Dirty Deeds Cover

Third day in for my Kindle Scout campaign and my head is spinning. I’ve talked to a couple of winners and several people who were rejected from the program, and their stories are all over the place. I guess I was hoping for the magic formula to get in: get x number of votes, have this certain level for social media, have x number of releases on Amazon and BOOM! please sign on the dotted line and welcome to the next level. 

After chatting with everyone I’m even more confused as to what works and doesn’t work. My goal will be to keep doing what I’m doing and hope for the best. Obviously the more votes I get the better off I’ll look, so the only thing I can control I will keep controlling. Oh, and go vote for my book… I could really use the help!

Day three stats:

24 more straight hours as a Hot book – 71 of 72 hours as a Hot book so far

211 more votes on day 3 – 781 total so far

Many of the authors (accepted or rejected) hit the 1,500 vote plateau. I hope to break it and shoot for at least twice the number if possible. Just because it is a nice goal. No clue if it will actually help the decision-makers. 

Here’s Dirty Deeds. Seriously, go vote for me.