As anyone who knows me knows, I enjoy helping other authors. I love having guest posts from authors I know and authors I don’t know (which technically covers everyone, I guess)

For the next couple of months I will gladly run a guest post from any author who is interested in promoting themselves…

what I need from you:

1. 500-1,000 word guest post. Subject? Up to you. Not really interested in a ‘buy my book’ post. Make it interesting. It can be about your book, or about a subject you like, or anything… just make it interesting. 

2. Make sure you add a bio and links to the end of the post, too. 

3. Attach an author pic and a book cover (if applicable) to the e-mail, but please NOT in the post itself. 

4. Send everything in one e-mail to me at 

That’s it. Not hard at all.