Big Thing and keep connected there? 

Your thoughts… if anyone is actually reading this, that is…


Winter of Zombie Blog Tour 2014 #WinterZombie2014

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Another November means another zombie blog tour!


The stench of frozen rotted meat is in the air! Welcome to the Winter of Zombie Blog Tour 2014, with 10 of the best zombie authors spreading the disease in the month of November.

 Armand Rosamilia

Mark Tufo

Joe McKinney

Bobby Adair

Eric A. Shelman

Jay Wilburn

John O’Brien

Jaime Johnesee

Jack Wallen

Shawn Chesser

Stop by the event page on Facebook so you don’t miss an interview, guest post or teaser… and pick up some great swag as well! Giveaways galore from most of the authors as well as interaction with them! #WinterZombie2014


AND so you don’t miss any of the posts in November, here’s the complete list, updated daily:



Don’t Believe Your Own Hype

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the thought process

Open letter (OK, blog post, get off my case) to Myself today from Me three years ago… 

I’m damn proud of you. It is unreal how much you’ve accomplished and how many goals you set before you and have surpassed. If you’d said three years ago you’d have over 100 releases on Amazon, worked with some great small press companies, attended World Horror and other conventions not just in Florida but in many other places, had stories published in some great anthologies with other great authors, had a couple of your story ideas turned into upcoming movies, signed a thirteen book deal with a Hollywood production company, got on the actual radio to talk and play the songs you grew up with, met the woman of your dreams and STILL own the beat-up Kia AND it still started, I’d have laughed. 

All amazing things, and a ton more you’ve accomplished in the last 36 months or so. You got away from a horrible, mind-numbing relationship filled with daily fighting, jealousy over a potential writing career and following dreams you’ve had since you were twelve years old. You set many goals and keep setting goals, and you are easily in the best place you’ve ever been in your life. 

Pat yourself on the back, smile as you sip $20 a pound Death Wish Coffee and eat expensive meals in fancy restaurants and live comfortably in a big new house watching the 55 inch TV you bought with some of your earnings over the 36 months. Pat that growing belly, filled with that expensive food and coffee, and keep smiling. 

And then…

Stop acting like a Big Shot, because you haven’t written a damn word in the last three days and your daily writing goal of 2,000 words a day is kicking your ass. When is the last time you actually hit the goal, or hit it feeling good and not just relieved you actually made it but dreading what tomorrow was going to bring?

When was the last time you actually shut Facebook off or didn’t answer an e-mail immediately? How many Pinterest and New MySpace followers do you actually need? Is breaking 70,000 Twitter followers really more important than writing today? Right now?

Remember Joe McKinney at World Horror Convention? While you drank and laughed with a bar filled with other authors, Joe was upstairs in his hotel room writing. Yep, working. Why? Because he gets it. You have a deadline, remember? Which is now getting closer and closer. 

Sure, you finished Dying Days 4. It only took you about 14 months since Dying Days 3 was released, which you swore wasn’t going to happen. God forbid you start on Dying Days 5, right? By the time that comes out Mark Tufo will be on Zombie Fallout 19

So… sit back and Google your name again and read another wonderful review about a release you wrote two years ago. Enjoy the praise from your many, many followers and your peers in the writing world. 

Who, if they are better than you, got that way because they don’t stop writing and doing the important things, the top three…

1. write

2. write

3. write

Now, shut up and turn off the damn internet and get in your work before you check your Amazon sales for the fifth time today. 

Armand Rosamilia


Authors Supporting Our Troops Postage Drive In St Louis!

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I want to thank Margie Colton and Jerry Benns for all the support and help with the Authors Supporting Our Troops event I’ve organized. It’s amazing the outpouring of ideas and support I’ve received… when I put this together I knew I’d have a good amount of authors willing to donate books, but I had no idea just how many… and in only the second full week of collecting author-signed books, over 500 books have been shipped to me. I am grateful for those who are non-authors or authors who want to do more and are collecting and donating money to help offset the massive cost to ship these books. I am humbled and honored to know all these wonderful people who have taken their time to help me – 

Armand Rosamilia

photo (2)

Postage Drive

In a town south of St. Louis Missouri, the Hillsboro R-3 School District is organizing an event to support the Authors Supporting Our Troops (A.S.O.T.) book drive. Margie Colton, National Junior Honor Society sponsor and Jr. High teacher, is organizing a postage drive, to run in conjunction with the National Junior Honor Society’s (NJHS) yearly USO drive.  The postage drive will raise money and awareness for Armand Rosamilia’s Authors Supporting Our Troops book drive. Colton became involved with A.S.O.T. through the A.S.O.T. Facebook Event page.

