The Dark Frontier

There’s something sinister in the mountain, letting monsters loose upon the world. Civilization is collapsing; the lands are submerged in shadow. Soon, the darkness will consume the countryside, leaving but one path through the void – a path that cuts across the Dark Frontier.

“Cargo Mountain” by Charles R. Bernard
“On the Road to Madness” by Armand Rosamilia
“The Hard Cases” by Stuart Conover
“The Man From Turkey Creek Canyon” by Lee Clark Zumpe
“The Harvestmen” by Aubrey Campbell
“Take the Desert With You” by Joanna Parypinski
“Henry Rain” by Cassidy Frost”
“Memories of the Dead Man” by Douglas Smith
“The Bride’s Road” by Hawk and Young
“Bad Air” by Jack Lothian
“The Crossing at Bony Ford” by Christine Morgan
“Rise, Vega” by The Frightening Floyds
“Starless and Bible-Black” by Lee Clark Zumpe
“One Way Out” by Bryan Dyke
“It’s Not Only Outside” by Micah Castle