Reblog: Impatient Writer’s Guide

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By Shayna Krishnasamy

3032221798_9b87fd8723_o Photo Credit: Robin Maben via Flickr

Coming to the end of your book, crossing that last T, typing that last period, is incredibly satisfying. You feel a rush of triumphant joy. You’ve done it! You’ve finished your novel! You want to leap out of your chair and hug everyone you see, then tell them what you’ve done and see the look of impressed envy on their faces. You want to sing and cry and sleep for a hundred hours. There’s really nothing quite like this feeling. You want to feel it forever.

Once this joy-fever runs its course, you sit down at your computer to take the next step: sending your book out to whoever you send your book to, be it your husband, your agent, your beta reader, or your writing group.

And now the time has come…to wait.

If waiting for news, particularly news that…

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