New Stickers

We’re already into November and the Authors Supporting Our Troops program really never slowed down, which is amazing.

So many authors, publishers and readers have donated books, money and purchased shirts for the event the last two years. I’m amazed at the growth and look forward to 2016. 

A few things I’d like to address for 2015 and some 2016 stuff for ya…

In 2014 we collected 3,000 author-signed books

In 2015 we’ve collected 3,250 author-signed books to date

Thanks to so many generous donations we already have quite a bit of money to be used towards shipping boxes, postage and supplies for the 2016 event, which kicks off officially January 1st. 

If you’re planning on donating money to the cause and you’re an author I’d like to suggest using the money towards more copies of your book to send us instead. The soldiers could really use the books. If you’re a reader and just want to help I suggest buying an extra #ASOT2016 shirt when it becomes available and give it to a friend. The profit for it goes 100% towards the shipping cost and you get a cool shirt to give someone. 

If you’re an author or publisher and planning on sending me a box of your books I suggest doing it within the next week or holding off until January. I know from the last two years, now that Halloween is over and the holiday mail push will begin, a couple of boxes were lost or damaged in the mail. They also take much longer to get here since they’re competing with so many other packages in the system. Ideally, boxes shipped the week between Christmas and New Years would come in for the first week in January and kick off 2016 on an awesome note. 

I’m not going to do a Facebook event for 2016 this year. With the permanent group going so well and new members being added all the time I decided it was redundant and people were seeing the same posts in two spots. I’ll be promoting the permanent group once we get past the holidays and the wife and I are discussing doing some incentives for 2016 like bookmarks, stickers, etc. as giveaways to everyone who signs and sends us books or donates or buys a shirt. Still in the initial stages but we’re working on it. 

If you haven’t joined the permanent Facebook group I suggest doing so now and inviting authors or readers to it, too. You don’t want to miss the last 2 months of the year and the kickoff into 2016, do you? The giveaways and fun stuff will begin shortly, too!