And… time!

With the last two packages for 2014 coming in the mail today, I can officially put a stop to the #ASOT2014 event and begin the #ASOT2015 one starting tomorrow (conveniently on January 1st 2015).

On March 15th 2014 I stopped ‘officially’ collecting books for the event. We received 2,446 books in and I added another 54 of my own to get us to 2,500. 

But the author-signed books never really stopped coming and we kept filling up boxes (usually 50 books per box and two of these boxes shipped to a soldier in a remote area like in Kuwait or Afghanistan).

We received an additional 525 books in since March 15th. Bringing us to 3,025 books for the soldiers. How cool is that? I thought the goal for 2015 was going to be 3,000 books. Now we’ll set it at 3,500 and see what happens!

Once again, thank you for the generous books as well as donations to help with the huge shipping bill this entails. We’ll have #ASOT2015 t-shirts for sale beginning January 1st 2015 for a limited time again. 100% of the profit will go towards the shipping bill, as well. 

And we’re always looking for addresses of soldiers in remote parts of the world who would be interested in having 100+ books shipped to them so they can pass them out to their unit. Just send me an e-mail at with any questions!