To People That Want To Turn Clicks Into Profit But Can’t Get Started


Struggling to Gain Attention for Your Brand

I struggled, knew it would take time, but branching out on my own was much tougher than I realized – especially with a 9-to-5. I was tired of complaining about what was not happening and decided to learn how to make things happen.


I had to answer a key question: What are proven methods used to attract customers and increase a brand’s visibility and profitability?


A proven technique I learned to use to turn clicks into profit is to speak with my network (friends, families, and/or associates), reach out to past customers and “strangers”, and inquire online, especially those who are fans of my business and the product(s) and services I offer.

Build Your Village

“It takes a village to raise a child” but in our case a Brand. Networking is a great way to make connections. Yes we solopreneurs are busy with the day-to-day operations, but you still should make time to get from behind that computer screen and connect with like-minds face-to-face. The film “The Net” with Sandra Bullock would make anyone want to eagerly attend social events; even if you have to schedule them in advance. Attending 3 events per month or 5 every two months can do wonders for getting you and your Brand in front of people and introduce yourself.


Perhaps work with your local Chamber of Commerce. They hold networking functions to meet other business owners in your area. Exchange business cards or LinkedIn profiles and make that connection meaningful. This is a proven method for building contacts in business. After the social function visit their business or website, continue developing a relationship with them beyond that first meeting and occasional hellos.


Be an Active and Valuable Village Member

Acquiring referrals, via word of mouth, remains a powerful resource and is the hardest to get. Join communities of like-minded people. They will become invaluable assets to you. Learn from and help those around you. I have been fortunate to join amazing communities that have been inspiring and highly motivational to me.


It is vital that you choose your communities wisely. Consider why you are joining? What can you provide them? What would you want from them?


You want to, and should be, able to provide helpful advice and constructive criticism to them. Make strong and dependable connections (perhaps even friendships) that lead to your personalized village (of sorts) that include the benefit of lead generations for your business.


What to do when my online business fails to generate the profits I hoped for?

Try three things to help tweak your Brand’s success:

  1. Are getting sufficient quality traffic to your site: The type of traffic you attract can be assisted by where you promote your website. Try to share your link to groups and communities that you know have the audience you are focusing on. This may not deliver more hits to your website but it will bring more people who will purchase more of your products and in turn generate more income. Have customers? At least 30% of them will be repeat buyers and this number will continue to grow if you use the follow-up techniques discussed below.
  2. Re-evaluate customer base. Who’s in your audience?: Repeat customers come if you follow-up with them. If they already like your product(s), they’ll probably return if you offer them another product or a discount on what they already purchased. Thus leading them to promote your business to their friends. When customers like a product, they tell others, heck, they tell the world (reviews)! The more follow-ups and offers from your business, the faster your brand recognition grows and profit increases.
  3. Do the Work!: No one else’s path will ever be yours. Instead know that you need to put in that work and use the advice you learn to build your own roadmap to success. You need to still put in the work to build your brand from obscurity to success; and your success will be different.

The Art of The Follow-up

I’m still experimenting with follow-ups myself when balancing time zones and work, but follow-ups are personable and help connections between you and your audience blossom.

  1. Rewards. Reward customers for using your website, purchasing something, and sending referrals. Special “Thank You” notices for their purchase or offering a small discount when they return or refer your business to a friend are all great ways to upsurge your profit margin.
  2. Confirmations. Send confirmation messages to customers that their requests, comments or questions were received. Rather than simply saying, “we received your request” add a little oomph (something extra) in there. This is a great time to offer them something and be creative because you’ll be amazed at the responses you’ll receive.

Boss Up

Follow-ups are important. Let your customers know that you care if they are happy with their purchase and/or your Brand’s message. Should they have any questions or concerns let them feel comfortable enough to contact you. Don’t annihilate them with sales pitches. Let that message be secondary.


Charlene Brown is the Founder and CEO of Bklyn Custom Designs, LLC. and LOVES helping small businesses turn their brands from barely there to thriving and profitable businesses. She constantly seeks the best avenues to help her audience achieve their dreams with as little frustrations as possible. Code lover, avid reader, traveler, and chills out with her family and friends, all while enjoying all that life has to offer.


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