A.S.O.T. reaches out to authors seeking donations of their original, signed, printed books to be shipped over to Afghanistan and Kuwait and distributed by military personnel, to those at the base, providing much needed reading material. The response from authors has been amazing with hundreds of books coming in daily to author Armand Rosamilia. Over 400 authors and publishers have committed to providing books with personalized messages. With more books arriving daily, the cost of shipping the boxes of books to these remote locations has become overwhelming. To help with the cost of shipping, limited edition t-shirts sporting the logo for the book drive have been made available with over 100 shirts sold at this time. However, the t-shirt sales will only scratch the surface for the cost of shipping.

Colton, who has been involved in many charity drives within the Hillsboro School District, saw the opportunity for her students to get involved in the book drive. By organizing the postage drive, Colton’s students will help bring an awareness of the importance of reading along with a way to help support the brave men and women serving so far from home. She met with the district’s librarians who agreed to keep collection boxes in their libraries for donations from anyone in the district. The students involved with NJHS worked to create the collection boxes. Once the postage drive ends, these students will gather the boxes, count the donations, and send the funds to A.S.O.T. to help offset the postage cost of shipping. An added incentive to help garner participation was created for the postage drive in the form of a competition between the academic teams in the Jr. High, with the winning team receiving a pizza and ice cream party.

When Colton was asked about the inspiration for the postage drive, she had this to say…

“Sending books to our troops overseas was such a great idea!  My students recently wrote letters to service men and women thanking them for their service to our country.  Those letters meant so much to the recipients, it reminded me that we need to honor those who keep us free in any way we can. My kids agreed and wanted to do more for the troops overseas.  The A.S.O.T. book drive is so special in that not only are the books hard copies to be shared, but also the personalized messages of gratitude are meaningful by letting our troops know we appreciate them so much. The kids are beginning to realize the difficulties of those serving in Afghanistan and the importance of reading for enjoyment.  The postage drive seemed like a great opportunity for the kids to get involved and help out.  I am looking forward to a successful collection and being able to help out in such a great cause.”

The libraries and offices throughout the school district contain collection boxes with the following message:

ASOT Postage drive

NJHS is collecting donations for postage to help offset the cost of sending books to our troops in Afghanistan.    Authors Supporting Our Troops (ASOT) is a group of over 300 authors donating and signing books for the troops overseas.  Oftentimes the troops do not have access to ereaders and so a real book is very important to help the brave men and women far from home pass the time.  The authors are signing and sending messages in the books letting our troops know how much they are appreciated back home. 

Any money donated helps to send more books over to our troops.

Thank you for your support!

The postage drive not only helps the A.S.O.T ship the books but helps the students work within the community, build team work, support our deployed troops, and emphasize the importance of reading.

Donation drive details:

Location: Hillsboro R-3 School District, Hillsboro, Missouri

Dates: February 17th –March 3rd

photo (1)

 *   *   *   *   *

There are a few more days to also help yourself if you don’t live in the St. Louis area, by purchasing an Authors Supporting Our Troops 2014 shirt, which will be available only until February 6th!


2013 Was A Damn Fine Year For Me

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New Box Set3

I see many people crying about how they got shafted in 2013 and are hoping 2014 treats them better… well, I also hope 2014 treats me better but only because I’m selfish…

I had an amazing 2013, easily my best year yet in my personal life and in my writing career. 

First, my personal life… 

Obviously it begins with dating Special Gal (Shelly), who backed me up completely all year, made sure the writing was my focus and let me be when I got cranky and had deadlines to finish. She was nothing but supportive and I will always love her for it. I’m looking forward to spending another year or fifty with her coming up. 

