Dirty Deeds Cover

Six stressful days into Dirty Deeds being up for a nomination on Kindle Scout and I’ve learned a few things: there are many more people also stressing about this than I first thought. 

A few observations from the last day or so: no new books were added the last two days. Not sure why other than they don’t add new books every day, but the average seems to be about 5 new books when they do and about 25 per week, so about 100 a month… they haven’t selected a book for publication since October 17th. They’ve only accepted 5 for October so far with only a few days left and plenty of books dropping off. So far I haven’t heard from anyone who’s book ended this week whether or not they were accepted or rejected… they aren’t steadily accepting books, so it really is about what they like and don’t like and no quota for acceptances, at least to me… for instance, they accepted a book on June 20th but then nothing until July 14th, a pretty big gap… one last observation: this is stressful.

OK, my numbers for yesterday:

24 more hours on the Hot list and 143 out of 144 on the Hot list so far

only 34 more page views and 987 total views in 6 days

It was pointed out to me from reading other posts about Kindle Scout that page views do not mean nominations, it just means people wandered over and looked at my book. Not sure if this is another formula Kindle Scout uses, i.e. lots of looks but not a lot of nominations. We’ll see, right?

OK, once again time to spam ya and tell ya to go View and NOMINATE Dirty Deeds.