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Mechanical Muse Announces New Pathfinder® Compatible Role Playing Game and a Star-Studded Surprise!


April 28, 2015Role playing game publisher Mechanical Muse is pleased to announce The Heroes of Thornwall, a new game book set in their world of Aetaltis.


With goblins on the loose and the nearest royal guard post more than three days’ ride away, the town of Thornwall needs help! Complete with gorgeous color artwork and maps, players will be able to visit the amazing world of Aetaltis as they never have before. This game book includes everything heroes need to complete their next Pathfinder campaign, including a detailed town environment, a classic fantasy tavern to serve as their launch pad to adventure, more than twenty non-player characters to help and hinder them, and a high-stakes adventure that plunges heroes right into the action.


Created by Marc Tassin, a published author and editor with years of experience in the gaming industry, Aetaltis is a world that embraces well-loved fantasy elements while breathing new life into them. Part of the initial idea of the world was to create a property that would be able to support a variety of creative endeavors across many platforms, including games, fiction, comics, and art. With that in mind, there is another upcoming event Aetaltis and fantasy fans everywhere won’t want to miss.


On May 11, Mechanical Muse will launch a Kickstarter campaign for its new fiction anthology, Champions of Aetaltis. This anthology will feature original fantasy stories from some of the biggest authors in roleplaying game and fantasy fiction today, including stories from:

David Farland (New York Times Bestselling Author)

Ed Greenwood (creator of the Forgotten Realms fantasy world)

Larry Correia (New York Times Bestselling Author)

Elaine Cunningham (New York Times Bestselling Author)

Michael A. Stackpole (New York Times Bestselling Author)

Mel Odom (Shadowrun, Award-winning Author of The Rover trilogy)

Jean Rabe (Dragonlance, Forgotten Realms)

Dave Gross (Pathfinder Tales)

Lucy A. Snyder (Bram Stoker Award winner)

Cat Rambo (Nebula Award nominee and World Fantasy Special Award winner)

Bill Willingham (Creator of the Fables comic)

Along with many more equally talented and experienced authors. The anthology will be edited by John Helfers, who has edited more than one hundred anthologies for major publishers such as DAW Books, Tor, Baen, and many others.


Readers will experience the world of Aetaltis in the shoes of characters facing deadly dangers and long odds. They will discover what lies within the mysterious tower of the Golden God, test their courage in the monster-infested halls of the Deeplands, and accompany dwarven stonesailors as they brave the perils of the Blade Sea.


To learn more and to receive all of the latest news in the world of Aetaltis, please visit, and follow @aetaltis on Twitter.


For media inquiries, please contact: Melanie Meadors, Publicist,


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Authors Supporting Our Troops Winding Down #ASOT2015


Well, not really… I have said it before and I’ll say it again… even though the official period for collecting and pushing the event ends on May 1st doesn’t mean the event will actually end. I will continue to collect author-signed books all year and ship them off to soldiers in remote areas, and I’ll still need your help with it. 

The books coming in (and going out) has slowed to a trickle the last couple of weeks thanks to me being super busy with my wedding and honeymoon and not keeping on top of the event. Now that I’m back and we have a few days left I’m asking for some help… 

Let all of your author friends know about us. PLEASE do not just add them to the permanent group, as that is rude. But ask them if they’d like to donate some of their signed books and give them the link, or simply share the link on your page and a friend’s page to get it out there. 

I would really appreciate it. I know we can get another push going and reach the goal of breaking last year’s 3,000 books shipped. 

Authors Supporting Our Troops permanent page #ASOT2015


Arm Cast Podcast: Episode 46 – Rosamilia And Rosamilia

While me and my New Bride are out having a honeymoon adventure (which will involve large sums of food), you’re stuck here. In this terrible place without as much food. Why not make the best of a bad situation and enjoy a special edition of Arm Cast Podcast?

A few listeners sent in some questions for me to answer, and Shelly Rosamilia (I like the sound of that) reluctantly asked not only your questions, but a few of her own… (spoiler alert: I won’t be taking out the garbage anytime soon)

Let me know what you think and maybe it will become a semi-regular addition to the already wonderful podcast

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Arm Cast Podcast: Episode 45 – Moncrieff And Strand

On this week’s stellar edition of the Arm Cast Podcast, two great authors join the crew…

jh moncrieff

J.H. Moncrieff

Raised in the far north, amid Jack London’s world of dog sleds and dark winters, J.H. Moncrieff has been a professional writer all of her adult life.

