Authors Supporting Our Troops Need Soldiers! #ASOT2015


I am amazed at all of the authors asking the information about donating signed books to the Authors Supporting Our Troops event, as well as non-authors wanting to donate money to help with the massive shipping costs. You can find out everything you need to know Here.

With the goal of 3,500 author-signed books shipped in 2015, the only part of the equation I’m a little worried about is actual soldiers to send books to. 

This is where you hopefully come in and help…

Are you a family member of someone in the military (any branch) or friends with someone who is currently overseas in a remote area? We’d love to make contact with you and send over a couple of boxes of books so they can share them with their unit. I’m not interested in a company that does this or a random person, I want to actually touch people you know… 

The greatest thing for me is seeing the pictures of the soldiers opening the boxes and taking out the books. It makes all the hours spent receiving, opening, taking pictures of, sorting and packaging the thousands of books worth it for us. 

All I need is the soldier’s name and address (APO/FPO is a must) and the basic dates of when they’ll be stationed overseas and where. That’s it. Contact me at and we can talk. 

8 Responses to “Authors Supporting Our Troops Need Soldiers! #ASOT2015”

  1. Hey Armand I received your message about me donating a donation and a book. You asked me to email you but I’m not sure where. I replied to the message but it sent me back to your website. Will there be a donation link on your website?


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    An awesome program to get involved with. Supporting our Troops who need to know that we’re back home thinking about them. Armand is the best let’s spread the word.

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    I am one of many authors doing this event! If you have a soldier in your family…check this out!


  4. I don’t know anybody in the US military, but will share the word wherever I can.


  5. Reblogged this on Official Site of Alex Laybourne – Author and commented:
    This is a great project, and if I have the funds I will be sending some stuff in for this. If you know anybody, pass their detaisl through. Thanks


  6. […] There are signed books of every genre. If you know a soldier, of any branch, serving in a remote area who would like to be shipped a box of free books to share with his/her unit, please contact the coordinator of the event to provide mailing information HERE. […]


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