Hidden behind the walls of
Unit, Vermont is what many believe to be a religious cult. However, inside
these walls lie the secrets to why Unit may be one of the most beautiful
towns around. Residing inside the gates are the descendants of Mother
Nature, who help keep the balance of Earth. 

Among these descendants, Xaviera Anderson reigns as the Princess to Unit.
Her life was much the same, until today, her eighteenth birthday. Today is
different because she’s to be Matched with one of the Unit males who her
parents have chosen for her. Once Matched, Xaviera has to go through a
decision period. She must decide if she wants this life or

leave Unit powerless to be a normal human. 

It is not until she’s tested by the ones she trusts that Xaviera questions
her faith in people and that of Mother Nature.
***This is for an audience over the age of 18 due to its sexual nature***

Today is my birthday.
Today is my twentieth birthday.
Today is the day I meet my Matched.
Those were my first thoughts as I opened my eyes. Then, I needed
to throw up.
I raced to my bathroom and became sick. I kept my head in the
toilet until I felt a cold wash cloth on the back of my neck and hear my mother
laughing at me.
“Well, it seems strange, but twenty three years ago I was in the
same position when I was about to meet my Matched,” Mom joked.
“I think I’m dying.” I breathe out lifting my head.
“I doubt it, my dear.” Mom rolled her eyes at me, helped me get
to my feet and led me to the sink.


I brush my teeth and wash my face trying to regain my


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