The Road to Hell…Goes Through Hollywood

“Hollywood Hellmouth” horror/comedy novella

Our Darkest Fears

HWHMThey say the road to Hell is paved with good intentions, but in Hollywood it’s paved in blood and those personal assistants who you can never quite seem to remember their names.

Last year, I attended the inaugural Imaginarium convention in Louisville, KY.  I was finally able to meet long time on-line friend Armand Rosamilia.  I also met Jay Wilburn and Jack Wallen.  We all hit it off pretty well, shared a panel on zombies, and ate at a White Castle.  If a man will eat White Castle with you, he’ll die for you too…

As we were packing up the tables to head out, we discussed meeting up at a few cons in 2015 to hang out.  We kept in touch and then one day we had an idea…

We decided to write a round-robin horror novel together.  What started out as an innocent idea turned into…

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