Guest Post: Sharon Hamilton




After putting out 18 books, I’ve developed somewhat of a thick skin to reviews and criticism about “realism” in my books. I take great poetic license with facts when it comes to writing military romance, for a couple of reasons. First, I might have heard something that I cannot print, as it would endanger someone. And second, most of the people I use as “fact-checkers” will tell me “make it up” when I ask too many questions. “If you can make it up, then it probably happened somewhere,” I’ve been told on more than one occasion.


So when I read something that I know would never happen, in someone else’s books, I’m a little kinder and gentler than I was several years ago when I first started out. Because I give the author the benefit of the doubt.


There are purests out there who won’t hesitate to tell you every little detail of how you got something wrong. I’ve had people try to tell me what does and doesn’t happen in a pregnancy, for instance, or what a woman can or cannot do after a C-Section. Having lived that particular scenario four times, I just smile and never get nasty with that person or reviewer. They were probably having a bad day. And if I give them the lambasting they deserve, I’ll make mine worse. And theirs gets better.


I just remember something a friend of mine told me when I was selling Real Estate: Don’t wrestle with pigs. You both get dirty, but the pig likes it.”


I do have to call out one great one star review, and if you have one better, please comment here because I seriously need to hear it. This person used a man’s reviewer name, but mysteriously there aren’t any other reviews by him. But here’s what he said, and I never hesitate to tell people about it. Because it actually helps to sell my books:


“There is a reason why Sharon Hamilton is called the Queen of Smut. This is just word porn. This is such a bad book, when Bruce Jenner read it he decided to turn back into a man.”


You can find out more about all my books, both in print, eBook or Audio, on my website:

Band of Bachelors: Lucas (SEAL Brotherhood Romantic Suspense) out now.


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