Belford Stories Only 99 cents through December 29th (US and UK)


Belford Stories is only 99 cents through December 29th!

Belford Stories (US)

Belford Stories (UK)

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October 1987…

A small fishing village on the New Jersey coast is ready for the high school football game and an oncoming snowstorm

Willie Davidson… his mother left town when her husband died, leaving her son to fend for himself with winter approaching…

Frankie and Gary Paul… two cousins sharing a public works truck and looking for trouble…

April Schwartz… a lost teenage girl trying to prove how adult she is…

Billy Hunter… the police officer with a chip on his shoulder…

George Smith… an aspiring musician who just wants to play music and hang with his friends…

Jimmy Petrucci… a family man with a wandering eye that could get him in hot water…

Garrett Simms… the star quarterback for the North team, trying to keep his focus on the game…

These and more Belford residents are waiting for you!

The first book in the Belford Stories Series!

Contemporary fiction novel. If you enjoyed Flagler Beach Fiction Series from the author you’ll enjoy this book!

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