I also got my finances in order and was able to live comfortably without having to live paycheck to paycheck (or contract to contract), and it freed up some of the mental baggage. I got the chance to live another dream of mine and be on the radio thanks to Vern Shank and Surf 17 radio ( Look for me on FM in 2014, too! I reevaluated a friendship and decided to cut some people loose that were nothing but negative and unloyal and got inside my head. No more of that shit. I have a great group of loyal and great friends I’m surrounded with. I hope to make a few more in 2014 but the ones I have are awesome. 

OK, there is one bad thing… I need to lose some weight before I can’t fit in the tiny radio station… 


Now, my writing career…

I had 45 releases and sold more books in 2013 than I have in all the previous years combined, and 2012 wasn’t a bad year for sales. I’ve been blessed with a great fan base of readers, especially in my Dying Days and Flagler Beach Fiction Series releases. You can expect quite a few more in both of these in 2014 as well as a few more things… my goal in 2014 is to write and release longer pieces like more novels and novellas, and there will be quite a few sequels in the works as well… more info will follow as we get deeper into 2014…

I want to also thank each and every one of you who takes your precious time each day or each week and reads my posts and thoughts, and I hope you keep sticking with me for a long time to come… I’m really looking forward to an even better 2014…



Guest Post: Candy Ann Little

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Writing in Different Genres

Many writers ask if they should write in the same genre or if they can branch out and write in different ones. I’m not sure why authors feel the need to be associated with only one particular genre? And, I’m in no way an authority in this subject. I just feel that if you have a story inside you, tell it. What is wrong with writing a story because it’s not the romance, fantasy, sci-fi, horror or mystery that you usually write?


Do professors in the writing course tell college students this? Maybe it comes from publishing houses and agents. Perhaps, it is just insecure feelings that lead authors to believe they can only write in one genre. I believe in the past this was more of the norm. However, indie publishing has revolutionized this notion.


As authors we have the ability to write and publish whatever we want. So I say, cut loose, and write that story that is churning in your head. Bring those characters to life and forgot that it isn’t your usual genre. Multiple genre writing is the new black!!


Indie authors aren’t the only ones doing it either. There are big name authors writing different genres. Nora Roberts is well known for romances, but she’s equally known for her grittier mystery/ thriller novels as J.D. Rob. Look at J.K. Rowling, she wrote an adult romance and a mystery after being known as a YA fantasy author. (I know it’s been debated that these two books aren’t good, but that’s a whole different post.)


As for me, well, I guess I don’t really care what the writing industry has to say. I have always written from my heart. If the story is rolling around my head and the characters are talking to me, then I write it. I like reading different genres so why should I be limited to only writing one?


I have written in 3 genres to date. The Unwilling Bride is a Christian, historical romance. Unforgiving Ghosts is a Christian, contemporary romance. Then, I wrote Death by broken heart, a mainstream cozy mystery novella, which leads to this new full length mystery novel, Murder of an Oil Heiress.  I am also working on a YA book and have an idea for a horror story, but both will be far down the writing path.


The point is I don’t hold to the write in only one genre. Quite honestly, if I did, I’d only have one book!! I feel being true to me is more important. Is it harder to write so many genres? I’ve never had much of a problem, but my brain is always going in different directions. I’m the type of person to take bunny trails when talking to people. I will be on one subject, then get sidetracked with another story and circle it back around to the original subject I was telling.


Not only are my book genres different, so are my publishing genres. My romances have Christian elements, whereas my mysteries are more mainstream. Yet I’m confident in both categories that I write.


So what is stopping you from writing in a different genre?



a Rafflecopter giveaway


Spotlight On: Vix Kirkpatrick

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SPOTLIGHT ON: Vix Kirkpatrick (aka Fluffyredfox)


What is your latest release:

my blog site


Quick description of it:

its where a happy little fox shares her views and reviews on a range of books, mostly horror, but I also love comedy, sci-fi and mystery/thrillers, so if a novel has all of those elements I am in heaven! I also have done a few movie blogs as am an avid film fan too.


