Dirty Deeds Cover

Five days into Dirty Deeds on Kindle Scout and I’m quite happy. Not about the numbers because I still have no idea if they’re good or not, but because I’ve been slowly connecting with other authors currently going through the same emotions I’m going through – you know, hysteria, panic and fear of the unknown – and reading their steps through the Kindle Scout program so far. 

If number of votes and hours on the Hot list were the only criteria I’d be a shoe-in… of course, from what I am reading, it is only a very small part of the equation. Which is fine… I guess. 

Day 5 numbers:

Another 24 straight hours on the Hot list and 119 of 120 so far

94 more votes for the day and 953 so far

Plenty of time to screw this up or do so well they have to give me a contract, right?

You can help me get an Amazon contract (and if I win you get a free copy of it before it comes out, too!) by nominating me