During her years as a journalist, she tracked down snipers and canoed through crocodile-infested waters. She has published hundreds of articles in national and international magazines and newspapers.

When she’s not writing, J.H. loves to travel to exotic locations, advocate for animal rights, and muay thai kickbox. To get a free eBook and find out about her new releases, sign up for her newsletter:

jeff strand

Jeff Strand

Jeff Strand was born in Baltimore, Maryland, but moved to Fairbanks, Alaska when he was six months old, so his memories of Baltimore are hazy. He grew up in the cold, where he desperately wanted to be a cartoonist. Then he wanted to make video games. Then he wanted to write movies. Actually, he still wants to do all of those things, but for now he’s quite happy writing lots of demented novels.

He was nominated for the Bram Stoker Award in 2006, 2008, 2010, and 2012. His novel PRESSURE has been optioned for film; he’s hoping the movie will be made soon so he can scream “My baby! What have you done to my precious baby?!?”

His novels are usually classified as horror, but they’re really all over the place, from comedies to thrillers to drama to, yes, even a fairy tale.

Because he doesn’t do cold weather anymore, he lives in Tampa, Florida with his wife and a deaf cat.

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State of Horror: Illinois Audio Book Edition with Jay Seate

Charon Coin Press

State of Horror: Illinois audio book feature author Jay SeateAUDIO BOOK: State of Horror: Illinois
RELEASE: February 2015
STORY: “Seek No Longer the Beloved”

Charon Coin Press:  What do you think about your story being translated into an audio format?
Jay Seate: It’s been done once before with one of my stories and I liked that result.
CCP:  What aspect of your story do you feel is enhanced by being heard as opposed to read?
JS:Like books on tape, it’s nice to relax and let someone tell you the tale.
CCP:   What books have most influenced your life?
JS:Many of the classics and most of Stephen King’s stuff as I generally write about the macabre.
CCP:   Do you have a favorite monster/horror character?
JS:Probably the Jekyll and Hyde personality. Good guy/Bad guy/Crazy guy. The premise allows you to go in many directions.
CCP:   What…

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State of Horror: Louisiana Volume II – J. Lamm

Charon Coin Press

State of Horror: Louisiana Volume II feature author J. Lamm

JayLammFeatured Author: J. Lamm
Story: The Bells of Rue La Barriere
State of Horror: Louisiana Volume II

Born in Baton Rouge, LA, in 1976, Jay Lamm began his foray into writing when he published his first essay, The Dark Tunnels of the Bone Box: the Astonishing Story behind the Music of Mr. Doctor in 2003.  After receiving a BA in Criminal Justice and English from Southeastern Louisiana University in 1999 he pursued a life of music, releasing one solo album of planetarium/new age music and two studio albums with his mercurial metal band, Cea Serin.   He has been a featured performer and touring musician with Cirque Dreams, and also provides session work as a bass player, keyboardist, and vocalist for other studio albums.  Jay Lamm has also written and recorded original music for movies, television, web series, and planetariums.  Lamm maintains a steady blog schedule on his personal website where he writes…

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State of Horror: Louisiana Volume I – Amanda Hard

Charon Coin Press

State of Horror: Louisiana Volume I feature author Armanda HardAmanda Hard bio pictureFeatured Author: Tommy B. Smith
Story: Stealing Sight
State of Horror: Louisiana Volume I

Amanda Hard is a former journalist and magazine editor who received her BFA in creative writing from the University of Evansville, in Evansville, Indiana. She is a member of the Horror Writers Association and her horror fiction has appeared in (or is forthcoming from) Ruthless Peoples Magazine, 22 More Quick Shivers from the Daily Nightmare, State of Horror: Louisiana, and State of Horror: Tennessee, both from Charon Coin Press. She lives with her husband and son in the cornfields of southern Indiana, where she practices necromancy and knits socks with deliberately placed holes.

Synopsis: “The Pea Farm” from State of Horror: Louisiana Volume I
In 1936, The Pea Farm is a harsh prison farm. It is divided into a men’s prison and a woman’s prison.   The inmates are expected to raise and prepare their own food, and if…

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