Books One – Three of the Devour Series by New York Times
Bestselling Author Shelly Crane. Eli comes to town and shakes up Clara’s
perfect little life. He feeds off emotions, but hers are so much more than what
he’s ever felt before. And then all hell breaks loose when his kind, and his
insane brother, find out. A rebellion brews, bonds form with witches and elves,
ready to fight for their mates.


Clara has it all.
A wrestling star boyfriend, popular friends, all the right
school activities…pretty much a perfect life…up until her parents died. Now
she lives with the Pastor and his family and though they take good care of her,
she feels alone. Then her boyfriend, Tate, starts to show signs of trouble when
a new guy, Eli, comes to town.
Clara is fascinated with him, but hides it until something
happens. Eli confesses that she gives him something he’s never had
before…something he needs. He feeds off emotions, but hers are so much more
than what he’s ever felt before. Everything is about to change for this normal,
pretty, popular girl in a supernatural way.
Eli and Clara’s story continues as she tries to finish high
school. Eli is as over protective as ever and Tate and his group of friends are
no help. They wait for the Horde, always looking over their shoulder. But the
ever annoying but strangely prophetic bird begins to become more of a chatter
box and Eli learns something that could change some things. Not just for him
and Clara, but Devourers everywhere. Then an unexpectedness guest comes forcing
Eli to flee with Clara, leaving her temporary family behind. She is thrown into
his world of underground ‘traitors’ and learns much of his past. They meet many
new people and creatures along the way to freedom. But when tragedy strikes the
two, will Clara see the monster in Eli? Can she handle his strange world and
awful past? Will one of them lose their life forever…


Enoch is tested. His brother is human, the thing he hates.
He watches as the brother he knew is stripped away by his love for Clara. He’s
never hated someone as much as he hated her…but the bond forced him to not
only want to protect her, but feel things he never had before. When a girl needs
his help, that split second decision changes his whole world in one instant. A
Devourer’s Fate…



 Shelly is a NEW YORK TIMES & USA TODAY bestselling
author from a small town in Georgia and loves everything about the south. She
is wife to a fantastical husband and stay-at-home mom to two boisterous and
mischievous boys who keep her on her toes. She hoards paperbacks, devours sweet
tea, searches year-round for candy corn, and loves to spend time with her
family and friends, go out to eat at new restaurants, site-see in the new areas
they travel to, listen to music, and, of course, loves to read, but doesn’t
have much time to these days with all the characters filling her head begging
to come out. She is author to over twenty books and counting!

Her own books happen by accident and she revels in the
writing and imagination process. She doesn’t go anywhere without her notepad
for fear of an idea creeping up and not being able to write it down
immediately, even in the middle of the night, where her best ideas are born.