Rosamilia Reads.

That’s what we’re calling our Little Free Library, put up in front of our house.

My wife and I have been spending an hour or two each weekend traveling all around Jacksonville (FL) using the handy online map of the Little Free Libraries to check them out, take books and leave books. After the first day of seeking out a dozen of them in one area, I checked to see if there were any in my part of town.

Only one.

Unacceptable to me, as a reader and as a writer. So we ordered a set and with the help of visiting author Alexander Bailey (aka Alex From Iowa) we got it in the ground and filled it with books.

My wife painted the flowers on the sides of it. She wanted it to feel warm and welcoming, fearing I’d paint skulls and bats on it. I wouldn’t do that. I would’ve also added Cthulhu.

Of course, with everything we do, there has to be added features: an inside light in case you’re in the area at two a.m. and can’t sleep and need a book, and two small spotlights for nighttime. In case you’re walking the dog after dark and really want a book for later.

Of course, now my writing will drop each day as I stare out the window, waiting for someone to arrive and go through the books I put inside.

I have a giant feeder box of books (including some of my signed copies as well as signed books from author Chuck Buda) and comic books I’ll be adding as books are taken. I’m hoping this becomes a stop for my side of town for fellow readers!

Now… I need to end this post so I can stare out the window and watch for people…