Question For Full-Time Authors: When Do You Write?


I’ve noticed lately I write the bulk of my words (2,000 daily words is always my goal five days a week) later in the afternoon or right before dinner time. 

I used to get up and have the coffee going and get my first words in by 9am, but lately I find myself checking e-mails and doing blog posts and something for Arm Cast Podcast (interviews or putting episodes together)…

I find I write more and write better after I’ve made something for lunch, but feel like I wasted the day even if I got my 2,000 words in. 

If you’re a part-time author and especially one with a day job, I understand your time is limited to when you can write. I get it. I was there with you up until about four years ago when I became a full-time author able to pay my bills. 

But what about the other full-time authors? When do you write? When do you take time for promotion, e-mails, interviews, etc. as well?

I’d really like to know!

Armand Rosamilia

7 Responses to “Question For Full-Time Authors: When Do You Write?”

  1. I am a part time author with a day job. It was encouraging to hear about your switchover 4 years ago!

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  2. 9-2 are my most productive hours, sometimes earlier, but by 2-3 PM I’m done. I don’t do much in the way of “social media” these days, and only do paid advertising on occasion because I really wasn’t seeing a return significant enough to warrant the time I was putting in.

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  3. Dawnzilla Says:

    Although I’m not an author, I am a full-time writer. I have to start early in the morning, before 7am or I’m useless. My attention span gets the best of me and by around 2:30, I’m done and can no longer find my focus.

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  4. I also do my best work in the late afternoon and early evening. I write full-time, so I really, really try to do my writing in the morning, but it just isn’t the same. Problem is my peak writing time coincides with things like family time, cooking and errands. They think I do it on purpose…

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  5. I was once an early morning writer. Now, I prefer to write at night, 10:00 P.M. or later, and into the morning hours. I look out the window and it’s dark. And it’s quiet. I don’t like writing when the sun is shining. Horror is my game. Sun would be good for fluffy-lamby stories. The daylight hours are when I tackle the business end of things.

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  6. The Chaos Realm Says:

    I have ADHD, so things generally have to be more organic than forced. I’ve learned to live within a semi-structured chaos. But, my typical writing schedule: Probably about mid-morning into the afternoon. After I’ve had some breakfast and tea and done my social media/networking/blogging/job & lead searching tasks. Though, even though I’m not writing at the computer or on paper, I’m pretty much generating ideas, outlining, rewriting, revising, drafting in my head in the background as I go about my day, without being totally aware of it until I sit down and actually write. I found out recently that the “pantsing” writing method works best for me. A lot of my approach to things is to let serendipity reign. So, if I wake up and feel that “this day I need to run errands in the outside world” it just comes together like an accidental symphony, and I get a much-needed head-clearing, or collect little bits of inspiration. It’s when I overplan things and swim against some unseen current that my writing lifestyle vs taking care of mundane daily life needs gets discordant and off-track. Hard to explain, and I’ve probably said way too much LOL.

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  7. First thing in the morning, I write what I wake up thinking about. I’m usually finished after a few sentences. As I wake, I’m distracted by what needs to be done, sorting emails, blogs, social media. Writing blogs is good for the middle of the day. It’s short. Writing novels comes better in the evening, as I slow down and relax, especially as I attempt to lay down to sleep. It’s easier to simply get out of bed and write. I allow myself naps in the middle of the day to make up for the loss of sleep at night.

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