“Dirty Deeds” #KindleScout Day 7 – Reality Settling In?

Dirty Deeds Cover

Another short, sweet and stressful post. I need to focus on the things I can control like writing other books. In fact, I’ve decided (with a big help from my wife, who always knows best) to do NaNoWriMo again this November but instead of the book originally planned, write the Dirty Deeds crime thriller sequel. 

Here’s my plan: id Dirty Deeds gets picked up by Amazon I’ll be thrilled. I’ll have them behind me to promote and sell the book and I’ll have a sequel done by the time it is released.

If, however, I don’t make the final cut and get an Amazon contract I’ll just release Dirty Deeds sooner than later and on my own, using the buzz generated to push a few copies and hopefully do well with it. I’d also have the sequel’s first draft written in November and moving on to the next phases of the book for an early-ish 2016 release. Win-win, right?

My numbers for the first 7 days:

24 more hours on the Hot list and 167 of 168 on the Hot list so far

71 more views of my book and 1,058 total so far. I think after 7 days that isn’t too shabby, but I’m also thinking I need to keep up a steady pace. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and share it all across the land so I can get this contract. Feel free to vote for my crime thriller Dirty Deeds NOW


2 Responses to ““Dirty Deeds” #KindleScout Day 7 – Reality Settling In?”

  1. Good luck. I’m going to try it unofficially.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Read into the excerpt past those first two eye catching sentences (smiles).

    Have saved to read the rest of the preview.

    I’m a grandpa doing PT and other fitness classes plus helping my wife care for our youngest grandson some days, so full house of activities. And working on my current book. But definitely want to read the rest of your preview.

    All the best wishes 😊


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