“Highway To Hell” Revisited – Naughty Language Ahead

Highway To Hell #zombie #novella – too graphic?

Dying Days


Before you read this post lemme tell ya… there is some horribly graphic language ahead. NC-17 shit going on, so be warned… if graphically bad sexual and violent situations scare you, please read something else. I won’t judge you. Even my wife refuses to read Highway To Hell

Highway To Hell was the first zombie novella I wrote after having done a few flash fiction pieces for a now-defunct anthology. I wrote it to see if I could write something extreme, which was what the submission called for by Comet Press when I answered the call… something like that. 

The story is graphic in spots. Really graphic. Even though it technically kicks off the Dying Days series, I often shied away from promoting it without a bunch of warnings. 

Sure, the idea behind the Dying Days story is that these zombies don’t want to just bite you, they want…

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