I have a few things on my Bucket List when it comes to writing and my writing career. A few of them have been scratched off the list over the years, too!

Releasing my first book… Releasing my tenth and twentieth and fiftieth book… being in anthologies with some of my writing heroes… having not one but two podcasts… owning a podcast network… my first professional payment… writing movie tie-in novels… making my first dollar at a book signing… getting recognized in the community (at a Dunkin, in fact!)… and the list goes on!

But signing a contract with a publisher I’ve not only admired for so long but never thought I’d be working with (because of imposter syndrome) is amazing!

I can’t tell you who just yet. Sorry, gotta tease until the publisher makes the official announcement. But… I will let you know it will be a very gorgeous, very limited edition release, so break open your piggybank and count your pennies, because this one will (hopefully!) sell out fast.