State of Horror: Illinois Audio Book Edition with Eli Constant

Charon Coin Press

State of Horror: Illinois audio book feature author Eli ConstantAUDIO BOOK: State of Horror: Illinois
RELEASE: February 2015
STORY: Drowning in the Haizel

Charon Coin Press:  What do you think about your story being translated into an audio format?
Eli Constant:  I’m a huge fan of the written word being translated into audio format for several reasons. Firstly, it gives the storyline a new dimension, fresh feelings, and a particular resonance that even the author may not have considered when originally penning the characters and plot twists. Secondly, it reaches a different demographic of ‘reader’. It reaches those who may not have the time each day to dig into a physical book (or eBook), but does have an hour+ commute and a CD/MP3 player. It’s an audience that otherwise may go untapped. When I worked nights in a pathology lab, I spent every night listening to audio books. I’d go through 6 or 7…

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