Dirty Deeds Cover

Another day another step closer to my 30 days in the Kindle Scout program and this grand experiment. I still see this as win/win, so there is still a positive vibe emanating from my head. 

Let’s get right to the stats, shall we?

17 hours as a Hot book yesterday and 207 out of 216 so far

50 more views yesterday and 1,160 total so far

I think these numbers will hold up and help them make a decision to give me a contract. I can only hope, right? I haven’t seen anyone spill the magic secret formula so far, so we can only hope and guess. 

Losing 7 hours yesterday not on the Hot list is bothersome, though… I’d hate to think I’ll be slipping down to those daily levels and it will be a factor. Did I come out too strong right from the get-go and need to worry about building it back up?

Who the heck knows, right?

All i do know and can control… begging you to give my sample of Dirty Deeds crime thriller a read and vote for it