State of Horror: Louisiana Volume I – Sarah Glenn

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Feature Author Sarah Glenn

Author Sarah Glenn from State of Horror Volume IFeatured Author: Sarah E. Glenn
Story: Voter Base
State of Horror: Louisiana Volume I

Sarah E. Glenn specializes in stories involving out-of-the-ordinary heroes and circumstances, usually with a sidecar of funny. She has a BS in journalism from the University of Kentucky, and has done graduate work in ancient languages, which helps her immensely with crossword puzzles. She belongs to the Short Mystery Fiction Society, the Historical Novel Society, and Sisters in Crime: the Speed City Indiana Chapter and the Guppies Chapter. She contributed “New Age Old Story” to Fish Tales, the first Guppy anthology.

Sarah developed strong ideals from her parents, a salesman turned missionary and a social worker. Due to their tutelage and that stint as a classical languages grad student, she’s better read than her love of Kolchak, comic books, and fantasy role-playing games would suggest.

Sarah edited two different newsletters and was a first…

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