Scares That Care Is the Best Convention in the World

Jonathan Janz sums up Scares That care perfectly… see ya there next year!

Jonathan Janz

Was that a direct enough statement?

I’m not a veteran convention-goer, and I’m only currently doing four or so a year. Next year, I plan to add Stokercon to my list of conventions, and I’m sure it’ll rock, but folks? Scares That Care 2 was absolutely epic.

Rather than writing a novella here, I’ll give you some pictorial highlights. But before I do, let me mention a few people that aren’t pictured…

Tim Waggoner is a truly special human being (as well as an incredible writer). I’m blessed to call him a friend.

I finally got to hang out with Hunter Shea, who’s a wonderful guy and a great friend.

I am very proud of Kristopher Rufty, who conducted his first-ever reading and knocked it out of the park.

I had a blast selling books with Adam Cesare. Did I mention we sold a lot of them?

Fred Godsmark, my…

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One Response to “Scares That Care Is the Best Convention in the World”

  1. It sounds like you had a great time! I still haven’t been to a convention yet, but it is on my to do list. I just want to go and drool over all the books!


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