Dirty Deeds Cover

OK, four days into it and the stress is killing me… not really. I’m actually having fun with this. Alright, a little stressful…

Again, these numbers might be everything or nothing based on what has come before me in the Kindle Scout program. I can only tell you what I’m doing each day and hope it helps someone else in the future and ultimately hope it leads to an Amazon contract for me. 

On Day 4 I spent all 24 hours on the Hot list and 95 of 96 on the Hot list now

I added 78 votes to my book, so I have 859 views to date

Is any of this good? No clue. Still have a long way to go. Yesterday I did minimal promotion for this or anything. Today will be the same but if the numbers decrease even slightly I’ll probably panic Monday morning and start promoting this again. Have to think a big start and weak finish won’t help, so if I can find my sweet spot level for daily votes and just try to hit it each day and get a big strong finish at the end I think I’ll be fine. Again… who knows?

I do know you need to vote for Dirty Deeds right now. All you need is an Amazon account. Does grandma have one? Tell her to vote, too!