Bumper Stickers

Alrighty then… the first month of the 2015 version of the event is over, and I gotta tell ya… it went way smoother than last year for me!

There were no more giant piles of books I then had to wade through and box up for the soldiers. After I opened and logged each shipment in, I was able to take a picture of the books, post them on Facebook and then they went right into boxes ready to ship to the soldiers. I made sure each box had a wide assortment of books from all genres. But I can’t take any of the credit because Special Gal told me the right way to do this… 

So… how did we do so far?

We had 117 authors/shipments arrive in the month

947 author-signed books

That’s an average of 8 books per author signed and donated… amazing!

At this rate we’ll beat our goal of 3,500 author-signed books for this year’s event, not including any books coming after the ‘official’ close date of May 1st (although I will be collecting books all year, so don’t worry)

Now, which States had the coolest authors sending us books?

This is not really all that scientific and I simply made note of who the author was and what State the package was shipped from when I recorded all of this along with how many books were involved. This is by author and not by how many books because that would be too much work and this is for fun. I don’t really need more work piled on for the event, either… 

1. California – 15 authors!

2. Florida – 10 authors!

3. Texas – 7 authors!

4. North Carolina – 6 authors!

5. Wisconsin – 5 authors!

I’m not going to point out the 16 of 50 States that didn’t have an author representing it so far, because that wouldn’t be fair… but I hope in the coming weeks a few more are checked off the list! 

I will be getting in touch via Facebook to several of the authors from Cali to get their addresses and send them an #ASOT2015 bumper sticker if they’d like them. 

I also want to thank everyone for the donations towards the huge shipping bill… we are well ahead of where we need to be for it. I would suggest everyone interested in donating please buy a shirt, so you have something cool to wear around and help spread the word! A couple of bucks from each sale goes to the shipping but, again, you get something you can be proud of and it helps spread the word when you post a picture of yourself in it!