Dirty Deeds Cover

10 days in. A third of the campaign over. 33% of it in the bag. 

I’m calming down now. Even relaxing a bit and not checking my stats every 3 minutes. Spread it out to 7.5 minutes between looks, so there is progress. 

I’m questioning how I can lose in this gamble. Lemme explain…

If I get the Kindle Scout contract I get the contract. Yay me! I also get the marketing and genius of Amazon backing me. They want me to succeed because then they succeed, so I imagine they’ll push my book. With me also championing the novel it will do quite well. In theory, right?

If I don’t get the contract I still touched over a thousand people, some of them who I’d never had contact with before. I’m getting quite a few comments about readers wanting to see the rest of the book, so even if it doesn’t make the final cut I’ll simply release it myself. Amazon will still let everyone know it is available and it should generate a nice initial push for the book, right?

There. I feel better now. I know in the next 20 days I’ll be rehashing all of this and more to keep me grounded and calm. Calm-ish. 

My numbers for yesterday:

24 hours on the Hot list and 231 of 240 so far. 

34 more views yesterday and 1,194 views so far

Here is the book in question you need to checkout. It’s really good. Trust me. Not biased at all…

Dirty Deeds