I haven’t done this in over three years, and I’m not sure why… but with all the new releases I’ve had in that time (and there are a lot of them! Check out my Amazon if you don’t believe me) I’m once again running out of room in the closet I store my books. 

I’ve cut down on the amount of travel we’re doing in 2020, and even the number of actual signings… so I need to clear out some older stock. My loss and your win! 

I’m going to sell every book listed below for the earth-shattering low price of $5 each plus $4 shipping – regardless of how many books. So… order 1 book and pay a still decent $9, or buy ten books and pay $50 plus the $4 shipping. Sorry, only available for U.S. buyers  AND I’ll even sign them because I’m really a nice guy at heart. 

Here are the print books and the number next to each is how many are available, so get your orders in asap. I will update this page as books are sold:

Highway To Hell (original naughty version) – 1 left

Dying Days 2 through 5 (original covers) – 7 of DD2, 14 of DD3, 7 of DD4 and 3 of DD5

Dying Days: Siege 2 – 8 left

Dying Days: Origins 2 – 2 left

Still Dying – 1 left

Still Dying 2 –2 left

Metal Queens: Models 2 – 4 left

Zombie Writing!SOLD OUT

Keyport Cthulhu (original) – 1 left

Death Metal (second version) – SOLD OUT

State of Horror: Texas (original version) – SOLD OUT

State of Horror: California (original version) – 1 left

Rymfire Erotica – 1 left

Chelsea Avenue (original version) – 1 left

Dying Days 5 (misprint, wrong cover) – 17 left

Flagler Beach Fiction Series (all 7 books) – 7 of Book 1, 5 of Book 2, 9 of Book 3, 5 of Book 4, 12 of Book 5, 12 of Book 6, 12 of Book 7

Hollywood HellmouthSOLD OUT

Hoboken HellmouthSOLD OUT

SCW: Blood, Sweat & Gold – 18 left

Belford Stories (original version) – 34 left

  *   *   *   *   *

There ya go! 29 different titles to choose from. When they’re gone they’re gone! I won’t be printing them again. Some are still available through Amazon but at the normal $9.99 – $12.99 price and those aren’t signed, either. 

This is definitely a first-come first-served kinda deal.

How can you get your hands on these copies? Simple. Send me an email at  armandrosamilia (at) gmail (dot) com and let me know which signed print books you’re interested in along with your PayPal address. I will send you an invoice and get your book(s) ready to ship. 

Any questions?