Something unique about it:

I am not a writer, I don’t try to be nor do I ever want to be!


Your short Bio:

Don’t think anyone would be interested…. But, in my day job I am a Nurse on a busy medical ward in my hometown in the south of UK; this means on a daily basis I see some horrific and heartwarming elements of humanity. I also happen to be married to a wild Scotsman, trust me, some of them need taming!  I was introduced to the Rats by James Herbert when I had a crush on an older boy at school, many moons ago, and read it to impress him with my knowledge, I was then hooked on horror. Of course I loved all the “greats and famous” names (too many to mention) but since I got my Kindle for Xmas 2009 I discovered the amazing world of ebook and the variety of independent authors and publishers ie NOT what they call the Big Six! It is strange the new terminology I have had to learn to fully become a member of this society. I am truly honoured to call some of these authors friends now, it has only taken a few years of stalking, hiding out in sheds and sending chocolate parcels but I got there.

In my up and coming blogs I hope to showcase some of my favourites and somewhere next year I will endeavor to do a top 10.  I recently did a holiday challenge which through up some interesting challenges for me, one of which was what to do with a bad review? I try always to be honest but never cruel, I endeavor to be constructive.

 photo (1)

Coffin Hop 2013

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Coffin Hop 2013 is HERE!


It happens once a year: dozens of horror authors team up to do a blog hop complete with awesome prizes, scares, interviews, excerpts, and more!

When? October 24th! And it lasts through Halloween. Click THIS LINK to check out all the participating authors. You never know what you’ll win. It’s the biggest virtual Halloween trick or treat for fans or horror novels and short stories! Find out more on the blog hop by visiting the site that’s up and running all year Coffin Hop.

What am I giving away? 

FREE copies of 

Still Dying: Select Scenes From Dying Days

Still Dying

Thirteen zombie tales set in the world of the “Dying Days” series… stories about old friends and new, including Tosha Shorb, David Monsour, Steve ‘The Breeze’ Brack, Russ ‘Madman’ Meyer, Jeff Beesler, Morris Chambers, Michael Ross, and many more!

Plus, includes an unedited preview of the forthcoming “Dying Days: Origins” novella featuring Tosha Shorb. 

40,000 words of zombie intensity… welcome once again to “Dying Days”… 

Just use the FREE COUPON CODE at the link!

Promotional price: $0.00
Coupon Code: ZZ58X
Expires: November 26, 2013

Guest Post: Allison M. Dickson

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Don’t Flinch, Don’t Apologize

As strong as I might seem to some people, either based on my sometimes brash online persona or my imposing linebacker-like physique, I am a bit of a wimp. I hate stepping on people’s toes or feeling like I’m in the way or being in the spotlight in the middle of a crowded room. I see myself often as an obstruction or a nuisance, steering my Mack truck of a body through a world of Matchbox cars made of glass. Meandering through a packed bar will almost guarantee contact of my boobs or my ass with someone’s front or back, possibly causing them to drop their drinks and hate me for life. A ninja I will never be.

This feeling of “not wanting to get in the way” often translated to my writing, especially in the beginning. On way more than one occasion, I’ve found myself (or people have found me) mincing through a plot, not wanting to impose myself on the reader with things that might make them cringe or dislike me in some way. I’ve pulled so many punches that around last year, I found I could take all that reserved kinetic energy and tow a ship across the desert. But this stored energy is a bit like a cancer of the spirit, and it eventually grew into a sense of pent-up frustration and angst, that I wasn’t stretching myself enough, that  I wasn’t grabbing the reader by the hair and saying, “LOOK AT THIS! LOOK AT WHAT I WROTE HERE!” So I let it all out when I sat down to the computer to write STRINGS, a 350-page spleen vent that is sure to rouse readers in a way that I have never roused them before. For better or worse.

I’m bracing myself for the worst, because that’s just my nature, but even if they call me a misogynist or a sadist or a nihilist or any other “ist,” I will not apologize for “going there” or getting in your face and making you drop your drink. STRINGS was the answer to the call I was feeling deep inside to stand up, use my brutishness to my advantage for once, and be the “dark contemporary fiction writer” I bill myself to be. It’s my “throwdown” book. Now I guess it’s up to the readers to accept the challenge.

