A very special Guest Post from my friend (and yours!) Alex From Iowa

The Mando Method is a writing style created by Armand Rosamilia. At the top of the hour, multiple times a day, he would write as much as he could in 15 minutes. Since then it has become a podcast on the Project Entertainment Network that is hosted by Armand and fellow author Chuck Buda. Sometime in 2019 it became a hashtag (#MandoMethod) on Twitter for a group of writers to use each week to keep track of their word count and support each other. While a reminder tweet goes out to a group of authors, anyone can join in. Some authors only get ten words in a day while others get hundreds in. No matter how many you write feel free to post your number using #MandoMethod. It is amazing what some support from others will do for your confidence.

So how does one use The Mando Method for their own work? First you have to pick a time frame. It could be ten minutes or it could be an hour. Basically it’s whatever works best for you. Leading up to the time you’re going to start your Mando Method you should be thinking about the next scene you’re going to write. Even if you’re a Panster it’s advisable to still give it some thought.

Now it’s time to actually write. Now is the time to really focus on getting the words down. Now is when you should be as productive as you can. When you’re done, take a look at your word count. Even if you don’t share online you should feel proud of how much you got done. If you repeat it multiple times a day or just do it once a day, before you know it you’ll complete whatever project you’re working on.

That is what the Mando Method is about. Getting writing done and feeling good about it.

Alexander Bailey

Custodian, Author, and lover of Horror


Thanks, Alex! Join us each Sunday on Twitter using #MandoMethod to let everyone know your word counts, too!