State of Horror: Louisiana Volume II – B.A. Sans

Charon Coin Press

State of Horror Louisiana Volume II feature author B.A. Sans

B.A. SansFeatured Author: B.A. Sans
Story: Reborn on the Bayou
State of Horror: Louisiana Volume II

B.A. Sans is a renaissance man, switching between author, musician, teacher, and parent among many other duties. His first published work was a children’s story entitled A Grand Dilemma that appeared in a popular online children’s magazine. From there, his attention turned to adult horror and suspense, having numerous short stories published in a plethora of magazines and anthologies. His first novel, a young adult paranormal romance entitled From the Flames, was published in 2010. His second novel Age of the Damned began taking the world by storm a year later. In 2012, he came back to his roots and published his first children’s book, Damselfly in Distress. Presently, B. A. Sans is performing around Las Vegas with his band Geezus Cryst & Free Beer and imagining the wild carpet ride of literature that will become his…

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