The Sequel Life

“Hoboken Hellmouth” is released! #horror #humor

Our Darkest Fears

hobokenSometimes a good story needs to be told…

… or in the case of Hoboken Hellmouth, four authors couldn’t leave a story alone.

Solomon, the hero and reigning Hellmouth, is back for another round of crazy supernatural shenanigans in the follow up to the wildly irreverent Hollywood Hellmouth. Why did Armand Rosamilia, Jay Wilburn, Jack Wallen, and myself return to the Hellmouth’s world to torture poor Solomon again?

Because in Hollywood, it’s all about the sequel baby! We were also bound to do it because we couldn’t write a trilogy without having a second book. I mean give us some credit…

No seriously, why would we go back and bring a down-on-his-luck Solomon cross-country to Jersey of all places?

We did because we still had something to say. The first book ended up becoming our satirical look at Hollywood and the lengths people will go to be successful in such an environment…

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