Authors Supporting Our Troops March Totals #ASOT2015

Three months in the books for Authors Supporting Our Troops! We have one more official month to collect more books to see if we can break the 3,000 received last year… remember, I won’t actually stop collecting books, so if you are an author stressing you won’t have print copies of your latest and greatest in yet, don’t worry! You can send them to me all year. Just send me an e-mail at and I’ll send you the mailing address and info!

Now, on to the numbers crunch…

In the month of March, we received 52 more packages for a total of 229 to date. In January we received 117 and February 60. 

In the month of March we received 462 more books for a total of 1996 to date. In January we received 947 and February 587. 

The average number of books per box sent to me went up to 8.7 on average. It was 8.6 in the two previous months.

What does all this mean? Authors are awesome and are helping the cause!

By May 15th last year (I started the event on January 15th in 2014) we had 2,446 books collected. I am hoping to beat this, but we’ll need a new surge in author-signed books coming in. Please help by spreading the word about the event. If you know an author who would be interested in helping, send them my way. I would really appreciate it, and so would the soldiers in the field. 



4 Responses to “Authors Supporting Our Troops March Totals #ASOT2015”

  1. Hey Armand–I posted this in about four groups. Hope that you start getting a lot of books soon. I’m waiting on my next Createspace box to arrive…


  2. kanundra Says:

    I would love to do this! As soon as I get some physical copies. I’ll ship some out! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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