STRINGS Front Cover

Writing: A Career Or Your Hobby?

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Writing: A Career Or Your Hobby?


            I write full-time, as anyone reading this blog will know. I have been for the last two years, and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. I can think of no better job than being my own boss, creating something from scratch each day and then having to do most (if not all) of the work to make money doing it.

            For years I wrote between work schedules, kids, marriages and divorces and a hundred other things. I wrote sporadically and I wrote random stories and have a ton of unfinished and/or vague ideas on hard drives, thumb drives, floppy discs and a dead Brother word processor. I wrote when I could and I just sat down and wrote something with no real goal in mind and no real focus.


            Until two years ago, when it was sink or swim. I had no financial backing, no spouse to fall back on to pay the bills. I tried to find a ‘real’ job but there’s nothing out there for a forty-something retail manager who made really good money and worked really long hours.

            I decided to give this writing thing a shot and gave myself twelve months. I read every blog I could about writing and publishing and asked advice, learning from guys like JA Konrath and Scott Nicholson, authors who were already in the trenches and making an honest living doing this.

            I set a personal dollar figure goal but also wanted to put out at least 12 releases in the year because from my research I knew the more you had for sale the better off you were with potential readers finding you.


            I am very lucky in that I can write fast and can focus each day to hit a 2,000 word day. I usually do more. My record in one day is 18,000 words, done in a little over 16 straight hours. I have a nice 10,000 word a week goal, so anything over 520,000 words a year is a bonus.

            But I’ve run into authors who put out one 25,000 word novella in a year, buy 500 copies in print at $7.00 a book and then end up selling 10-20% of them locally. And consider themselves having a career in writing. I suppose you could argue they do, but is it really a career or a hobby? Too often I see the bored housewife syndrome. Writing is something for them to do to fill up their time, and that is not a bad thing. Writing is a great release and helps with stress and getting away from reality, but when you suddenly decide you are a legitimate author you need to back it up, have some actual goals in mind and try to get somewhere with it.

            Or else it’s a hobby.

            Not everyone strives to be a successful author, published and making money and enough to pay their monthly bills. I’ve talked with dozens of authors who just wanted to put that first book out to say they could do it, and other authors who have a steady income and do the writing gig on the side when they have time, and enjoy doing it.

            But the goal is to know what you are and who you are, and know your limits. Taking on too many projects and never completing them is a sure way to let people know you aren’t serious, and feeling you don’t need to be on Twitter or have a blog of your own or do any of the leg work is another way to always be known as the quirky local author but never getting enough sales to justify you proudly exclaiming you’re a legitimate writer doing this for a living.

            Because it is a hobby to you.

            The first year I did this full-time I had 26 releases published, more the next. This coming November alone I will have 10. Which might be more than the hobby people have in their career. Why? Because I’m focused, and if I don’t sell another book I don’t eat.

            This is my career and I’m living the dream doing it.

            How about you?



Guest Post: Rebecca Besser

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Rebecca Besser is best known for her short stories in the adult horror genre. Her stories have appeared in countless anthologies over the last few years, and through them she has built a name for herself in the Indie Horror movement. Since her short stories are spread across, not only many books, but many small presses as well, she has decided to release a short story collection on her own.

Twisted Pathways of Murder & Death contains a variety of stories that have seen publication in the above mentioned anthologies, mixed in with new stories that have yet to be read by her fans (the print version even has four extra bonus stories!). Even with this collection, she has many short stories to unleash on the world and she might do more collections in the future. The stories have been sorted to fit the themes and titles of the collections (current and upcoming).

Don’t let all the short stories fool you! Rebecca Besser also has longer works up her sleeves. Her first zombie novella, Undead Drive-Thru, was released in 2011, and was well received. Her novel, Nurse Blood, is currently being shopped around to agents, and she hopes to infect a large part of the world with her horror soon.

If you haven’t yet read anything by Rebecca Besser, pick up Twisted Pathways of Murder & Death to get a taste of what she has to offer the horror genre in general. She’s pretty twisted! Get it? Twisted? Twisted Pathways? Never mind….

