Dirty Deeds Cover

15 days in and halfway there for my crime thriller Dirty Deeds on Kindle Scout. I’m excited, nervous and more nervous about my chances. After a stellar first few days I came down to earth and my daily views have leveled out to about 45 per day. If I can keep up this pace I can add about 675 votes to what I have so far, which is 1,365. Breaking 2,000 views should be a good thing, right?

I’ve spent the past three straight days in the Hot category, and 322 of 336 so far. Obviously if I hit 644 of 720 it would seem like a good number, too… right?

Again, I have no idea if any of this will matter. Either way I’ll have a new book out in a new genre for me and I’m excited about it. 

With all of that being said… feel free to read the preview and if you’re interested enough PLEASE nominate Dirty Deeds so I can get an Amazon contract