Dirty Deeds Cover

Quite a few people sent me e-mails asking about my first thoughts on the Kindle Scout program and wanting me to keep posting about it during the 30 days and beyond. I guess I will.

I also did a brief synopsis on my Arm Cast Podcast episode 73 today, so feel free to give it a listen as well. 

I’ll wait. 

Ok, you’re back. I’m sure you loved the podcast so much you went back and listened to all 72 previous episodes. I don’t blame you. Anyway…

For my second full day I got the following news about my Dirty Deeds book in the program:

24 hours on the Hot list and 47 of 48 hours total on the Hot list

134 views on day 2 and 570 views total in 2 days

Again… is this good or bad? I don’t know. I know an author who got accepted with 1,500 votes for the entire 30 days. She said she was slow and steady with a big media presence and several releases to her name. I have a huge media presence between Facebook and 110k+ Twitter followers, so I think I’m good there. I’m over 100 releases in 5 years as a full-time author, too. 

Does all of this translate into a contract for a crime thriller I think is my strongest work ever? I guess we’ll find out together on November 2oth (the day before my birthday, btw… might be really good or really bad, right?)

Vote for me, please and thank you!