After five years of life, Stan Swanson of Dark Moon Books and Dark Moon Digest has sold the majority of his share of the digest to Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing. It is unclear yet what the future will hold for Dark Moon Books, but Perpetual Motion Machine will now be the sole publisher of Dark Moon Digest, the horror quarterly that first launched in October 2010.


Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing is owned by Max Booth III and Lori Michelle, who up until now has been the managing editor of Dark Moon Digest. Effective starting with Issue #21 (October 2015), Booth and Michelle will serve as the digest’s new publishers.


With new ownership comes some welcomed changes. For one, writers will now be paid $0.01/per word for each accepted piece of fiction. Dark Moon Digest will also be returning column sections and book reviews, which long time readers of the digest will recognize from early issues. However, authors can still expect the same care and dedication to their stories and readers can still expect the same great fiction they have come to expect from the quarterly. We will be searching for ad space in the near future along with more short stories for upcoming issues. Subscribe to our newsletter at www.pmmpnews.com to stay updated.


Perpetual Motion Machine is known for publishing dark crime pieces and disturbing slices of horror. Lori Michelle will be stepping up from Managing Editor of Dark Moon Digest to Editor-in-Chief, and Max Booth III’s unique touch will help continue to give life to a digest that has been so rich in nightmare fuel.