While I was up in the Atlanta area with my wife (she had business at her properties and I had writing to do in the hotel) we decided to spend a night traveling to a bunch of Little Free Libraries nearby. All but one on our list was up and running, and we grabbed at least one good book from each to read!

Of course, we left quite a few books as well, including several of my signed books (I do like to promote!)

We saw a mother with two young children at one of them, too! Never had to wait in line, and it was fun!

There was even one inside the Great American Cookies location. I filled up their library and we bought a lot of cookies. A lot.

The next time we’re in the area we’ll hit the Smyrna group of Little Free Libraries. In fact, every time we travel from now on I’m going to get a list together to grab some new books and add some books back, too! See you out there!