Twisted Pathways of Murder & Death
By Rebecca Besser

When emotions go to extremes murder happens.

Sometimes it’s because of betrayal.

Sometimes it’s in revenge.

Sometimes it’s to hide a lie or in self-defense.

Sometimes it’s to feed a secret hunger.

Whatever the reason, the human mind lends itself to twisted pathways that lead to murder and death…


Table of Contents

Deadly Mistakes

Turn of Events

Stalkers Beware

Hope of a Future

Game Gone Wrong

Mystery Meat

Father’s Revenge

Innocent Blood

On Account of Bacon


Bonus Stories (Print Version Only)

The Heart of Heroism

Historical Significance


 Twisted Pathways cover

Rebecca Besser’s Bio:

Rebecca Besser resides in Ohio with her wonderful husband and amazing son. They’ve come to accept her quirks as normal while she writes anything and everything that makes her inner demons squeal with delight. She’s best known for her work in adult horror, but has been published in fiction, nonfiction, and poetry for a variety of age groups and genres. She’s entirely too cute to be scary in person, so she turns to the page to instill fear into the hearts of the masses. She’s currently seeking an agent with her first novel, Nurse Blood, with hopes to expand her reach of dread through a mass market publication in the future. Meanwhile, you can join her dark minions by learning more about her on her website, blog, Facebook page, or Twitter:



Twitter: @BeccaBesser

Facebook: Author/Editor Rebecca Besser

Guest Post: Lori Michelle

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No Child Should Suffer

Lori Michelle


Children’s Cancer Awareness Month may be over, but that doesn’t mean the suffering stops. Children with cancer will suffer for the rest of their lives, no matter what age they live to. Even if the disease doesn’t kill them, it still impacts their health severely.

Take my son, for example.  When he was three, he was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). That was in 2011. Yes, his survival rate is 95-99%, which is phenomenal, but we will always have to be diligent in the watch for cancer cells returning later in life.  Also, the chemotherapy drugs he takes on a daily basis have affected the white matter in his brain.  He is slightly behind in school and will always be behind. It’s sad to see him struggle with concepts that other children pick up without effort.

Children should not have to deal with cancer. They are just babies, barely starting their journey in life. To be hit with such a horrific roadblock at such a young age makes me cry. My son actually has an extra chromosome in his DNA. They have discovered that many boys with this extra chromosome develop leukemia. Researchers are working on a cure to get rid of the extra chromosome before it develops into cancerous cells.

Families of cancer children have their lives overturned when learning of their child’s diagnosis. Everything you knew before gets thrown out the window and you have to start life differently.  Everything revolves around the cancer. It controls you. You fear for the common cold, knowing that it could make your child sick enough to be hospitalized and even possibly die. It is very stressful: emotionally, physically and financially.

I wanted a way to help these families. I am one of those families. Bleed became my project to try raising money and awareness for this horrible atrocity. The response I got was overwhelming.

Bleed turned out to be 45 stories, poems and personal essays devoted to the monster of cancer. With authors such as Bentley Little, Rick Hautala, Joe McKinney, William Nolan, Benjamin Kane Ethridge, Mort Castle, Tim Waggoner, to just name a few. This book is packed full of talent.

I hope this book will impact someone’s life. It has already impacted mine.

Buy Bleed now! All profits go to the National Children’s Cancer Society.

 Bleed blurb 2 copy


Barnes & Noble

Publisher’s Website


Lori is the co-owner of Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing, as well as co-publisher and managing editor of both Dark Moon Digest and Dark Eclipse. She is the author of Dual Harvest and the editor of Bleed, an anthology to benefit the National Children’s Cancer Society. Her stories have appeared in several anthologies, including the 2012 Bram Stoker finalist, Slices of Flesh.

Lori was born in Los Angeles, where her dream of being a ballerina was dashed by a career-ending injury. She turned her creative efforts elsewhere, and now lives in San Antonio, where she’s a mother of two, a dance studio owner, a LaTex software formatter, and a graphic designer. 

She can be found on her website, on FaceBook and Twitter.

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