Armand’s Interviews

Here is where I’ll post every interview, guest post, etc. I’ve been on over the years. As long as they’re still available, of course. And I can remember and find them. If you’ve hear/read an interview with me and it isn’t listed, PLEASE lemme know. The goal is to list all of them. 


November 19th: The Gal In The Blue Mask (blog interview)

October 12th: The Prolific Writer (podcast interview)

October 12th: Bad Moon Rising (blog interview)

October 11th: Hank’s Blog (blog interview)

October 5th: Reanimated Writers Podcast (podcast interview)

October 4th: Unboxing With Jeff (video with my books)

September 14th: Library At The End of The World (podcast interview)

August 31st: The Panic Room Radio Show (podcast interview)

August 20th: All The Time We Have (podcast interview)

August 10th: Ask Win (blog interview)

August 9th: Manze & Miller On Sports (podcast interview)

August 3rd: Fish Stripes (book review)

June 22nd: Stark Reflections (podcast interview)

June 15th: Jay Wilburn (book teaser)

June 14th: Liars Club Oddcast (podcast interview)

June 14th: Spirits Untapped (mention)

June 5th: Jay Wilburn (spotlight post)

May 14th: Bet The Jockey (podcast interview)

May 7th: StartDis Podcast (podcast interview)

April 3rd: The Sample Chapter Podcast (podcast interview)

March 26th: Grim Reader (blog interview)

February 9th: Kendall Reviews (blog interview)

February 1st: The Bold Mom (blog interview)

January 23rd: Cedar Hollow Horror (podcast interview)

January 3rd: Silver Dagger Book Tours (guest post)


December 29th: Brian Keene’s History of Horror Fiction Chapter Three (mention)

November 29th: Jay Wilburn (mention)

November 18th: Jay Wilburn (guest post)

November 17th: Zero Flash (blog interview)

November 11th: Jay Wilburn (guest post)

November 2nd: Jay Wilburn (blog interview)

October 29th: Splatter Punk Zine (book review)

October 19th: Port Jericho (guest post)

October 9th: Joe Forrest (guest post)

August 18th: Wordslinger Podcast (Podcast interview)

July 5th: Vision & Verse (blog interview)

June 29th: Jay Wilburn (mention)

June 22nd: Jay Wilburn (guest post)

June 18th: Adventures In Writing (blog interview)

June 2nd: Jay Wilburn (blog interview)

May 30th: Horror Novel Reviews (book review)

May24th: Beneath The Lake (podcast interview)

April 10th: Author Don Massenzio (blog interview)

March 31st: The Big Thrill (blog interview)

January 15th: The Prolific Writer (podcast interview)

January 2nd: Tim Meyer Writes (blog interview)


November 29th: Roadie Notes (blog interview)

November 25th: Jay Wilburn (mention)

November 22nd: Jay Wilburn (guest post)

November 3rd: Jay Wilburn (blog interview)

October 29th: The Dorset Book Detective (blog interview)

October 24th: The Grim Tidings Podcast (podcast interview)

October 3rd: Books And Such (blog interview)

August 18th: Yvonne Mason (podcast interview)

July 3rd: ThrillWriting (blog interview)

June 30th: Dan Padavona (book review)

June 26th: Shout My Book (book review)

June 24th: Jay Wilburn (mention)

June 2nd: Jay Wilburn (blog interview)

May 27th: Dark Arts Theater (podcast interview)

May 4th: HBS Author Spotlight (blog interview)

April 14th: The Horror Show with Brian Keene (podcast interview)

April 12th: Beneath The Underground (author spotlight)

February: Linda Sands (blog interview)

January 23rd: WriterStory (blog interview)

January 14th: Smart Rhino Publications (mailing list interview)


October 10th: Bookshelf Battle (blog interview)

August: William Cook (blog interview)

July 27th: Life With Words (blog interview)

June 8th: Melanie Karsak (guest post)

May 22nd: Drinking With Jason (podcast interview)

May 14th: Books, Beer and Bullshit (podcast interview)


November 28th: Books, Beer And Blogshit (blog interview)

November: Richard Schiver (blog interview)

October 13th: Horror Writer’s Association (blog interview)

October 8th: Alexander S. Brown (blog interview)

September 26th: (guest post)

September 14th: The Daily Bookworm (book review)

September 9th: The Book Plank (blog interview)

September 3rd: Risingshadow (blog interview)

July 30th: Buy Zombie (blog interview)

July 15th: (guest post)

July 14th: Star Chamber Show (podcast interview)

May 3rd: Simon Dewar (blog interview)

May: Interviewing Authors (podcast/transcribed interview)

April 1st: The Home of Author Loren Rhoads (blog interview)

January 22nd: Books, Beer and Bullshit (podcast interview)

January 9th: Rocking Self-Publishing (podcast interview)


November 25th: You Are Entitled To My Opinion (blog interview)

November 20th: Reading Recommendations (blog interview)

November 8th: Taking Time For Mommy (blog interview)

October 9th: On The Page (blog interview)

September 28th: Books, Beer and Bullshit (podcast interview)

June 24th: Day With The Undead (blog interview)

June 19th: (blog interview)

June: Perpetual Motion Machine (guest post)

April 14th: The Last Exit For The Lost (radio interview)

April 2nd: Ginger Nuts of Horror (blog interview)

January 18th: Blindoggbooks (blog interview)

January 15th: Dark Bites (guest post)

January 15th: (guest post)


December 4th: Mark Tufo (blog interview)

October 17th: Books, Beer and Bullshit (podcast interview)

August 8th: This Is My World (book review)

June 24th: Mandy DeGeit (blog interview)

June 23rd: Books, Beers and Bullshit (Podcast interview)

April 29th: The British Fantasy Society (book review)

April 20th: Murder, Suspense & Musings (blog interview)

April 19th: As You Were (guest post)

March 19th: Graeme Reynolds Blog (guest post)

March 17th: Lee Allen Howard (blog guest post)


June 13th: Knight Chills (blog interview)

February 15th: Steff Metal (blog interview)

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